Top 15 Best Road Bike Tires Reviews In 2021: May Update!

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The road bike is immensely getting popular each day. It is used in commuting, training, touring and leisure. But any road bike tire needs replacement at some point to ensure the performance. However, the question is: which road bike tires suit your bike best?

In the market, there are thousands or even millions of products for you to choose from. Quite dizzy, isn’t it? To give you an insight of which tire is compatible with your bike, we would like to recommend these top 17 best road bike tire in 2021. Keep reading to discover with us!

How Bike Tires Impact The Riding Performance

Bike tires are the only part of a bike getting in touch with the road and assist the entire bike weight, so they have significant impacts on the riding performance.

A source of suspension

You may notice that many bikes are now equipped with a suspension device placed on the frame. However, it is not the only part absorbing shock when you ride. Bike tires are also a part of the suspension system, which contributes to giving you a comfortable and stable ride.

In the past, bike tires were made of wood, so bikers had to endure shock on every riding inch. After that, rubber tires were invented, which created a breakthrough for riding performance. Hollow rubber tires inflated with air have excellent resiliency that absorbs shock well and gives you smooth rides.

Wider tires with high air volume inside have a better suspension, so you usually find these bike tires on mountain bikes. Meanwhile, road bikes are equipped with high-pressure thin tires.

Weight assistance

Bike tires are the only part assisting the weight of both the bike and the biker, so it is necessary to choose the right tires for your bike. What purpose do you usually use your bike for? What is the average weight your bike carries? Answering these questions helps you know which type of tires you should choose to get the best performance.

For example, if you are a tall and big man who loves to challenge yourself with rough tracks in mountainous areas, your bike tires should be broad, thick, and durable so that they can endure your weight as well as the external forces from rocks and potholes on the trail.

If your bike usually has to carry a large amount of weight, you should check its tires regularly to ensure that the air pressure and the corrosion are at the proper level.


Have you ever wondered why a bike can keep the balance when moving just with two wheels? I also had the same question when I was a little kid. When the cycle shifts, lateral forces are generated around the tires that enable the bike to turn and keep balance.

At the same time, the bike can also implement its propulsion and braking functions thanks to longitudinal forces generated simultaneously with lateral forces. Therefore, choosing suitable tires will help you control your bike more quickly and effectively.

From those points, bike tires are the part that has the most impact on your riding performance. So, choosing the right tires for your bike is necessary if you want your ride to become more effortless and enjoyable.

Types of Road Bike Tires

There are three different types of tires on the market.

Clincher tires

The clincher is quite familiar with all of us, which you might have ridden when you were a kid. A clincher tire is held in place by pushing the hooked bead on the inside of the rim.

A clincher tire has an inner tube that holds the air and maintains the air pressure for the bike. When you inflate a clincher tire, you are putting air into the inner tube inside the tire.

The clincher is the most common choice amongst road riders as it is convenient when you get a puncture. All you need to do is to fit the tire off the rim and change the inner tube. It is more cost-effective since an inner tube is much cheaper than a tire.

Tubular tires

What is a tubular tire? It is one where the tire gets sewn up, enclosing an inner tube then the whole lot gets glued onto a tubular-specific rim. Therefore, a tubular tire is just one piece; there is no separate inner tube needed. It is a very traditional method.

This type of bike tire is the racer’s choice since it generally has a lower weight than a clincher and has lower rolling resistance. Sometimes, it is also more durable.

However, the downside is that the inner tube is attached to the tire itself; it is really quite tricky to fix the tire when it gets punctured.

Tubeless tires

A tubeless tire is similar in design to a clincher, except that it doesn’t have a tube. What it relies on instead is a slightly different tire with a slightly thicker bead and a little bit of liquid sealant inside, which keeps the whole thing airtight.

This tire is used on some road bike types; however, it is used more on mountain bikes since its design helps to reduce the chance of punctures, which you may regularly face when riding on rugged terrains. However, because the tire sits so tightly against the rim, it can be a real pain to fit.

What Are The Best Road Bike Tires to Buy?

Below is a brief about the best road bike tires with their typical features. Let’s go through it to select the best one for yourself!

“special tread; durable materials; various sizes; puncture protection; reliable reflex wire”

“durability and comfort; high resistance; sidewall protection; Superior polyamide fabric; high-quality handmade tire”

“highest level of speed; V-guard; Benchmark; Addix race blend”

“Bead to Bead Protek; Skin-wall Protek; Aramid Protek; X-miles compound; fast-rolling.”

