Best Peloton Classes – Recommended By Experienced Users

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BY James Roland
Updated on 07/19/2022

Peloton offers a massive library of fitness classes, and you have to choose your favorite from this very long list. So how can you do that?

We will help you narrow down your selections by recommending the top-ranked classes voted by experienced users. Let’s read through and stop at your “perfect match”.

What Types Of Classes Does Peloton Have?

You will spend hours scrolling thousands of classes available on Peloton. Luckily, the platform allows you to filter the class category, length, music, and difficulty level. Here are your options:

  • Class category: Strength, Yoga, Meditation, Cardio, Stretching, Cycling, Outdoor Running, Walking, Tread Bootcamp, and Bike Bootcamp
  • Class length: 5 to 90 minutes
  • Class music: Alternative, Classic Rock, Electronic, Country, Latin, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Indie, and R&B
  • Difficulty level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

Peloton Class Categories

Best Peloton Classes Based On Types

Peloton divides the classes into different types. Hence, you can choose the lessons that meet your requirements.

1. Best Cycling Classes


Peloton now has more than 13,000 cycling classes. The exercises you practice include Beginner, Low Impact, Intervals, Power Zone, Warm Up/Cool Down, etc.


There Are Many Cycling Classes

Why should you choose?

Cycling classes are beneficial in many terms, such as:

  • Cycling gives you the most class choices with more than 13,000 options.
  • You will bring out the best of your Peloton bike with your instructor’s guide.
  • You can strengthen your bones, decrease stress levels, reduce body fat, improve posture and coordination, and enhance joint mobility.

Recommended classes

Peloton Cycling Classes

Peloton Cycling Classes

2. Best Bike Bootcamp Classes


The idea of 229 Peloton Bike Bootcamp classes is to combine strength and cardio training in one class. Hence, these exercises will boost your productivity significantly.


More Than 200 Bike Bootcamp Classes

Why should you choose?

Bike Bootcamp classes should be in your targeted class list because:

  • They are all-in-one exercises.
  • The classes challenge your body in different ways.
  • Your bones and metabolism will benefit a lot from the training sessions.

Recommended classes


Peloton Bike Bootcamp Classes

3. Best Strength Classes


Peloton 4,000+ strength classes focus on your resistance to improve your body flexibility, build up your muscles, and prevent injury risks.


More Than 4000 Strength Classes

Why should you choose?

As the name implies, these classes aim to boost your strength. Some benefits you can earn from them are:

  • Strength exercises help enhance your endurance and push yourself toward high-intensity classes.
  • Runners can learn how to avoid injuries while practicing.
  • Your mind will also benefit thanks to the up-tempo tracks.

Recommended classes


Peloton Strength Classes

4. Best Yoga Classes


Peloton has more than 4,000 yoga classes, and they focus on five elements: Foundation, Power, Focus, Recovery, and Unity. All of them will be a big help for your body and mind control.


Yoga Classes Focus On 5 Elements

Why should you choose?

Yoga enthusiasts will love Peloton because:

  • Peloton defines yoga’s five elements clearly and puts the classes in the right element.
  • Peloton yoga is where you can find peace in your soul, mental balance, and body flexibility.
  • You can choose simpler classes and then progress to harder yoga poses.

Recommended classes


Peloton Yoga Classes

5. Best Pilates Classes


Pilates includes non-aerobic and low-impact workouts. With this thought in mind, Peloton instructors focus on building deep core strength, flexibility, and body awareness in their pilates classes.

Why should you choose?

The reasons for trying the Peloton pilates are:

  • The exercises will help you improve everything about muscles.
  • You will learn how to love your body better since body awareness is a part of the lessons.
  • Pilates is a supportive training session that boosts your performance in any other form of movement.

Recommended classes


Peloton Pilates Classes

6. Best Stretching Classes


There are 890 stretching classes on Peloton. They focus on different categories to help with your entire body.


More Than 800 Stretching Classes Are Active

Why should you choose?

