Top 10 Best Road Bike Tubes In 2021: October Update!

Updated on 05/18/2021
BY Jim Felt

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Top 17 Best Road Bike Tubes Reviews In 2020

Tubes are essential parts of every road bike. The road bike tube’s quality will decide your riding performance and experience.

Thus, it’s important to purchase the best road bike tubes for yourself. However, among thousands of products on the market, which are the best ones? Want to get the answer? Following this article!

Before exploring these products, I would like to offer the 5 best options:

Important note: Some models in this list might be out of stock at this time. Please choose other products or wait for a few next months.

What to expect at a good road bike tube

Rolling Resistance

The priority when purchasing a road bike tube is to lower the rolling resistance as much as possible.

In road bike tubes, what can considerably affect the rolling resistance is rubber material. In general, synthetic rubber comes with higher rolling resistance than natural latex rubber. However, latex rubber isn’t the best option for carbon rims.

Resistance to Punctures

The best way to prevent puncturing is going to inner tubes with sealants inside. This sealant will work with sharp objects no longer than 3mm. When these objects penetrate your tire, the substance seals the hole.

You can also manually add sealant to the inner tubes. Just be careful. However, adding a substance to the inner tubes also means an increase in weight. Consider carefully before doing that.


Depending on your riding condition and purpose, you should go to road bike tubes with different ranges of TPI.

Tires with higher TPI are lighter and more flexible. Meanwhile, lower TPI tires are more durable, better puncture resistant but heavier. For road bikes, I recommend 120 TPI tires.


Light tubes are often preferred for road bikes. They help you handle the terrain more flexibly and create a competitive advantage when racing. In general, most road bike tires with tubes inside are from 175g to 375g in weight.

For city riding, 200-300g tires are the best way to go. Tires lighter than 200g are ideal for racing.

Best Road Bike Tubes Comparison Chart In 2021

This section includes a comparison table of the best road bike tubes. This chart is based on valve type and wheel size categories.

ImageBest Road Bike TubesValve TypeWheel Size
Goodyear Road Bike TubeGoodyear Road Bike Tube - Best OverallPresta26 Inches
Continental Race Road Bike TubeContinental Race Road Bike Tube - Best for SpeedPresta28 Inches
Slime 30081 Road Bike TubeSlime 30081 Road Bike Tube - Best for Puncture ResistanceSchrader26 Inches
Schwinn Standard Road Bike TubeSchwinn Standard Road Bike Tube - Best for TrainingSchrader20 Inches
Co-op Cycles Presta Road Bike TubeCo-op Cycles Presta Road Bike Tube - Best for The MoneyPresta29 Inches
Contrast ETRTO Road Bike TubeContrast ETRTO Road Bike Tube - Best for Heavy RidersPresta29 Inches
TAC 9 Road Bike TubeTAC 9 Road Bike Tube - Best for GravelSchrader26 Inches
Panaracer Road Bike TubePanaracer Road Bike Tube - Best for TouringSchrader29 Inches
Co-op Cycles Schrader Road Bike TubeCo-op Cycles Schrader Road Bike TubeSchrader29 Inches
Co-op Cycles Superlite Road Bike TubeCo-op Cycles Superlite Road Bike Tube - Best LightweightPresta29 Inches

10 Best Road Bike Tubes Review 2021

The following section offers 10 in-depth reviews of the 10 best road bike tubes. Check it out and pick the best for yourself!

1. Goodyear Road Bike Tube

(Best Overall)

Goodyear Road Bike Tube

Key Features

  • Includes 2 tire levers
  • Fits all 26″ bicycles
  • Width from 2.1″ to 2.4″
  • Durable butyl rubber
  • Standard rubber tubes

High-quality material for a long-lasting product

Unlike laxte tubes, Goodyear road bike inner tubes come with a standard material called synthetic butyl rubber. This type of rubber will bring you some essential benefits. Therefore, the inner tubes are amazing

This durable tube material is paired with a thick, sturdy construction. Thanks to that, the inner tubes will withstand a huge amount of air in the tires. It also offers you smooth and comfortable rides.