“exclusive tread compound; Embedded technology; Laser grip; high-quality Germany handmade; Expanded puncture protection”

“eco-friendly materials; enduring tread; additional puncture stability; supplemental textile layer”

“long-standing preference; ultra-low rolling support; a variety of models; puncture support”

“sturdy reinstatement; suitable for pavement rides; Kevlar tread center; durable structure”

“DuraSkin sidewall guard; handling in 4 seasons; Vectran punctures support; wear resistance.”

“excellent wear protection; urban cycling; unique tread shoulder; safety and comfort”

“Outstanding and decent grip; e-bike compatibility; cross-country abilities; durability”

“unparalleled puncture guard; effortless installation; excellent grip; low-rolling support”

“advanced tread density and casing; high speed; longer wear life; suitable for competition race”

“dynamic treads; four compound treads; shock absorption; high-quality tubeless tire”

“DuraSkin fabric; Solid puncture guard; low-rolling support; made of sturdy materials.”

Road Bike Tires Comparison Chart 2021

To help you save your time picking the most appropriate bike tire, I created this chart to compare the best road bike tires in 2021. Let’s explore it now!

Road Bike TiresWeightDimensionsMaterial
Continental Contact Plus Bike Tire - Best for Overall1.4 pounds27 x 27 x 1.5 inchesRubber
Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire - Best for Racing Training15.17 ounces2.36 x 2.36 x 19.69 inchesRubber
Schwalbe - Pro One Road Bike Tire - Best for On-road CyclingNo information1.42 x 0.09 x 14.17 inchesRubber
MICHELIN Power Protection Road Tire - Best for Race PerformanceNo information10 x 3 x 3 inchesOther
Continental Grand Prix 5000 Road Bike Tire - Best Handmade Tire1.76 ounces3 x 3 x 9 inchesBlend
Continental Ride Tour Bike Tire - Best Value3.53 ounces12 x 2 x 12 inchesNo information
SCHWALBE Marathon Tire - Best for Various Model Options1.01 pounds16.93 x 16.38 x 2.2 inchesNylon
Schwinn Replacement Bike Tire - Best for Riding on PavementNo information14 x 10 x 6 inchesRubber
Continental Grand Prix 4 Road Bike Tire - Best for Handling in 4 Season Weather6.88 ounces26.39 x 26.39 x 1.31 inchesRubber
Continental City Ride II Reflex Tire - Best for Urban Riding1 pounds27 x 27 x 0.75 inchesRubber
Continental Ultra Sport III Road Bike Tire - Best for E-bikes6.38 ounces27 x 3.11 x 3.23 inchesRubber
Pirelli PZero Velo Road Bike Tire - Best for Easy Installation195 grams3.5 x 8.5 x 3.2 inchesLatex
Vittoria Rubino Pro Speed G2.0 Tire  - Best for Competition Race23.62 x 15.75 x 1.97 inchesOther
Vittoria Corsa Control Graphene 2.0 - Road Bike Tire - Best Tubeless Tire4.8 ounces7.87 x 7.87 x 3.94 inchesRubber
Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Clincher Bike Tires - Best for DurabilityNo information13 x 3 x 11 inchesBlend

Top 15 Best Road Bike Tires to Buy (2021)

For more details about top 15 best road bike tires to buy, keep reading the descriptions of each product below.

Best for Overall: Continental Contact Bike Tire

Continental Contact Bike Tire

Those who want to save time cycling to work should buy themselves Continental Contact Plus tires. With this tire, riding to work will be much easier and more fun.

Contact Plus is designed for street or long-distance cycling. It currently comes in four different diameters for you to choose from, including 24, 26, 27, and 28 inches.

The priority of this product is to ensure the safety of riders and their vehicles. So the manufacturer equipped it with the Extra puncture-resistant belt.

In addition, the product also features Continental SafePlus construction that protects the tire from punctures and optimizes its durability.

In short, if you want to find a product that has both good performance and a reasonable price, you should not ignore the Contact Plus tire.


