Top 7 Best Swing Away Bike Racks In 2021

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How can you bring your bikes to your SUV without removing their components? The answer is using a swing away bike rack.

So what are the best swing away bike racks? Read the following article to get the answer!

I will pick the seven best bike racks for you. Among them, there are three models most highly recommended:

If you have no idea how to choose a bike rack, you can check the bike rack buying guide.

Important Note: Some models in this list might be out of stock. They could be restocked in the next few months.

Best Swing Away Bike Racks Comparison Chart 2021

The below table will deliver a quick comparison between these seven best swing away bike racks. Material and load capacity are two compared features.

ImageBest Swing Away Bike RacksMaterialLoad Capacity
Thule Apex XT Bike RackThule Apex XT Bike Rack- Best OverallMetal150 Pounds
YAKIMA RidgeBack Bike RackYAKIMA RidgeBack Bike Rack - Best for InstallationSteel150 Pounds
RockyMounts BackStage Bike RackRockyMounts BackStage Bike Rack - Best PlatformAluminum120 Pounds
SportRack Ridge Bike RackSportRack Ridge Bike Rack - Best for The MoneyAluminum140 Pounds
Thule Apex Bike RackThule Apex Bike Rack - Best for Four BikesSteel140 Pounds
Saris Bike RackSaris Bike Rack - Best for CapacityN/A250 Pounds
Yakima EXO Bike RackYakima EXO Bike Rack - Best for Sprinter VanN/AN/A

Top 7 Best Swing Away Bike Racks In 2021

The following section will give you thorough reviews for these best swing away bike racks.

1. Thule Apex XT Bike Rack

(Best Overall) 

Thule Apex XT Bike Rack

Key Features: 

  • Anti-sway cradles
  • Designed to fit 2″ hitch receivers
  • Foldable bike arms
  • Ratcheting straps

Impressive weight capacity 

This Thule Apex XT Bike Rack comes with 150 pounds bike capacity. In addition, this big steel bike carrier is sturdier with a built-in handle. Thanks to that, you can hold up to four bikes flawlessly.

Its two arms are longer than other racks on the market. As such, this model is spacious enough to carry four bikes of different sizes.

Reliable stability with no-sway cradles

One of the best features of this hitch rack is the anti-sway cradles. These features keep your bike steady on the rough road or when you go downhill and uphill.

Furthermore, these anti-sway cradles are adjustable and removable. So you could remove them or change their position to suit different bikes.

The distance between bikes is 7 inches. It ensures security for each bike. Your bikes won’t bump into each other during transport.

Guaranteed protection

This model has an exemplary safety system. Firstly, it’s a buckle strap. You could use this to tighten all the bike wheels. Secondly, it’s a cable lock. It locks the bike frames on the rack. Lastly, it’s a hitch lock. This one locks the rack in your car.

Product Specs

Dimensions42.2 x 11 x 40.2 inches
Weight42 Pounds


Will this work with RV?

If the clearance behind your RV match with the rack, it will work flawlessly.

Can you add an additional lock to this?

Yes, you can do that effortlessly.

Does this work with cars that have a spare tire on the back?

It will work if you have a hitch extender.

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2. YAKIMA RidgeBack Bike Rack

(Best for Installation)

YAKIMA RidgeBack Bike Rack

Key Features: 

  • UpperHand lever
  • Zero-hassle ZipStrips
  • Tool-free SpeedKnob
  • Compatible with 1-1/4″ and 2″ hitch receivers
  • Anti-sway cradle design

Intelligent design for convenient installation

These two levers of this YAKIMA RidgeBack Bike Rack are designed at the top. This structure is different from most hitch mount bike racks on the market. Thanks to that, the installation of this rack is more convenient.

Also, the black lever could support tilting the rack and folding the hitch. As such, you can access the back of your car more quickly.

