Top 10 Best Rear Bike Racks in 2021: September Update!

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A bicycle can become more than just a vehicle. A good rear bike rack makes your bike more practical to carry things on it. This article presents reviews about the Top 10 Best Rear Bike Racks.

The top 3 out of 10 best products in the list are:

Is it hard for you to choose a rear bike rack? If yes, you should check the bike rack buying guide before purchasing.

Important note: You may find a rear bike rack below unavailable due to high demand. You should choose other rear racks or check them out later after a few months.

Best Rear Bike Racks Comparison Chart in 2021

The table below demonstrates differences among products in the Top 10 Best Rear Bike Racks in terms of material and load capacity (weight capacity). Let’s check these rear racks below.

ImageBest Rear Bike RackWeight CapacityMaterial
Topeak Explorer Bike RackTopeak Explorer Bike Rack - Best Overall57 lbsAluminum
Planet Bike Eco Bike RackPlanet Bike Eco Bike Rack - Best For Panniers55 lbsAluminum
Topeak Super Tubular Bike RackTopeak Super Tubular Bike Rack - Best For Touring55 lbsAluminum
Topeak Explorer MTX Tubular Bike RackTopeak Explorer MTX Tubular Bike Rack - Best For Mountain Bikes55 lbsAluminum
SONGMICS Bike RackSONGMICS Bike Rack - Best For Bikepacking55 lbsAluminum
Thule Yepp Rear RackThule Yepp Rear Rack - Best For Child Seats77 lbsSteel
Ibera Bike RackIbera Bike Rack - Best For The Money55 lbsAluminum
HOMEE Bike RackHOMEE Bike Rack - Best Heavy Duty110 lbsAluminum
BLACKBURN EX-1 Bike RackBLACKBURN EX-1 Bike Rack - Best For Road Bikes40 lbsAluminum
Public Bikes Bike RackPublic Bikes Bike Rack - Best For Commuting45 lbsAlloy

Top 10 Best Rear Bike Rack Reviews in 2021

The following detailed reviews about each product in the Top 10 Best Rear Bike Racks make it easier for you to choose the most suitable one. For some questions, such as the weight capacity can a rear bike rack hold? , will be answered below.

1. Topeak Explorer Bike Rack

 (Best Overall)

Topeak Explorer Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Braze-On Type
  • Fits 26″, 27.5″ (650B) & 700C Wheels w/ Disc Brakes
  • 6061 T-6 hollow aluminum
  • MTX TrunkBags / MTX rear baskets compatibility
  • Solid Fender Top, RedLite Mount, Tail Light Mount
  • Being secured with some bungee cords

Easy mounting

This Topeak Explorer Bike Rack is equipped with a QuickTrack system for simple and quick mounting. It only takes a few seconds to set up your bags in place or release them without using any tools.

This rear bike rack is compatible with many kinds of MTX trunk bags and baskets. Therefore, you can freely use any bags you have. It is also effortless to install a rear light on it.

Sturdy structure

It is made of high-quality 6061 T-6 hollow aluminum. This material is lightweight but robust. So, the rack can load your bags firmly and securely.

Perfect for any purposes of use

The rear bike rack is flexibly used for loaded touring, commuting, or just running errands, even gravel bikes. The touring bikes with rim brakes are also fitted with this rear rack.

Overall, this model is the best rear bike rack in general. It can fit a bike with a fully adjustable seat.

Product Specs

Dimension16.1” x 13.4” x 6.7”
Weight1.37 lb


How long does it take to install this rear bike rack?

It may take from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on your experience.

Does it fit a disc brake bicycle?

Yes, it is disc brake compatible.

Can the spring be easily removed when unnecessary?

No, it is fixed and can not be removed.

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2. Planet Bike Eco Bike Rack

(Best For Panniers)

Planet Bike Eco Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Oversized, 6061 tubular aluminum rod
  • Fits 26″, 700c and 29″ wheel sizes
  • Fits most standard pannier bags
  • Rear tail light mounting tab
  • 6061 tubular aluminum construction

Compatible with most standard panniers

Mounting panniers on the rear rack allows you to carry more stuff. This Planet Bike Eco Rack is one of the best pannier racks. The rear rack fits most standard panniers. You can carry the whole world in your rear baskets or trunk bags.

Open side rails for adjustable pannier positioning

Users can straightforwardly adjust the pannier position by opening the side rails. This feature also allows maximizing heel clearance. Therefore, riders will not be tangled when cycling with panniers.

Product Specs

Dimension17” x 15.5” x 6.5”
Weight1.43 lb
BrandPlanet Bike


Does it have mounting holes for the rear reflector?

There is a hole in the middle. You can use it to mount a reflector.

How long are the extension arms?

From the rack platform to the eyelet for mounting is 15 inches.

Are screws included with the rack?