  • Providing a special tread
  • Made up of durable materials
  • A variety of sizes available
  • Puncture protection
  • Reliable reflex wire
  • A glossy look thanks to solid black


  • Puncture support only for gravel roads

Product Specs

Weight 1.4 pounds
Dimensions 27 x 27 x 1.5 inches
Material Rubber

Key Features 

  • Replacement City/Trekking
  • Extra E-Bike Rated Puncture Protection
  • Distinct tread and an effective wiring system
  • Made of sturdy material
  • EXTRA Puncture Belt protection

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Continental Contact Tires - A Great Option for SOME

Best for Racing Training: Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire

Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire

Anyone looking for an eventual racing and training tire is advisable to choose this Continental Gatorskin bike tire.

Puncture protection is my preference for this product. The brand-new proprietary technology equipped will prevent your bikes from flats.

Also, the DuraSkin ultimate sidewall enables your bike wheels to circle with punches. You can even use it under the most stable conditions.

Another highlight I would like to mention is the Polyx Breaker which is highly resistant to foreign gadgets and punctures. Moreover, this protection does not disturb the rolling resistance.

The tire offers two versions, including folding and wire bead. As a result, it is appropriate for touring, commuting, or even heavy training.

Overall, Gatorskin is a recommended name for you if you need to get an excellent tire for your road bike. With the outstanding features mentioned above, I believe this tire will satisfy you.


  • Carbon black Mixture – durable and comfortable for road races
  • Polyx Breaker – highly resistant to foreign body
  • Superior polyamide fabric
  • Sidewall protection
  • Handmade tire from reputed German manufacturer
  • Gatorskin available for every rider


  • Sidewall sometimes threads suck.

Product Specs

Weight 15.17 ounces
Dimensions 2.36 x 2.36 x 19.69 inches
Material Rubber

Key Features 

  • Durable carbon black mixture
  • Well-regarded puncture protection system
  • DuraSkin anti-cut fabric
  • Modern tread design
  • PolyX Breaker – proven technology
  • Handmade in Germany

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Get Less Flat Tires while Biking with These | Gatorskin Tires Review | Triathlon Taren

Best for On-road Cycling: Schwalbe – Pro One Road Bike Tire

Schwalbe - Pro One Road Bike Tire

If you are hunting for a high-quality road bike tire, I recommend the Pro-One TLE HS 493 Tubeless – a product of Schwalbe.

This pro one tire is a perfect combination of speed, “souplesse,” and control at the topmost standard. It is considered the top-notch tire that Schwalbe has manufactured.

Also, Pro One is the criterion for producing Tubeless tires for road bicycles because of its superior safety and control. Your bike will constantly be controllable, even when you’re riding in extreme conditions or at the most rapid speed.

The addict race blend is still an outstanding trait. Schwalbe calls it the highest and fastest performing combination for on-road cycling.

Besides, the V-guard designed in the specialized fabric is excellent for protecting the puncture.

I believe that the Pro-One TLE HS 493 Tubeless tire is a brilliant choice for your road bike from the features mentioned above.


  • The highest level of speed and control
  • Benchmark for Tubeless tires of road bikes
  • Addix race blend for the fastest performance
  • V-guard for outstanding puncture protection
  • Brilliant technology applying advanced Schwalbe Pro One
  • Three years of warranty


  • A little bit pricey

Product Specs

Weight No information
Dimensions 1.42 x 0.09 x 14.17 inches
Material Rubber

Key Features

  • Pro One Tire – the benchmark for tubeless road bike tires
  • Addix race compound
  • Super race carcass
  • V-guard for best puncture protection
  • The latest technologies for road safety
  • The best durability and maximum grip

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Mounting Schwalbe Pro One TLE (English)

Best for Race Performance: MICHELIN Power Protection Road Tire

MICHELIN Power Protection Road Tire

Michelin has brought up its head-tire range of road bicycles with the recent Power Road, applicable in tubed and tubeless versions.

This tire is supposed to be so fast-rolling that it can grip smoothly in both wet and dry conditions. Also, the high durability will enable your bike wheels to work better on rough roads.

In comparison to other tires, the Michelin Power Protection is more impressive in terms of protection. Plenty of aspects are equipped for more advanced security, including bead to bead Protek, aramid Protek, skin-wall protect, and X-miles mix.

As the tire is pretty lightweight, you can effortlessly adjust it yourself, even if you are a female rider.

Generally, if you need a leading-protection tire for your racing bikes, it is recommended to pick this Michelin tire.