More convenient to attach and use 

One of the best features of this product is the Presta valve. This component will help the installation more effortlessly. Moreover, the Presta valve also means that you can put higher air pressure into your tires.

Along with that are the two tire levers included. Thanks to them, you can install this butylene tube flawlessly in seconds.

Product Specs

Dimensions‎4.25 x 2.91 x 2.05 inches
Weight 0.59 Pounds
MaterialButyl rubber


Do they have any warranty for this product?

No, they don’t.

Will it fit a 26×1.5 wheel?

No, it works with wheels between 2.1” and 2.4”.

Is this the full inner tube with a valve?

Yes, it is.

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2. Continental Race Road Bike Tube

(Best for Speed)

Continental Race Road Bike Tube

Key Features

  • 42mm Long Presta Valve
  • Pair your carbon clinchers
  • Built to withstand roadside debris
  • Removable Valve Core
  • Duraskin lightweight sidewall protection
  • Puncture proof

Get more benefits with a long Presta valve 

This Continental Race Tube comes with a long Presta valve. With 42mm in length, this valve could be compatible with almost all types of rims. As such, you can purchase it without worrying about the fit.

I will recommend Presta valve for both professionals and entry-level users. This Continental Race Tube is different from latex tubes, not require regular tire pressure checks.

Removable valve core for serviceable tube

An outstanding component of this product is the removable valve core. Thanks to that, this road bike tube could be serviceable. You could take the core off and replace it effortlessly.

Ideal road bike tube for racing

Lightweight is essential in enhancing speed. As such, this model is the best deal for racers. It only weighs 134 grams. Thanks to that, it creates less rolling resistance on the road.

It is one of my best favorite bike tubes. You can directly buy this new bike tube at the link below.

Product Specs

Dimensions7.13 x 6.97 x 1.69 inches
Weight0.29 Pounds


What is the maximum PSI?

100 PSI.

Where are these tubes made?

The tubes are made in China.

Does this tube match 26 centimeter wide wheels?

Sure does!

Watch video: Continental Race Road Bike Tube Review
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3. Slime 30081 Road Bike Tube

(Best for Puncture Resistance)

Slime 30081 Road Bike Tube

Key Features

  • Pre-installed with Slime Sealant
  • Fits tire sizes: 26” x 1.75–2.125”
  • Designed to seal tread area punctures
  • Thick Self-Sealing construction
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable

Extra puncture protection on offer

There are two outstanding features of this bike tube. The first one is the thick construction. With an extra thick wall, the road bike tube is more durable and heavy-duty on rough terrains. It is also harder to puncture than thin-walled bicycle tubes.

Along with that, the sealant is pre-injected inside the tube. This liquid could be considered an effective solution for emergent punctures. When something pierces your tire, this liquid will prevent air from escaping effectively.

Universal design 

Slime road bike tubes are designed for both mountain bike tires and road bike tires. The two sizes available for your road bike are 700c x 19-2mm and 700c x 28-35mm.

In addition, the bike’s tube is easy to install thanks to the standard Schrader valve. If you fall in love with this model, you can buy a new tube at the link below. Note that you should read about it carefully, like the tube width, compatible with deep rims or not, and more.

Product Specs

Dimensions 2.5 x 4.5 x 10.3 inches
Weight1.2 Pounds


Anyone is selling this in size 29?

Unfortunately, this product is only available in 26-inch size.

What is the minimum PSI?

There is no minimum PSI.

Does this come with 1 or 2 tubes in a box?

There is one tube in the box.

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4. Schwinn Standard Road Bike Tube

(Best for Training)

Schwinn Standard Road Bike Tube

Key Features

  • 35 mm Schrader Valve included
  • 0.9 mm tube wall thickness
  • Inflate to recommended PSI range on the tire sidewall
  • Fits 20-inch BMX, sidewalk, and mountain bikes
  • Lightweight sidewall protection

The best inner bike tube for training

Want to teach your children how to ride a bike? You will need this 20-inch road bike tube.

Like most other inner tubes, it’s designed with a 0.9mm wall. That means the road bike inner tube will deliver a comfortable and smooth ride for your kids. As such, it’s a great start point for any beginner.

