7 Best Peloton Classes For Beginners To Kick Off

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/19/2022

Peloton is an ideal destination for anyone to start their fitness journey, even if you are a beginner. But, how does Peloton help you get started?

Luckily, this enormous fitness platform offers exercises from beginner to advanced levels. So, as a newcomer, simply choose the easy ones, and there you go.

If you’re still confused, we will clear your path. So let’s follow our post and be ready to become a part of Peloton!

Does Peloton Offer Beginner Classes?

Yes. Peloton provides users with classes in three difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Your options for beginner classes include:

  • Strength: 195 classes
  • Yoga: >1,000 classes
  • Cardio: 7 classes
  • Outdoor: 30 classes
  • Running: 301 classes
  • Tread Bootcamp: 75 classes
  • Bike Bootcamp: 6 classes

Meditation, stretching, cycling, and walking courses don’t come with the three difficulty levels. Yet, you can still choose simpler lessons in these classes.

If you are not confident, go for shorter courses and increase as you work gradually. Do not panic because professional Peloton instructors are willing to help you overcome challenges.



7 Best Peloton Classes For Beginners

Peloton classes come in different categories, and we have picked the simplest option from each category for you to choose. If you don’t find the lessons suitable, select another one until you are comfortable.

1. Beginner Ride – Best For Cycling

Peloton Beginner Rides generally combine necessary cycling lessons for newcomers to start off. Although cycling sounds easy, you cannot pull it off with improper skills.

Class overview (updated in July 2022): 

Currently, there are 376 Beginner Ride classes on Peloton. They come with different lengths, music, and instructors.

  • Class length: 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Class music: Alternative, Electronic, Latin, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, and R&B.
  • Recommended instructors: Ben Alldis, Mayla Wedekind, Tunde Oyeneyin, and Leanne Hainsby.


Why should you choose?

If you like cycling and are a newbie, these classes must be what you need right now because:

  • You can learn everything about cycling basics. 
  • The exercises help improve your cardiorespiratory system and leg muscles. 
  • Beginner Rides are simple lessons, but they build your skills to qualify you for more challenging cycling classes. 
  • The class length is suitable for training your strength and endurance.

Recommended classes:

You can find Beginner Ride classes in the Cycling category. Then, you need to select the “Class Type” section and choose “Beginner.” There will be many classes available for you.



2. Running Skills – Best For Running

Running Skills class, as its name implies, focuses on providing you with essential running basics. Becs Gentry is the only instructor of these classes, and she will show you how to run correctly.

Class overview (updated in July 2022):

Becs Gentry only presents 4 Running Skills classes, but they’re all worth your consideration.

  • Class length: 5, 10, or 20 minutes
  • Class music: Pop
  • Instructor: Becs Gentry


Why should you choose?

Running Skills classes are ideal for beginners because:

  • You can learn everything from the start. 
  • The exercises help you work on your strength and avoid injuries while running.
  • Becs Gentry is a professional runner. Her experience and knowledge will be a big help for novice runners.

Recommended classes:

Here are four Running Skills classes with Becs Gentry:

You can find these lessons in the “Running” category. When you tap on the “Class type” section, there will be many options to choose from, and “Running Skills” is among them.



3. Yoga Basics – Best For Yoga

There are five elements of Peloton yoga: Foundation, Power, Focus, Recovery, and Unity. Foundation is the starting point of your yoga journey with Peloton, so mark it as your first class.

Class overview (updated in July 2022):

There are now 138 Yoga Basics classes. They don’t last as long as other workout classes, but you can learn many things in a short time.

  • Class length: 5 to 20 minutes.
  • Class music: Alternative, Electronic, Latin, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, and R&B.
  • Recommended instructors: Nico Sarani, Kristine Mcgee, Ross Rayburn, and Aditi Shah.


Why should you choose?

Why do Yoga Basics suit beginners? The reasons are as follows:

  • Instructors will help you build a solid foundation in yoga. Y
  • There are many widely used yoga moves introduced in the lessons.
  • These classes only last 5 to 20 minutes, enough for beginners to learn new things without stressing their bodies.

Recommended classes:

To access these classes, go to the “Yoga” category on Peloton library. In the drop-down menu of “Class type,” you will see many options. Click on “Yoga Basics” and there you go.



4. Bodyweight Strength – Best For Strength

Good news for people who want bodyweight training is that Peloton has both cardio and strength classes. What’s more, you don’t have to prepare any equipment for your workouts.

Class overview (updated in July 2022):

Bodyweight Strength classes are very helpful for everyone. As a beginner, you have up to 502 options in this category.

  • Class length: 10 to 45 minutes.
  • Class music: Alternative, Electronic, Country, Latin, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, and R&B.
  • Recommended instructors: Andy Speer, Jess Sims, Marcel Maurer, and Rebecca Kennedy.


Why should you choose?

Peloton Bodyweight Strength courses are helpful for beginners because:

  • The exercises are simple.
  • Class diversity is a big plus.
  • Simple exercises help a lot with your muscle building, endurance, and fat loss as they work on conditioning and strength simultaneously.

Recommended classes:

After choosing the “Strength” category, click on “Class type” and select “Bodyweight Strength” classes. Please note that these classes come in different difficulty levels. Remember to go for the “Beginner” one so that you can follow the classes easily.