  • Bead to Bead Protek for more advanced protection
  • Skin-wall Protek for the most potent tread
  • Aramid Protek for tread durability
  • X-miles compound for superior wear protection
  • Effortless to fit
  • Lightweight and fast-rolling


  • Not the complete speediest

Product Specs

Weight No information
Dimensions 10 x 3 x 3 inches
Material Other
Bike Type Racing bike

Key Features 

  • New MICHELIN Bi-compound
  • Bead to bead puncture protection
  • Minor wear due to the unique rubber mix
  • Skin-wall and Aramid protek
  • X-miles compound for enhanced tread

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Michelin Power Tire - Puncture Resistance Test

Best Handmade Tire: Continental Grand Prix 5000 Road Bike Tire

Continental Grand Prix 5000 Road Bike Tire

Continental lovers are advised to try this Grand Prix 5000 Performance road bike tire, currently available in two versions: tubeless and clincher.

Equipped with Black Chili – an exclusive tread mix from Germany, this tire is magnificent for rolling resistance and grip balance. Thus, it can deal with rough braking forces.

The effective comfort technology helps to smoothen the riding and absorb the vibrations. You will get more enjoyment anytime you ride.

Another excellent aspect of Grand Prix 5000 Performance is the laser grip that spreads over the shoulder of bike tires. Thanks to such a laser structure, the tire is provided with sharp cornering.

Overall, this road bike tire is an innovative tire from the Continental brand. Although the price is quite costly, it is still a worthy road bike tire to try.


  • An exclusive tread compound from Germany
  • Embedded technology for smooth riding
  • Expanded puncture protection for more enjoyable riding
  • Laser grip applied to the tire’s shoulder
  • A high-quality handmade product
  • Available in tubeless and clincher tires versions


  • Pretty more expensive than some other tires

Product Specs

Weight 1.76 ounces
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 9 inches
Material Blend

Key Features

  • Active comfort technology
  • Black Chili – a unique tread compound
  • Laser grip – laser Micro profile structure
  • Constructed and tested by skilled German craftsman
  • Increased puncture protection

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:

Watch video: NEW Continental GP 5000 Tyres | GCN Tech's First Ride

Best Value: Continental Ride Bike Tire

Continental Ride Bike Tire

As a road bike rider, I believe you will want a superior all-around tire for your bicycle. In this case, Ride Tour Replacement will satisfy you with its excellent stability and high value.

With a center tread quality, this tire can ensure its rolls constantly and manage excellent traction around the corners.

One of my favorites of this product is its durability. Continental manufactured every tire with the sturdy casing, enduring tread, and additional puncture protection to not become worn rapidly.

If you enjoy riding around your town or prefer daily commute rides, I highly recommend this affordable bike tire.

Even though the price is low, the quality is still good. It can deliver perfect traction on different terrains, even on dirt, muddy, or wet roads.


  • Additional puncture stability
  • Manufactured by eco-friendly materials
  • Supplemental textile layer to boost puncture support
  • Affordable price
  • Enduring tread and sturdy casing
  • Possible to work on numerous terrains


  • Finite resistance, challenging shifting terrain

Product Specs

Weight 3.53 ounces
Dimensions 12 x 2 x 12  inches
Material No information

Key Features 

  • Extra Puncture Protection
  • Good rolling characteristics
  • Durable casing and long-lasting tread
  • Complete ECO, ready for the higher speeds of E-bikes
  • Working on multiple terrains
  • Low rolling resistance

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Continental Ride Tour - A Bike Commuter’s Long Term Review

Best for Various Model Options: SCHWALBE Marathon Tire

SCHWALBE Marathon Tire

When the middle of autumn comes, many of you may prefer a more powerful tire and equip with firmer puncture protection. That says it can get ready for the less-than-stellar weather.

For this case, Marathon Plus HS from the Schwalbe brand is the right choice.

Attaching the SmartGuard technology to the carcass, Schwalbe makes it as the tire’s belt. This technology draws in a 5-mm flexible rubber that is thickest in the center. As a result, it provides excellent puncture protection at the maximum level.

Moreover, this tire uses the E-Bike Ready technology to get outstanding performance. It serves higher loads and assists the average speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour. That’s one of the reasons why it gets long-standing preference among cyclists.

Marathon Plus HS bike tire also provides ultra-low rolling support and high protection from wear and tear. Hence, your bike will be able to work in rough terrains better.