Easy installation 

Like latex tubes, these best bike tubes come in a standard and simple design. Thus, you can attach it to your bike wheels in seconds. You could even use this tube as a spare tube. Overall, this model is one of the best bike tubes on the current market.

Product Specs

Dimensions4 x 2 x 2 inches
Weight0.35 Pounds


Does this come with 2 tubes or just one?

The package includes one tube.

Will the tube fit a 27.5 x 2.3 inches tire?

Don’t think so.

How do you deflate it?

Just remove the core from the Schrader valve.

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5. Co-op Cycles Presta Road Bike Tube

(Best for The Money)

Co-op Cycles Presta Road Bike Tube

Key Features

  • 48mm Presta valve
  • The valve stem is fully threaded for 35-43mm size
  • 23-25mm and 28-32mm sizes have smooth valve stems
  • Very slim stem

The bang for your buck! 

One of the most affordable products on this list is Co-op Cycles Presta Road Bike Tube. At just under $9.00, you could get a high-quality and durable road bike tube. It works with presta valves.

That’s why the Co-op Cycles model is the favorite bike tube for both beginners and experts.

Designed for a wide range of tire sizes

This bike tube could be compatible with various tire widths. You can attach it to 23-25mm, 28-32mm, and 35-43mm tires without problems.

Moreover, in the 35-43mm sizes, this tube is equipped with a fully threaded valve stem. So what does it mean? It will be ideal to pair with thick winter tires. This product is on the top of the best bike tubes from Co-op Cycles.

Road bike enthusiasts cannot miss this model. Also, remember to check the wheel diameters, wall thickness, and some other important factors.

Product Specs

Dimensions700c x 23 - 25mm; 700c x 28 - 32mm; 700c x 35 - 43mm
Weight0.24 Pounds
BrandCo-op Cycles


Does this tube have a removable valve core?

No, it doesn’t.

What do you suggest using on 700×28 tires?

The 28-32 will fit perfectly.

What pump can I use?

The pumps work with the Presta valves.

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6. Contrast ETRTO Road Bike Tube

(Best for Heavy Riders)

Contrast ETRTO Road Bike Tube

Key Features

  • 40mm long Presta valve
  • Made exclusively by Vavert for Contrast
  • Compatible with road bikes, hybrid bikes

Robust and solid structure for heavy riders 

This Contrast ETRTO Road Bike Tube is made from a durable and solid rubber material. Thanks to that, it can withstand an impressive weight capacity. It could support up to 235 pounds with no problem.

In addition, the extra-long Presta valve also ensures great support for a heavy rider. It could hold air effectively. You can add up to 100 PSI to this road bike tube.

Flexible sizes available

These best road bike inner tubes are flexible in size. They could fit 700 x 18c tires and the 700 x 40c tires as well. The standard rubber tube could work with both road bikes and hybrid bikes.

The attractive price tag for your budget

The price of the inner tubes is really attractive. With just about $9, you will get a pair of standard road bike inner tubes with multiple efficient features.

Product Specs

Dimensions9.69 x 4.41 x 1.69 inches
Weight0.44 Pounds


How long are the valve stems?

It is 1-7/16 inches.

Can I fill this tube with 100 PSI?

Yes, you can.

Where is it shipped from?


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7. TAC 9 Road Bike Tube

(Best for Gravel)

TAC 9 Road Bike Tube

Key Features

  • 32mm Schrader Valve with Reinforced Base
  • Removable valve
  • 0.9mm tube thickness

Ideal tube for gravel terrains

The TAC 9 Road Bike Tube is designed with a 0.9mm wall. It’s thick and heavy-duty enough to handle gravel terrains. Thanks to that, you could use this tube on bumpy roads without worrying about durability.

Innovative Schrader valve version 

The product is equipped with a high-quality 32mm reinforced-base Schrader valve. It will enhance air holding ability and make the tube stronger on the roads. Surely, it works with Schrader valves.

In addition, the valve is removable. As such, you could easily customize your tube with other valve types and sizes. When the valve is broken, just simply replace them instead of throwing all the tubes away.

Although it is one of the best inner tubes, it can fit mountain bikes.