The reasons for trying Peloton stretching classes right now are:

  • Most of them are beginner-level. Hence, you don’t need any prior experience to join the classes.
  • Stretching will reduce muscle tension and improve mobility in your joints.
  • Performing glutes, hamstrings, and quads consistently will enhance your muscle flexibility.

Recommended classes


Peloton Stretching Classes

7. Best Cardio Classes


The idea of cardio is to burn the most calories in the shortest time. Hence, most exercises in 462 cardio classes are highly intense.


462 Cardio Classes Can Be Difficult For Beginners

Why should you choose?

Here are what Peloton cardio classes give you:

  • The classes challenge both your anaerobic and aerobic fitness.
  • The recovery time is short to make the best performance of your work time.
  • The exercises will help reduce muscle fatigue, improve blood circulation, burn body fat, and prevent soreness. All these traits make them perfect for weight loss in the long term.

Recommended classes


Peloton Cardio Classes

8. Best Running Classes


Many professional runners are working as running instructors at Peloton. Hence, it’s evident that Peloton boosts these classes, and there are more than 3,000 classes to check.


Peloton Running Classes Are Popular

Why should you choose?

Missing Peloton running classes will be a big regret because they give you many benefits. We name some right here:

  • Many running instructors, like Becs Gentry and Matt Wilpers, are professional runners.
  • Peloton treadmills help with every minute of your running routine.
  • Peloton also has outdoor running classes.

Recommended classes


Peloton Running Classes

9. Best Postpartum Classes


Peloton is helpful for everyone, even if you are expecting or postpartum. Postpartum-safe and low-impact exercises on this platform will be your wonderful partners during this hard time.

Why should you choose?

Here are some benefits you can expect from Peloton postpartum classes:

  • Cardiovascular exercises can soothe your pain and discomfort effectively.
  • You can improve your health, strength, and endurance before and after giving birth.
  • Peloton classes can help reduce stress and give you a good night’s sleep.

Recommended classes


Peloton Postnatal Classes

10. Best Boxing Classes


Boxing is the most requested discipline on the Peloton platform. Therefore, to adapt to the demand of users, Peloton included boxing in its lineup at the end of 2021.

Why should you choose?

Peloton boxing classes are worth trying because:

  • You will learn all the fundamentals of boxing in the first week.
  • Although these classes are new, their success hints that Peloton will launch more courses in the future.
  • Boxing is about fitness and defending yourself from attacks.

Recommended classes


Peloton Boxing Classes

11. Best Dance Cardio Classes


Peloton dance cardio is a series of classes that use some basic choreography. Two or more instructors teach each class. Currently, 18 dance cardio classes are active.


18 Cardio Dance Classes

Why should you choose?

Peloton dance is a combination of dancing and cardio. Hence, it has benefits that the two sections offer:

  • You will practice cardio but in a much more fun way.
  • The exercises are helpful for your muscles in all aspects.
  • The music in such classes will be excellent mood-lifters.

Recommended classes


Peloton Dance Cardio Classes

Best Peloton Classes Based On Purpose

One of the best ways to choose Peloton classes is to determine your goals. Often, people join the Peloton community to lose weight, build muscles, and reduce back pain. Peloton also offers programs for specific users, like seniors and families.

1. Best Classes For Abs


Exercises not only help you stay healthy but also keep fit. If building abs is your main goal, you will love Peloton cycling, running, yoga, and strength workouts at Peloton.

Why should you choose?

Peloton can help you train and develop your abs because:

  • There are many HIIT and core strength exercises available on the platform.
  • Peloton instructors will give advice about your diets.
  • The “Body Activity” allows you to focus on your core workout.

Recommended classes


Core Strength For Your Abs

2. Best Classes For Back Pain


You can find special classes for back pains on Peloton. They can be pilates, barre, stretching, yoga, core strength, and Bootcamp core.

The purposes of those exercises are to strengthen your core potencies by working directly on them. Otherwise, you can choose yoga to restore your full range of motion.