Easy to secure your bikes and rack

This bike rack comes with the tool-free SpeedKnod. This feature allows you to tighten or lock the bike carrier to your car in seconds.

The ZipStrips secures bikes with no problems. These strips are made of plastic instead of rubber as other models. Plastic is more durable and easier to use.

Universal design 

This product could be compatible with traditional geometry bikes like road bikes. It could hold four bikes in total. Furthermore, this bike rack will pair with both 1-1/4″ and 2″ hitch receivers.

Product Specs

Dimensions44 x 12 x 16 inches
Weight40 Pounds


Can you tilt the rack with a bike loaded?

You can, but I don’t recommend that. Once you tilt the rack, it’s hard to put it in the first position.

Will it still work with a full suspension bike as well?

You might need an adapter to make it work.

What’s the distance between the two support arms?

13 inches.

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3. RockyMounts BackStage Bike Rack

(Best Platform)

RockyMounts BackStage Bike Rack

Key Features: 

  • 3-axis anti-wobble system
  • Locking hitch pin and cable lock keyed alike included
  • Available for 2″ hitches
  • Fat bikes compatible
  • Chromoly hitch tube

Heavy-duty platform design 

This RockyMounts BackStage is the first swing away platform bike rack in the industry. Its total weight capacity is 120 pounds. That means it can accommodate bikes with a heavyweight.

It’s capable, heavy-duty, and friendly with almost all bike types, from a standard road bike to fat bikes.

Unlike other bike racks, this one does not attach to the bike frame. Instead, it contacts the front wheel to secure the bikes.

Thanks to that, it’s compatible with all bike’s frame geometry. It also doesn’t cause damages for the most vulnerable bikes like carbon frame bikes.

Outstanding locking system for bike security

The locking hitch pin will secure your bike rack on the car. It is made of high-quality metal. As such, it’s more durable and reliable than plastic locks.

In addition, this bike rack comes with a cable lock. Thanks to that, you can secure your bikes quickly by locking the front or rear wheel.

Product Specs

Dimensions46 x 22 x 8 inches
Weight59 Pounds


Have they made a bike extension for this model yet?

Yes, you can purchase the extended mount on Amazon.

Can I mount this to the receiver of the back of my travel trailer?

Yes, you can, but you will not use the warranty if there is any damage to the rack.

Can you remove the second bike carrier?

Yes, you can do that effortlessly as the carriers are located separately.

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4. SportRack Ridge Bike Rack

(Best for The Money)

SportRack Ridge Bike Rack

Key Features: 

  • No-sway, soft rubber cradles
  • Foldable bike arms
  • Compatible with 2″ hitch receiver
  • Anti-rattle hitch pin

The bang for your buck

This SportRack Ridge Bike Rack has an affordable price – under $200. However, it’s still a well-built product. It includes many high-grade features to transport bikes and secure bikes.

It could hold up to 4 bikes thanks to the 140-pound weight capacity. This capacity is suitable for carrying standard bikes with standard weight (35 pounds per bike). However, I don’t recommend this one for heavy bikes like fat bikes and electric bikes.

The best bike protection

The soft rubber straps equipped are easy to attach and remove. This strap will protect your bike frames better. It also avoids scratching on the bike’s frame.

Furthermore, this model comes with anti-sway cradles. These features will keep your bike stable during transporting and minimize bike-to-bike contact.

You can see an anti-rattle hitch pin on the rack. Thanks to that, this bike rack could be locked to your vehicle flawlessly.

Product Specs

Dimensions39 x 17 x 11 inches
Weight52.91 Pounds


Does it only swing out to the right side as you are facing it?

Yes, it is. The bike arms are non-reversible.

Will this work with a jeep wrangler?

Probably not.

What is the width between the arms holding the bikes?

About 2 inches, and you can adjust this distance.