5. Dance Cardio – Best For Cardio

A typical Peloton Dance Cardio class combines athletic moves with dance choreography. Peloton classifies Dance Cardio in the LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State) group. However, some may require a higher level of strength as you move, making them a great idea for fat loss.

Class overview (updated in July 2022):

There are now only 18 Dance Cardio classes. However, Peloton is increasing that number, especially after Cody Rigsby ranked third in the final stage of “Dancing With The Stars.”

  • Class length: 5, 10, or 20 minutes.
  • Class music: Alternative, Electronic, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Indie, and R&B.
  • Recommended instructors: Ally Love, Hannah Corbin, Jess King, and Cody Rigsby.


Why should you choose?

With only 18 Dance Cardio classes, how can Peloton attract many beginners to join?

  • Music plays a significant role in these classes.
  • Dance Cardio classes involve low-impact and low-intensity exercises.
  • No classes are more entertaining than these ones.

Recommended classes:

Here is how you can find Dance Cardio classes: Access “Cardio” -> “Class type” -> “Dance Cardio.”


How To Find Dance Cardio Classes

6. Relax & Sleep – Best For Meditation

Peloton meditation focuses on mindfulness. Each class in this category presents a specific technique, like breathing or positive. Among them, Sleep & Relax classes are the best places for beginners to take their first step into meditation with Peloton.

Class overview (updated in July 2022): 

People now have a lot of problems with their mental health. Hence, Peloton offers many mediation classes for them. There are currently 399 Relax & Sleep classes:

  • Class length: 5 to 30 minutes.
  • Recommended instructors: Anna Greenberg, Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Kirra Michel, and Nico Sarani.


Why should you choose?

There are tons of benefits to expect from Relax & Sleep classes. For example:

  • Such lessons will help you handle your anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness, and relax your body and mind.
  • Controlling your body is hard but your trainer will show you how to do it correctly and effectively.
  • Instructors employ the best technique for each class, and they are often different.

Recommended classes:

Peloton classity “Relax” and “Sleep” in the same group. You can find them in the “Class type” section of the “Yoga” category.


How To Find Relax And Sleep Classes

7. Interval Runs – Best For Outdoor

Peloton Interval Runs classes have a work-to-rest ratio of 1:1 or 2:1. The short length helps you push your effort and raise your heart rate in a short time, which is good for weight loss and muscle building.

Class overview (updated in 2022):

Wake up in the morning and get your day started with one of 77 Interval Runs classes on Peloton. Your options are:

  • Class length: 20 to 45 minutes.
  • Class music: Alternative, Classic Rock, Electronic, Pop, Hip Hop, and Rock.
  • Recommended instructors: Becs Gentry, Olivia Amato, Matt Wilpers, and Selena Samuela.


Why should you choose?

Peloton newcomers love Interval Runs classes because:

  • The classes come with multiple intensity levels.
  • Following the courses frequently will improve your running records significantly.
  • It’s such a pleasant and exciting experience to put on earphones, tie your sneakers, and go out for a run.

Recommended classes:

You can also explore more Interval Runs in the huge Peloton platform by tapping the “Outdoor” category. Then, click on “Class type” and choose “Intervals.”


How To Find Intervals Classes

Best Peloton Instructors For Beginners

Instructors are important factors to consider when choosing Peloton classes. Each instructor has a special teaching style that may not fit you or not. We recommend the seven best Peloton instructors for beginners right here, so you can try them first.

  • Cody Rigsby – Best For Cycling
  • Hannah Corbin – Best For Stretching
  • Dennis Morton – Best For Yoga
  • Olivia Amato – Best For Cardio
  • Matt Wilpers – Best For Running
  • Ben Alldis – Best For Power Zone Endurance
  • Andy Speer – Best For Strength

Essential Equipment To Practice With Peloton

You can work out with or without equipment, depending on which classes you take. Here are some essential equipment you may need for your exercises:

  • Peloton bike: You can’t take Peloton cycling classes without the bike. It comes with advanced features to bring out the best of your performance.
  • Peloton treadmill: The treadmill is another product from Peloton. You need it for your running classes.
  • Weights: Some strength classes require the weights, from medium to heavy ones.
  • Mat: The mat is essential for many classes, such as stretching, yoga, mediation, and strength.

Since each class demands different equipment, it will be best to check the lesson you intend to take beforehand and prepare it.




Some people are shy about fitness because they have never tried it. Peloton understands you and, therefore, comes with all-level exercises. Don’t worry about starting too late because it’s still better than never.

Hopefully, our list has helped you choose the right class for your needs. If you have any questions, please comment. We will get back to you soon. Thank you for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should I be a beginner in Peloton?

The answer depends on different factors, like your ability and requirement. Generally, Peloton members spend a few weeks practicing in beginner classes. Then, they move to the intermediate one and even challenge hard classes.

However, the best rule for raising your workout level is your comfort with the current exercises. Once you find it easy to follow the instructors and want to challenge your skills, work your way to the more complicated lessons.

2. What is a good Peloton output for beginners?

Peloton output is a metric that illustrates the energy you use up for a class. This value is measured in watts and depends on several factors, such as your cadence, resistance, and weight. For a beginner of medium weight and strength, a good Peloton output is from 150 to 250 watts.

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