Product Specs

Dimensions4.17 x 3.27 x 1.69 inches
Weight0.35 Pounds
BrandTAC 9


Where is this manufactured?


Is there one tube or two in one pack?

There is one tube in one pack.

Does it come with an install tool?

No, it doesn’t.

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8. Panaracer Road Bike Tube

(Best for Touring)

Panaracer Road Bike Tube

Key Features

  • Available in both Presta and Schrader valves
  • Made from 0.9mm butyl rubber (rubber tubes)
  • ISO size 25/35-622/630
  • Puncture resistant

Two options of valve for versatile uses 

The Panaracer Road Bike Tube is available in two versions: Presta valve and Schrader valve styles. Thanks to that, you could choose the best version for your condition and requirement.

You should pay attention to the valve length and tire bead too.

Thick material for long-lasting use 

The product is manufactured with 0.9mm butyl rubber material. It’s thick and durable enough to minimize punctures.

In addition, the solid wall also makes the tube more effective in holding air. As such, you don’t need to add air pressure frequently. With all these excellent features, the rubber tubes are ideal for touring.

The tire tubes can fit gravel bikes and mountain bike. Surely, it works best on road bike tires with flat tires.

Product Specs

Dimensions‎3.5 x 2.8 x 2.05 inches
Weight‎0.24 Pounds
MaterialButyl rubber


Are the Schrader valve cores removable?

No, they are not.

What is the max PSI?

It’s based on your tires.

Where is it made?


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9. Co-op Cycles Schrader Road Bike Tube

Co-op Cycles Schrader Road Bike Tube

Key Features

  • 35mm valve length
  • Works with Schrader-compatible rims
  • Recyclable package
  • Lightweight butyl tube

Competitive price for a high-quality product

At the low price range, this Co-op Cycles Schrader Road Bike Tube is outstanding from other counterparts. By paying less than $9.00, you will receive a standard road bike tube.

Fit a variety of 700c tire sizes 

The bicycle tubes are specialized for 700 centimeters bike tires. However, that doesn’t mean it’s just for one tire width. Instead, you could install this road bike tube in tires with different widths.

Decent structure 

The bike tube comes with a standard 35mm Schrader valve. This is a common valve type. Thus, it could be compatible with a wide range of rim styles.

In addition, it will offer the best riding experience for a beginner. With a perfect round shape and high-grade material, this bike tube works as an effective air cushion on the road. It will partly absorb the shock and bumps for a smoother ride.

Product Specs

Dimensions700c x 23 - 25mm; 700c x 28 - 32mm
Weight0.31 Pounds
BrandCo-op Cycles


Does it work with 700 x 45c tires?

Yes, it will work but it’s not recommended.

What size is for my 32.125 tires?

700 x 28-32mm tubes.

Is it available in 35+ sizes?

No, it isn’t.

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10. Co-op Cycles Superlite Road Bike Tube

(Best Lightweight)

Co-op Cycles Superlite Road Bike Tube

Key Features

  • Pump-friendly valve design
  • Fits 700c x 18 – 23mm tires
  • Innovative partially threaded valve
  • Works with Presta-compatible rims

The lightest option for your bike

The Co-op Cycles Superlite Road Bike Tube only weighs 82 grams. Inner tubes from this brand are one of the lightest road bike inner tubes available on the market.

So why do you need lightweight bike inner tubes? Light inner tubes relates to lower rolling resistance. It truly benefits those preferring high speed. As such, I highly recommend this one for entry level racers.

Furthermore, lightweight tubes require less effort and power to maintain high speed.

Holding air long and great

Another noticeable feature of these inner tubes is the extra-long Presta valve. The narrow valve hole will allow the tube to hold air better. You could use this inner tubes for a few thousand miles without the inflation needed.

Product Specs

Dimensions700c x 18 - 23mm
Weight0.18 Pounds
BrandCo-op Cycles


Is the core removable?

No, it isn’t.

Will it work with a floor pump?

It will work as long as this pump is compatible with the Presta valve.

Does this bike tube work with 32mm tires?

No, it’s made for 18-23mm tires.

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