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5. Thule Apex Bike Rack

(Best for Four Bikes)

Thule Apex Bike Rack

Key Features: 

  • Fits 2″ receivers
  • Integrated auto pin
  • Hold Fast cradles
  • Top-oriented hitch switch lever
  • Integrated cable lock
  • Patented No-Sway Cage

The best way to hold four bikes 

This Thule Apex Bike Rack is designed to hold four bikes in total. With 140-pound max capacity, this is an ideal option to hold your family’s bikes. The distance between bikes is 5.5 inches. It’s long enough to keep your bikes separate.

In addition, the arc design of this bike rack will deliver a greater distance between the bikes.

Steady transport on offer 

This product is equipped with several features to ensure the stability of your bikes. Firstly, you will benefit from the shock-absorbing cradles. These things will protect your bikes by absorbing the bumps on the road.

The second valuable feature of this hitch bike rack is the anti-sway cage. It’s heavy-duty and efficient. So even on the roughest road, your bikes will not collide with each other.

Product Specs

Dimensions42.2 x 11 x 40.2 inches
Weight42 Pounds


Does it require an adapter for attaching a girl’s bike?

It depends on the geometry of this girl’s bike. If the bike comes with a step-through frame or an angled-down frame, an adapter is required.

Will bike rack block rearview camera on a 2019 Honda CRV?

Yes, it will.

Is it easy to remove?

Yes, you can remove this bike rack effortlessly by turning the hitch lever.

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6. Saris Bike Rack

(Best for Capacity)

Saris Bike Rack

Key Features: 

  • Built-in carrying handles
  • Hitch Tightener system
  • For use with 2″ receivers only
  • Swing away to 90° for full vehicle hatch access

Designed for heavy-duty transport

This swing away hitch accessory is a must-have item to boost your bike rack capacity. The total weight capacity of this model is 250 pounds. Therefore, it is much higher than standard hitch bike racks.

Easy access to your vehicle 

This accessory will make your bike rack’s installation and operation more efficient. Some features, such as built-in handles, will help you install this bike rack in seconds.

The best part of this product is the 90° swing-away design. Thanks to that, you can easily open the rear door of the car or the trunk. Besides, this accessory also puts the bikes away from your vehicle. This will ensure the safety of both.

Product Specs

Weight41 Pounds


Will this swing arm work with Kuat NV 2.0?

This swing hitch is specialized for Saris bike hitch racks. So it’s not recommended to pair with Kuat NV 2.0

What’s the capacity when closed?

The weight capacity is 250 pounds whether you open or close this rack.

Can it swing left and right?

No, It can only swing to the right.

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7. Yakima EXO Bike Rack

(Best for Sprinter Van)

Yakima EXO Bike Rack

Key Features: 

  • Fits 2 inches hitch receivers
  • HitchLock included
  • Tool-Free EXO Cleat system and locking SpeedKnobs
  • Two extra SKS locks cores

Made for Sprinter Van 

The EXO bike rack has a unique design. This model is recommended for Sprinter Van. It just accepts a short distance between the hitch pin and the rear axle (less than 6 feet). Fortunately, this distance in Sprinter Van models is always less than 4 feet.

Versatile swing base for bike transport and more

With an intelligent swing base design, this model could be used for versatile and flexible purposes. You can attach this model to all other models in the EXO system to organize your stuff.

For example, you could connect this swing base with the EXO Topshelf. In this way, you will create a two-level rack to carry more than bikes!

Reliable locking system 

This model allows you to lock everything you need. With high-quality features like locking SpeedKnobs, HitchLock locks, all your stuff on this rack is secured.

Product Specs

Dimensions34 x 49 x 9.5 inches
Weight68.5 pounds


What is the height from the hitch receiver to the bike tire nest?

9 inches.

Can the system swing towards the driver’s side instead of the passenger side?

No, this rack only swings to the passenger side.

Is this rack compatible with a Class B camper van?

No, it isn’t.

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Besides the swing away bike racks, you might be interested in other bike rack types. Here is the list of other bike rack types with the best products for each category:

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