  • High protection for puncture
  • Long-standing preference among riders
  • Ultra-low rolling support
  • Protection from wear and tear
  • Various options for tread patterns and models
  • Possible for air resistance


  • A little bit high-priced

Product Specs

Weight 1.01 pounds
Dimensions 16.93 x 16.38 x 2.2  inches
Material Nylon

Key Features 

  • SmartGuard technology
  • Maximum top puncture protection
  • Schwalbe’s E-Bike Ready technology
  • More robust and distinctive trekking tread
  • Ultra-low rolling assistance
  • A variety of tread patterns and models

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:


Best for Riding on Pavement: Schwinn Replacement Bike Tire

Schwinn Replacement Bike Tire

If you usually ride on trails and streets, you may see Schwinn as a famous sight. Accordingly, Schwinn Replacement Bike Tire will not be a great name when you hear it.

The manufacturer designed this low-cost tire with trick bikes in his mind. However, it still accommodates hybrid bicycles and gravel trails smoothly.

With the Kevlar bead equipped, the tire can efficiently blend longevity with high strength. Also, its weight is much lighter than the steel-beaded one.

I like this product because it is a water-channeling pattern, enabling it to play well in almost all conditions.

Flat resistance is also a bonus to the features of this tire. However, after some time, it will become worn out, so you need to check it regularly and replace a new one when necessary.


  • Puncture guard with a bending wire
  • Kevlar tread center for cutting down the punctures
  • Sturdy reinstatement
  • Durable structure
  • Possible to ride on pavement
  • Appropriate for mountain, road, and cruiser bikes


  • Flat resistance becomes worn with time

Product Specs

Weight  No information
Dimensions 14 x 10 x 6  inches
Material Rubber

Key Features 

  • Excellent puncture guard
  • Kevlar tread center
  • Durable construction
  • Affordably priced
  • Affordably priced
  • High-grade, dense rubber material

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:

Watch video: 26 x 1 3/8 S-6 Schwinn Special Bike Tires

Best for Handling in 4 Season Weather: Continental Grand Prix 4 Road Bike Tire

Continental Grand Prix 4 Road Bike Tire

This Grand Prix 4 Season bike tire is standard among professionals and consumers alike. This handmade product is always impressive to riders because of its high technology.

Specifically, Continental used first-rate raw materials and leading industrial technologies to provide powerful puncture protection, no matter if you are training or touring.

Besides, the DuraSkind sidewall guard deriving from the top-notch polyamide textile will save it from cuts and scuffs.

This 4 season bike tire, as its name mentions, can handle in different conditions through different seasons, keeping it rolling smoothly any place you ride. It is also one of my favorites about this bike tire.

One more brilliant trait is the Vectran guard. Vectran is 5x as robust as steel, but it is still abrasion-resistant and lightweight. Subsequently, this tire will be the right choice if you need something durable but not too heavy.


  • Excellent weather grip
  • DuraSkin sidewall guard
  • Vectran puncture support
  • A handmade tire with high technology
  • Extended wear resistance
  • Low-rolling support


  • Limited black version

Product Specs

Weight  6.88 ounces
Dimensions 26.39 x 26.39 x 1.31  inches
Material Rubber

Key Features 

  • Limited Black edition version
  • All season tire-the Grand prix 4 season
  • Dura skin-sidewall protection
  • Vectran protection
  • Lightweight and abrasion resistant

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Tire Review

Best for Urban Riding: Continental City Ride II Reflex Tire

Continental City Ride II Reflex Tire

If you are a day-to-day cyclist, I advise you to try this Continental City Ride II Reflex Tire. It will make your daily riding to work, grocery stores, or other activities become enjoyable and pleasant.

Its light tread arrangement connects with its extensive call surface section, enabling the tire to control damp problems effortlessly.

This bicycle tire solely needs a low-pressure PSI (usually from 56 to 70) to pump up efficiently. There are two additional sizes available, including 700×37 and 700×42.

Once you use it, you will pinpoint that it’s almost effortless to roll with regularly challenging barriers. At the same time, it does not influence your comfort degrees.

With the aspects listed above, it is not strange why these bike tires are fantastic for city commuters.


