Meet Bradley Rose – The Ambassador of Peloton’s Positive and Strong Spirit

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BY James Roland
Updated on 07/05/2022

Bradley Rose is a new instructor at Peloton. Even though he is not the best Peloton instructor or the one who has many classes, Bradley still attracts followers in his own way.

One of its most attractive personalities of Bradley is optimism and positivity. His class is always filled with excitement and joy. That is why this new coach is very popular with the Peloton community. Let’s find out more about Bradley Rose!

Bradley Rose’s Brief Details

About the Early Life of Bradley Rose

Bradley Rose was born in Norfolk – a rural country in the UK. From an early age, he showed his passion and gift for acting. Therefore, he spent a period of time studying and learning about acting.

When Bradley turned 23, he also started pursuing his dream of acting. So, he left his hometown and came to New York. There, Bradley had the opportunity to participate in a few movies and television, which helped him be recognized as an actor later.

Bradley’s parents always support him on his career path. They encouraged him to try different things that helped Bradley always confidently pursued his favorite jobs.

In the US, Bradley Rose also had his first contact with fitness. He realized that fitness was another intense passion besides acting.

Bradley Rose’s Biography

Bradley bio

Bradley bio

Bradley Rose’s Social Media Accounts

Bradley is quite active on social networks. He often shared moments in his work and daily life on his Instagram personal account.

He has more than 12.000 followers on Facebook and 124.000 people followed on Instagram. Here are Bradley Rose’s social media accounts if you want to connect with him:

Bradley instagram

Bradley instagram

Bradley facebook

Bradley facebook

Bradley Rose’s Health Problem and The Way He Knocks It Down

A Sudden Stroke at The Age of 33

This story happened when Bradley Rose was very successful in his physical career. He recounted that day was his normal working day at the gym until he fainted and experienced terrible headaches.

Things got worse in the following days when both the Bradley Rose’s physical and mental were exhausted. He even had to see a doctor, but it seemed that the examination did not bring any positive results.

This health problem made Bradley’s work efficiency decrease seriously. As a result, he was unable to take over his class and decided to meet another doctor. Unfortunately at that time, he was diagnosed with a stroke. Bradley was shocked to know the results because he was completely confident in his body and health.

In a more detailed way, Bradley Rose suffered from the atrial septal defect (ASD). That was also the real reason for him to have a stroke.

How Did Bradley Rose Overcome This “Nightmare”

Bradley Rose decided to return to England to conduct treatment after his stroke because the cost of treatment in the US was too expensive (about $ 200,000 – $ 300,000).

Stroke could be considered an incident in the life of Bradley Rose. However, not so that he collapsed or lost faith in his life. On the contrary, Bradley has been resilient in fighting the disease and recovered after a stroke.

Recovery is a difficult process, and the recovery time of each person is also different. For Bradley Rose, the mental recovery process was much more difficult than physical recovery. Fortunately, Bradley’s physical was not severely damaged after a stroke. However, his spirit was heavily attacked. Bradley seriously reduced memory and even he could not remember what he was doing. Therefore, he had to struggle to regain his lucidity and practice daily to keep his brain working normally.

As a result, after a difficult and long-term recovery process, Bradley was able to return to exercise. This was like a miracle, which created motivation for thousands of people.

Bradley Rose’s Career – All You Should Know

The Career before Peloton

Bradley Rose was once an actor and a fitness coach before becoming an instructor of the Peloton family. Bradley used to work as a fitness instructor at Rumble Boxing NYC.

As an actor, Bradley has participated in a number of dramas and movies. He played the role of Christopher Brooks in the movie One Royal Holiday. Along with that, he was also an actor in Quantica and Law & Order: SVU.

In addition, Bradley Rose is also a model. He used to be a model for Tiffany & Co. Additionally, Bradley is also the ambassador for the Speedo brand.

All of these jobs have created a perfect stepping stone for Bradley’s career in Peloton later.

Bradley Rose’s Career at Peloton

Bradley Rose joined the Peloton team in 2021 – two years after his terrible stroke. At Peloton, Bradley takes care of several categories, including cycling, strength, and stretching. However, almost all his classes are about cycling.