Yes, it comes with bolts, nuts, and washers.

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3. Topeak Super Tubular Bike Rack

(Best For Touring)

Topeak Super Tubular Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Braze-on type attachments
  • Fits 26″, 27.5″(650B) & 700C Wheels w/ Disc Brakes (rear wheel)
  • RX QuickTrack system compatible
  • Precision welding at all critical support points
  • Hollow 6061 T-6 aluminum
  • Integrated side bar for a lower pannier attachment

Designed for long-distance touring

This Topeak Super Tubular Bike Rack is made of lightweight hollow aluminum with a neat design (excellent fit for a touring bike). Therefore, it doesn’t add weight to your bike. You can comfortably attach it to your bike and go for long-distance bike touring.

Integrated sidebar offers more space for cargo

You may need to carry more things when riding for an expedition on your touring bike. The integrated sidebar provides a lower pannier mounting point for the disc brake bikes. This rear rack offers you more space for cargo. Besides touring bikes, other bike types still fit, but are not the best fit.

Overall, this rear bike rack is one of the best models in the world, especially for bike touring.

Product Specs

Dimension16.1” x 13.4” x 9.3”
Weight1.63 lb


Can the lower bar of the rack attach panniers with the Rixen & Kaul lock system?

Yes, it fits very well.

Does the lowered pannier mount position cause heel clearance problems?

There are no clearance issues at all.

Are the mounting points supposed to be asymmetrical?

No, they aren’t.

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4. Topeak Explorer MTX Tubular Bike Rack

(Best For Mountain Bikes)

Topeak Explorer MTX Tubular Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Fits 26″, 27.5″(650b) & 700c wheels
  • 6061-T6 aluminum bracket, hollow aluminum tubes
  • Integrated top fender
  • Compatible with bikes with disc brakes.

Accommodate with most mountain bikes

This rear rack is available in different sizes to fit every mountain bike. It is also compatible with any number of chains.

This aluminum bike rear rack is super lightweight. Attaching it to your mountain bike wouldn’t make your bike lumbering.

Life-long lasting 

This Topeak Explorer MTX Tubular Bike Rack is resistant to all impacts from the environment. It has impressive durability. This rack is a perfect partner to your mountain bike on the way to conquering all challenging terrains.

You should note that this model has a medium maximum load and it can fit a folding bike.

Product Specs

Dimension6.1” x 13.4” x 6.7”
Weight1.37 lb


Can I use it with a child seat?

No, it isn’t compatible with a child seat.

How long does it take to install and detach it?

Just around 10 minutes.

Does it fit a gravel bike or a commuter bike?

Yes, it does.

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5. SONGMICS Bike Rack

(Best For Bikepacking)


Key Features

  • Fits 26” to 29” bike frames
  • Anti-Loosening Screws
  • TIG-welded, anodized aluminum alloy frame
  • Fender splash guard
  • This standard rack is easy installation to seat posts

Better steady the load with 3 triangulated stays

The SONGMICS Rear Rack is designed with 3 triangulated stays on both sides. This feature helps the rack mount firmly to the rear axle and carry the heavy load better. No frame eyelets (mounting eyelets) are required.

Adjustable fit

Whether you are riding a road bike or a mountain bike, this rear rack can fit well. Its height is adjustable to accommodate a 26” to 29” frame.

Top fender panel

The fender panel plays a role as a mudguard to protect your bags from all the dust and dirty water.

Looking for the best rear racks? Why don’t you consider SONGMICS Rear Rack. This rack works with heavy loads so you can carry a lot of things.

Product Specs

Dimension13.8” x 5.1” x 13.8”
Weight2.2 lb


Does it fit my fat bike?

It depends on how fat the tire is. Any tire under 5” wide should work.

Does it come with a reflector?

No, it doesn’t come with a reflector.

Is it compatible with a child seat?

It shouldn’t be used with a child seat.

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6. Thule Yepp Rear Rack

(Best For Child Seats)

Thule Yepp Rear Rack

Key Features

  • Fits most 26″ city and hybrid wheeled bikes
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • YEPP RACK for non-disc mounts

Compatible with the Yepp Maxi EasyFit and Yepp Junior Child bicycle seats

This Thule Yepp Rear Rack is a perfect choice for a child seat. Its flat and no-frill design makes it easier to attach your child seat. It is compatible with Yepp Maxi EasyFit and Yepp Junior Child bicycle seats. They are sold separately.

Robust steel luggage rack

The steel rack’s construction creates a robust platform to support the child seat or any luggage on it. Your child can enjoy a stable and comfortable bike ride.

Product Specs

Dimension21.7” x 14” x 6.5”
Weight4.25 lb


Does it fit a mountain bike?

Yes if your bike doesn’t have disc brakes

Can I install the Yepp Maxi directly on the rack?

Yes, you can.