  • Excellent protection against wear
  • High puncture guard
  • Low-rolling struggle
  • Safe and comfortable for cycling
  • Unique tread shoulder
  • Suitable for urban riding


  • Kind of difficult to mount on average bikes

Product Specs

Weight  No information
Dimensions 27 x 27 x 0.75   inches
Material Rubber

Key Features 

  • High puncture and wear protection
  • Low-rolling resistance
  • Pure cycling enjoyment
  • Unique tread shoulder

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Continental Ride Tour - A Bike Commuter’s Long Term Review

Best for E-bikes: Continental Ultra Sport III Road Bike Tire

Continental Ultra Sport III Road Bike Tire

Continental Ultra Sport III is supposed to be the cheapest tire in the Performance selection. You will not be amazed to find out that this tire is an updated version of the Ultra Sport II.

It’s also an exceedingly tiny refresh, with solely the other tread textile cut into the Pure Grip rubber and a rating sticker to the sidewall of the E-25 e-bike.

In general, this tire version does not have too many changes compared to the previous one. Hence, it remains the descent and brilliant grip as well as similar puncture protection.

The price is not high, so you can try it if you would like to compare Ultra Sport II and Ultra Sport III. But do not expect too much, as it does not have much innovation in this version.


  • Outstanding and decent grip
  • Cross-country abilities
  • Standard speed
  • Durable and affordable
  • Compatible with e-bike
  • Excellent performance training


  • No extra puncture support

Product Specs

Weight  6.38 ounces
Dimensions 27 x 3.11 x 3.23    inches
Material Rubber

Key Features 

  • Pure Grip – Based on Activated Silica Compounds
  • High-Performance Training / Entry Level Race Tire
  • E25 – E Bike design rated to a standard speed of at least 25 km/h
  • Supple 180 TPI casing
  • Dynamic tread pattern design

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Continental ultrasport 3 tyres

Best for Easy Installation: Pirelli PZero Velo Road Bike Tire

Pirelli PZero Velo Road Bike Tire

If you are a fan of Pirelli, you will want to experience this PZero Velo tire. With various widths from 24mm to 30mm, this tire has almost all aspects of supporting top-level performance.

The manufacturer equipped it with a top-notch 120 TPI TechWALL+ casing to strengthen the puncture guard and the tire durability. Along with that, they combined the Smart EVO rubber to create more excellent rolling resistance.

Besides, the tire is impressive on the road as well. The Smartnet Silica technology enables it to grip magnificently no matter if you’re riding in wet or dry weather conditions.

You won’t need to worry if you have to install the tire yourself because it is effortless and straightforward. Just apply the instructions from the manufacturer, and everything will be done!


  • Easy to install
  • Remarkable handling for a safer ride
  • Low-rolling support
  • Excellent grip for wet and dry conditions
  • Unparalleled puncture guard
  • A new model in the performance of bike clincher


  • Kind of high-cost

Product Specs

Weight 195 grams
Dimensions 3.5 x 8.5 x 3.2     inches
Material Latex

Key Features 

  • Superior handling
  • Patented Pirelli smart net Silica
  • The new standard in bicycle clincher performance
  • Excellent grip for not only dry but also wet conditions
  • Unparalleled puncture resistance and mileage

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:

Watch video: How Much Difference Can Tyres Make? | Pirelli P Zero Race First Look

Best for Competition Race: Vittoria Rubino Pro Speed G2.0 Tire

Vittoria Rubino Pro Speed G2.0 Tire

Suppose you are hunting for a superior bike tire for performance race and training or competition race. In that case, I suggest you select this Vittoria Rubino Pro Speed tire.

It is easy to perform the best rolling support thanks to the advanced tread casing. Also, the 220 TPI helps to develop more nylon threads in the covering. Thus, the speed will be much higher.

Moreover, the tire is designed with three compounds in its tread, boosting it to roll better and increase its wear life. So if you are getting bored of a fast-wear tire, this tire is ideal for you.

There also exist two different size options for you, including 700x23c and 700x25c. Just pick up the suitable one and experience your enjoyable ride now!