As a person with a solid base of fitness and acting, Bradley quickly integrated into the working environment at Peloton Studio. He knew how to connect to the camera effectively and how to have a very attractive training session.

Bradley at Peloton

Bradley at Peloton

Are There Any Reasons for You to Consider Bradley Rose’s Class?

Because cycling is the main content that Bradley Rose performs, the following part of this article will only focus on this category.

Bradley Rose’s Class Overview

Bradley Rose has 286 cycling classes in total. Let’s see more details about his spinning classes right now!

Bradley total classes

Bradley total classes

Class Length 

Bradley Rose does not have long cycling classes (including 60, 75, and 90 minutes classes). Thus, if you prefer a long-duration class, you might not be suitable for his riding classes.

Instead, all of Bradley’s cycling classes come in short and medium lengths. Here are class durations that you can see in Bradley’s cycling category:

  • 8 classes of 5 minutes
  • 21 classes of 10 minutes
  • 24 classes of 15 minutes
  • 100 classes of 20 minutes
  • 126 classes of 30 minutes
  • 7 classes of 45 minutes
Bradley class length

Bradley class length

Class Type

Bradley Rose takes care of several class types, including:

  • Beginner (3 classes)
  • Music (177 classes)
  • Warm Up/Cool Down (15 classes)
  • Low Impact (21 classes)
  • Climb (10 classes)
  • Intervals (54 classes)
  • Theme (4 classes)
Bradley class type

Bradley class type

Class Language and Subtitles 

All of Bradley Rose’s spinning classes are English classes. There are no German and Spanish language classes. In addition, he has 48 classes with German subtitles and 279 classes with English Subtitles.

Bradley class subtitle

Bradley class subtitle

Class Music

The music in Bradley Rose’s classes is pretty attractive and rich. He can use many types of music in his class effectively.

Here are some types of music that Bradley uses in his training session:

  • Alternative (57 classes)
  • Electronic (54 classes)
  • Hip Hop (21 classes)
  • Indie (9 classes)
  • Classic Rock (12 classes)
  • Country (5 classes)
  • Pop (199 classes)
  • Rock (75 classes)
  • R&B (12 classes)
Bradley class music

Bradley class music

Top 3 Reasons Making Bradley Rose’s Class Worth Your Choice

Even though Bradley Rose is a new Peloton instructor, his class is effective and impressive enough to attract a huge number of participants. Below are three reasons why you should take part in Bradley’s cycling classes

The way he motivates

Joy is the strength of Bradley’s riding classes. He uses fun to motivate the practitioners. If you join his class, you will never feel pressured or bored with the training process. Bradley’s exercises are associated with comfort and fun.

Straightforward workout

Bradley Rose’s cycling classes are one of the most suitable content for beginners. Bradley often gave clear instructions for his training session. Thanks to that, you will know exactly when to increase resistance or when to reduce Cadence. This style of training is simple to follow, especially for Peloton beginners.

In addition, before each training, Bradley will let you know the structure of the whole process. As such, you can follow and prepare for the class more efficiently. Also, you might feel more comfortable with clear instructions like that.

Bradley Rose’s strong will in training sessions

As mentioned above, the way to become one of the most well-known fitness coaches at Peloton of Bradley Rose is not easy. After recovering from the stroke, Bradley faced the Covid-19 pandemic which made him temporarily postpone his physical career.

However, He has surpassed all thanks to his strong will and intense passion for fitness. Bradley always tries his best at work in Peloton. As a result, he has spread positive values ​​to his students as well as the Peloton community. This makes his classes prominent and unique.

For a more thorough review of Bradley Rose’s cycling classes, watch the following video:


In short, Bradley Rose is a testament to his resilient will and optimism. Although he had experienced serious health problems, he still overcame them and returned to fitness. To date, Bradley has become a famous Peloton coach for his joy, enthusiasm, and effectiveness in every training session.

If you are looking for real motivation to overcome the workout progress, let’s try Bradley Rose’s cycling classes!


1. Is Bradley Rose still with Peloton?

Yes, he is. Until now, he is still an attractive and successful instructor at Peloton who has thousands of followers and fans.

2. Is Bradley Rose a popular Peloton instructor?

Yes, he is. Bradley Rose is not only a popular fitness instructor but also a well-known actor.

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