Why should you choose?

Peloton is a good place to treat your back pain because:

  • Instructors design their lessons on a particular part of your body.
  • Exercises related to back pain can also help with other parts, such as joint pain and muscles.
  • You can learn how to perform the pose correctly without causing back muscle fatigue.

Recommended classes


Peloton Can Reduce Your Back Pain

3. Best Classes For Weight Loss


It’s necessary to focus on HIIT exercises, which you can find in the running, strength, cardio, and cycling categories. They will speed up your progress considerably.

Why should you choose?

Peloton will simplify your weight-loss plan because:

  • There are tons of high-intensity exercises to select from the huge collection.
  • You can easily keep track of your progress using the Peloton digital app.
  • Instructors will also advise you on diets and lifestyles that complete your plan.

Recommended classes


HIIT Classes For Weight Loss

4. Best Classes For Beginners


Peloton classes come in three difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. As a result, Peloton will help you familiarize yourself with it quickly even if you are new to the fitness world.

Why should you choose?

How can Peloton become a good place to kick off your fitness journey? Here is the answer:

  • Peloton beginner classes are easy to follow.
  • You can use the Peloton app to monitor your performance and determine when to move to higher levels.
  • There are many programs designed for beginners, such as Beginner Yoga, Beginner Strength, and You Can Run.

Recommended classes


Choose Beginner Level

5. Best Classes For Seniors


Peloton doesn’t have classes designed specifically for seniors. Yet, lessons with low intensity are suitable for users aged 50 or older and those with weak physics.


Seniors And Peloton

Why should you choose?

Seniors have problems with their mental and physical health. So how can Peloton help them?

  • Peloton has classes that boost seniors’ mobility thanks to the moderate-intensity and low-impact lessons.
  • Although the exercises are simple, they will assist in recovering joint pains.
  • Regular exercises on Peloton can improve the BMI index in seniors.

Recommended classes


Look For Low Impact Exercises

6. Best Classes For Family


Most of the family classes on Peloton are under the strength, cardio, and yoga categories. Instructors design their exercises in a way that all members of your family can follow and benefit from them.


Family Workouts

Why should you choose?

Covid-19 doesn’t allow your family to go out for a walk. So why don’t you try Peloton? Here are some benefits your family can get:

  • The exercises fit many age levels.
  • You will strengthen your family bond when gathering at one place and working out.
  • It’s time for parents to become role models for their kids.

Recommended classes


Peloton For Your Family

How Can You Choose The Right Peloton Classes?

Now you may have some options on your own. The following tips will help you settle on the final one.

Consider your goal

Why do you join the Peloton community? Do you want to lose weight or reduce your back pain? Each purpose comes with a set of methods to deal with it.

Identify your level

Not all Peloton classes are the same in terms of difficulty levels. Some may be harder than others, and you have to qualify yourself for them.

If you choose the exercises that are too difficult for your current skills, you will end up in pain and want to quit.



Difficulty Level

Browse the feedback

You can check the feedback of your targeted classes and instructors to picture how they work. Reviews are the best advice you can have before trying something new.

Choose your instructor

Find the best Peloton instructors, and you get halfway to success. Here are our recommendations:

Experiment with different classes

Please note that personal experience differs from person to person, and our recommendations are for reference only. Hence, it would be best to experiment with different classes and instructors to find out which ones suit you the best.


Peloton understands what users need, so the company offers many options to serve their different purposes. But, of course, it’s your requirement and preference to opt for the most suitable one.

Hopefully, we have helped you land the best choice. If you need any further information about Peloton, please feel free to contact us. We are always willing to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most popular ride on Peloton?

The most common choices for Peloton cycling classes include:

2. What are the hardest Peloton rides?

You can try these classes if you are confident about your riding skills:

3. Who is the most-watched Peloton instructor?

The record belongs to Robin Arzón, with 23,00 people streaming a class.

4. What are the best Peloton classes for beginners?

If you are new to Peloton, try these classes first:

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