  • Advanced tread density and casing
  • Brilliant rolling support
  • Higher speed
  • Longer wear life
  • Appropriate for competition race, performance race, and training


  • Inappropriate for rough terrains

Product Specs

Weight No information
Dimensions 23.62 x 15.75 x 1.97      inches
Material Other

Key Features 

  • Optimized tread thickness and casing
  • 220 TPI
  • Functionalized GRAPHENE 2.0 compound
  • Three compounds in the tread (3C)
  • Best rolling resistance performance

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:

Watch video: The Best Vittoria Rubino Pro Endurance G2.0 All-Round Foldable Full Black Tire

Best Tubeless Tire: Vittoria Corsa Control Graphene 2.0 – Road Bike Tire

Vittoria Corsa Control Graphene 2.0 - Road Bike Tire

This Corsa Control Graphene 2.0 is among the best tubeless tires for road bicycles.

Vittoria manufactured this tire with premium turbo cotton covering so that it can accommodate the road surface better.

Also, its extended grip makes it roll more effortlessly, bringing riders as enjoyable when riding as possible.

The most highlighted aspect of this tire is the four compounds feature. It will create more excellent durability anytime you ride.

Similar to some other tires, it also provides low-rolling resistance and improved grips on the side.

Overall, this tire is designed for road bikes and racing bikes. If you also use these bike types, it is not harmful to get your bicycle this great tire.


  • Four blend treads
  • Dynamic treads
  • Different casings available
  • Perfect shock absorption


  • Only working well on flat surfaces

Product Specs

Weight 4.8 ounces
Dimensions 7.87 x 7.87 x 3.94      inches
Material Other

Key Features 

  • 320 TPI Corespun-K reinforced casing
  • Four different Graphene compounds
  • GRAPHENE 2.0 compound
  • Foldable Bicycle Tires for Performance

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Vittoria Corsa Graphene 2.0 Tires | Unboxing and Mounting | Gumwall Design Tires Made for Racing

Best for Durability: Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Clincher Bike Tires

Another top road bike tire that I would like to recommend is the Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Clincher. It is worth spending on this great tire.

The aspect that differentiates it from other tires is the DuraSkin textile against tear. It allows the tire to withstand better even in harsh road conditions.

Moreover, Continental also featured a carbon compound to prevent the tire from getting worn. As a result, a brilliant mileage performance is entirely possible for this tire.

Unlike others, the GatorSkin DuraSkin Clincher tire is equipped with a double Vectran breaker belt under the tread. Hence, it provides top-notch cut and puncture protection.

Accordingly, it is advisable to select this tire if you find it an excellent but lightweight tire because Vectran is five times stronger and not as heavy as other materials.


  • Among the most well-known all-season bike tires
  • Suitable price
  • Solid puncture guard
  • Low-rolling support
  • DuraSkin fabric for attractive color


  • Pretty thin tire

Product Specs

Weight No information
Dimensions 13 x 3 x 11 inches
Material Blend

Key Features 

  • Dushkin Protection: Lightweight Sidewall Protection
  • Package Height Of The Item Is 10.0″
  • Package Length Of The Item Is 4.0″
  • Package Width Of The Item Is 5.0″

To learn more about this Road Bike Tires, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Great Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Clincher Bike Tires for city riding

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Best Road Bike Tires In 2021

Road bike tire size

There are 4 sizes of bike tires in general, and you must get the right size for your bike to work. The size is written down on the side of the tire, so check out yours before going shopping for a new one. There will be 2 numbers.

Road bike diameter: The first one is the tire diameter. For road bike tires, typically it will be 700mm.

Road bike width: The second one is the tire width. The diameter must be exact, but you can get away with a little variation in width. The majority of road bikers would choose the 25mm, but the other options could range from 23mm to 45mm.

However, if you find the number 25-622 – the ISO number – instead of 700x25c on your tire, don’t worry, they mean the same.

Tread patterns

There’re a lot of tread patterns, but you should choose based on your intention. For a road bike, three choices are recommended:

  • Slick bike tires
  • Semi-slick bike tires
  • Inverted tread tires

Bike tube and valve

These can be minor but should not be neglected. Bike tube size should be compatible with your bike tire. Also, there are Presta valves and Schrader valves. Presta valves are tiny, while Schrader valves won’t fit a Presta rim. You should mind this before buying a new tire.

Other bike tire types

Apart from the traditional type, there are a lot more:

  • Tubeless bike tires: the type that will upgrade your bike performance, allowing a smoother ride.
  • Puncture-resistant bike tires: this tire will decrease the chance of your bike getting punctured and going flat.
  • Foldable bike tires: lighter and easier to carry around, but it is also more expensive.
  • Studded bike tires: suitable for a winter ride and slippery road.