What is the thickness of the outer ring tubbing of the rack?


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7. Ibera Bike Rack

(Best For The Money)

Ibera Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Fits most 26–29 inch bicycle frames
  • Quick clip-on bag mount
  • Top shelf width: 5.5″
  • TIG-welded, heat-treated, anodized aluminum
  • Extended seat post rods (maximum length): 9″

A reliable and affordable bike rack

This Ibera Bike Rack is the best product for your money. Only around $40 for a durable and reliable rear rack. It can carry up to 25kg. The frame-mounted structure offers heavier top and side loads.

Quick clip-on and release bags

The hooks are distributed appropriately on the rack. That allows users to attach and remove bags and baskets effortlessly. It only takes some seconds.

Product Specs

Dimension15.5" x 6.0" x 14-15"
Weight1.68 lb


Does it come with all screws to connect to the bike frame?

Yes, all needed screws are included.

Does it fit a bike with a disc brakes mechanism?

Yes, it works well with disc brakes.

Is it compatible with a beach cruiser?

Definitely, it is.

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8. HOMEE Bike Rack

(Best Heavy Duty)

HOMEE Bike Rack

Key Features

  • W-shaped bars
  • Seat Tube Diameter: 0.85-1.3″
  • Seatpost Diameter less than 33mm

Durable construction with an impressive carrying capacity

The HOMEE Rear Rack is made of 100% high-quality aluminum. This material provides the product an extraordinary load capacity (weight capacity). It can carry a maximum load of 110 lbs. So, it is the best heavy-duty rear rack on the list.

You can carry everything with this rack. It will carry stuff firmly and securely during your long journey.

W-shaped bars keep your pannier safe

Its W-shaped design protects your panniers and saddle bags from rubbing into the tires. Your luggage will be safe and sound.

Product Specs

Dimension5.7” x 14” x 20”
Weight2.65 lb


Does it work on a bike with disc brakes?

Yes, there is no problem.

How does the rope work exactly to strap in cargo?

Wrap it tightly enough around the hole on both sides.

Does it accommodate a beach cruiser?

Yes, it works well.

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9. BLACKBURN EX-1 Bike Rack

(Best For Road Bikes)


Key Features

  • Fits 26″ and 700c frames
  • Fits 26” 650b/27.5”, 700c and 29” wheels
  • Three strut design
  • Extra-long QR skewer

Work well with bikes without dedicated mounts

Some bike rack need clips, some need rack mounts. The BLACKBURN EX-1 Bike Rack is designed to be compatible with bikes without dedicated mounts like road bikes and gravel bikes. Its uncomplicated and slim structure matches the simple appearance of a road bike. So please note that this bike rack will not suitable for most bikes.

Three-strut construction provides stable mounting 

This rack shows no inclination to shake or loosen even when riding on rough roads. That is thanks to its three-strut construction. When carrying a heavier load, this stability still remains.

Note that the mounted rack is not as durable as bolt mounted racks, but is still wonderful for long use. A bike with a disc brake mechanism will not need a specific rack.

Product Specs

Weight1.18 lb


Does it come with the extenders needed to mount to the bike?

Yes, it does.

Does it include the hardware to attach to the hybrid bike?

Yes, it comes with all the hardware you should need.

Is it compatible with any child bike carrier?

Yes, it works well.

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10. Public Bikes Bike Rack

(Best For Commuting)

Public Bikes Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Fits bikes with 26″ or 700C wheels
  • Fits seat stay braze-on
  • Mounting hardware included

Multiple choices of color to mix and match

You might be sick of the basic black or silver of other bike rear racks. You prefer a product with high aesthetics. This Public Bikes Rear Rack can satisfy you with its variety of colors.

This rack is used best for commuter bikes. Therefore, the manufacture doesn’t focus too much on construction and capacity. The design and appearance are the priorities. This model is one of the best rear racks from Public Bikes.

Fits many bike types

Of course, unlike other rear racks, this product is designed to fit Public bikes. Besides, it also fits many other bikes with 26″ or 700C wheels. The strong alloy material is enough for your demand.

Some people might think the product at the bottom is not the best rear rack. Unfortunately, they are wrong. I guarantee that Publics Bikes rear rack is the best rear rack for Public bikes.

Product Specs

Dimension16” x 5.5” x 15”
Weight1.9 lb
ColorNavy Blue / Powder Blue / British Racing Green / Red / Turquoise / Black / Silver / Cream
BrandPUBLIC Bikes


Does it fit a fat bike?

No, it is designed for a bike with a nearly 47mm rear wheel.

Does the color match the Public bike colors?

Yes, it is a perfect match.

Does it fit a 24” beach cruiser?

Yes, it accommodates well.

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Besides the rear bike rack, you might be interested in other rear rack types. Here is the list of other bike rack types with the best products for each category:

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