What are the best puncture resistant road bike tires?

If  you are seeking for bike tires that can minimize the chance of getting punctured, you can check out some of these recommendations:

  • Continental Gatorskin Tire
  • Hutchinson Intensive Tire
  • Vittoria Zaffiro Pro III Tire
  • Maxxis Re-Fuse Road Bike Training Tire

How many miles should road bike tires last?

Mileage of bike tires can be different, based on the types of tires, road conditions and other factors. But in general, road-bike tires should last between 1000 and 3000 miles.

Expensive tires are expected to be good to go at least for 2500 miles.  Racing tires – under the frequency of working and the speed of racing cars – may last around 1000 miles. However, tough tires can be used for around 4000 miles with good road conditions.

Are puncture-proof tires any good?

Nothing is more uncomfortable than your tires getting poked a hole in the middle of the ride. So, puncture-proof tires can help you minimize these bad luck.

However, there is a compromise here: the puncture-proof tires usually use denser and harder rubber or add a protective layer, as a result, the tires are heavier. Therefore, if you want protection against puncture, you have to accept a slower ride.

What PSI should my road bike tires be?

The right PSI of your tires will make a smoother ride. Depending on the weight of the rider and types of tires, tire pressure can vary, but generally, 80 – 130 psi is for road tires, 25 – 35 psi is for mountain tires and the hybrid type needs around 40 to 70 psi.

However, each tire has a PSI recommendation from the manufacturer on the sidewall, you should not exceed that number.

How often should I inflate my bike tires?

Because the air in tires naturally and gradually loses out, you need to check your tires regularly for pumping when the tires go soft. it will help you have a more enjoyable ride, as well as avoid most of the tire damages.

The frequency for tire inflation should be in accordance to tire size and pressure. Riders are advised to check bike tires before going out and inflate road bike tires every week for the least; fortnight for hybrid tires and mountain bike tires for two or weeks each.

Why does my bike tire keep deflating?

Bike tires keep going flat, and it’s the most annoying ever. There are a lot of reasons why bike tires lose air, some of the most common causes are:

  • Puncture and road hazards
  • Failure or damage in parts of the tire (rim, tire liner, valve stem, etc)
  • Worn and ripped tire
  • Natural leak
  • Overinflation

And furthermore.

Why do road bike tires lose air?

You may notice that sometimes your bike tires lose air gradually. It can be the result of some wheel issues, tire damage or temperature change. The wheel can either get a poor valve stem or deformed due to road hazards, which will lead to air leaking.

Besides, objects on the road can pierce into the tires and cause damage, or the weather can take away some of the air in your bike tires – estimated 2% out for each 10°F decrease.

How do you inflate without a pump?

The easiest way to inflate your bike tires is by using a pump, but if no pump is available when you need your bike tires ready for a ride? Don’t worry, you can still use the CO2 cartridge or manually pump up your tires.

For the CO2 cartridge, you need to either screw or insert the cartridge’s neck into the nozzle first. Depending on the amount of air left in your tire, you should let the air flows in by opening the nozzle a bit (for completely flat tire) and check if your tire is in its right place.

Then, open the nozzle and let the cartridge do its work. Finally, close the nozzle and put your tire properly back to the wheel.

If there is no other way, you can just pump your tire up with your mouth. Wipe clean the valve and start blowing air into your tire. Your tongue should press on the valve to let the air in. It will be slow and troublesome to fully inflate your tires like this, but I’d rather do it than ride with a flat tire.

What is the most puncture-resistant bike tire?

As tested in the lab, the most puncture-resistant bike tires now available are:

  •  Vittoria Randonneur
  • Schwalbe Marathon Plus
  • Continental E.Contact

When should I replace my road bike tires?

Replacement of road bike tires should be done when the tire reaches 1500 to 3000 miles on the ride, and the back tire should be changed earlier than the front tires (due to the large pressure). However, if your road bike tires show these sign, you should think of buying new ones:

  • Worn down tread
  • Flat spot along the center of the tire
  • Cracked rubber on the bike tire
  • Constant flats
  • Cuts and holes
  • Worn down to the casing
  • Bubbles or deformities

And that is also the end of our review for the best 17 road bike tires in 2021. We hope that by now you have found the best and most suitable tire for your road bike. Good luck on the road, and stay tuned for more informative articles coming up next!

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