Top 5 Best Peloton Classes For Abs You Need to Know

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BY James Roland
Updated on 08/02/2022

Following a strict diet may help you lose weight, yet toning your abs will require adding a suitable training course to your workout plan. With the diverse and extensive Peloton library of classes, you can always explore, then enjoy what works best for your body.

Still, if you ever get lost and do not know what to choose, you could try out these five highly recommended classes guided by Peloton’s professional trainers.

Does Peloton Have the Classes for Abs?


Emma Lovewell

Yes. With more than 500 classes accessible on its platforms, Peloton has helped numerous users correct their postures, flex their abs, and lessen their backache. Besides these classes, Peloton also launched two special training plans for the core, which are the “Crush Your Core” programs with Emma Lovewell.

5 Best Peloton Classes For Toned Abs


Andy Speer

Here are the top five training classes you should consider when building your own training collection.

1. Core Workout Class with Emma Lovewell

Emma Lovewell is one of Peloton users’ favorite instructors, and her Core Workout classes are, thus, the best of Peloton core classes with a peak of 150K+ views. Thanks to her dynamic energy as well as her love for upbeat music, you will always feel energetic when leaving her class.

Some of Emma Lovewell’s Core Strength classes that you should blend into your workout list:

2. Tabata Ride Class with Leanne Hainsby


Leanne Hainsby

Having worked as a cycling instructor for Peloton, Leanne Hainsby has come up with various styles of riding classes that will suit any kind of taste.

What’s more, her teaching method will also push you to go a step further every day and eventually, step out of your comfort zone. No wonder why her Tabata Ride sessions are listed as one of the most popular classes at Peloton.

Some of Leanne Hainsby’s Tabata Ride classes that you may consider:

3. HIIT Ride Class with Tunde Oyeneyin


Tunde Oyeneyin

Tunde Oyeneyin has the ability to empower and inspire people to believe in the impossible due to her previous experience as a brand educator is what makes her classes different from the others.

After a long time of getting stuck with weight and self-confidence issues, she knows well enough how to overcome those hindrances. This explains why her HIIT Ride classes could make practitioners feel like they are on top of the world after finishing.

Some HIIT Ride classes of Tunde Oyeneyin that can be mixed into your routine:

4. Core Strength Workout Class with Rebecca Kennedy


Rebecca Kennedy

Peloton puts a lot of effort into helping people develop their core abs. As a result, Core Strength Workout sessions with Emma are not the only highly rated ones.

When it comes to core classes, Rebecca Kennedy’s one also stands at the top. With her movement and body awareness, she always makes her class full of energy and empowers everyone with positivity.

Some Core Strength Workouts of Rebecca Kennedy recommended for you:

5. Bootcamp Workouts: Series of Classes


Jess Sims in a bootcamp session

Bootcamp workouts are known as a type of HIIT and can involve many different body composition activities.

There are two kinds of bootcamp classes, namely tread bootcamps and bike bootcamps at Peloton. With thousands of workouts having been carried out at all levels, this series of classes also claims its position on Peloton’s favorite training course list.

Some top-rated Bootcamp Sessions for your references:

Can Peloton help us get toned abs?

This question is asked more than frequently, and we say yes for good and all. So, let’s dig into how Peloton provides aid in shaping your body.

By cycling workouts


A woman practicing with a peloton bike

Bike riding involves the rectus abs as well as the transverse abs and obliques.

According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the core muscles, which means abs included, play a key role in maintaining body stability. Besides, they are also in charge of keeping the spine safe from high loads as well as shifting pressure between the lower and upper parts.

Harvard Health Publishing stated that abs function as we try to put our upper body to its proper posture while riding a bike. In other words, joining cycling workouts offered by Peloton could have vast effects on your abs.

By treadmill workouts


A man practicing with a peloton treadmill

It is undeniable that treadmills bring lots of benefits to our health, both mentally and physically. Treadmill workouts could boost your overall durability, better your cognitive health, and, especially, tighten your core.

However, running on a treadmill could become boring from time to time. That’s when Peloton comes to help with various methods to spice things up.

By yoga workouts


Peloton yoga

For a very long time, yoga has captured the hearts of many crowds worldwide thanks to its advantages: soothing the mind and building the body. There is no distinction in yoga at Peloton – whether you are male or female, young or old, yoga is still for you.

The most important thing in yoga is poses. Only when you pose well, you can gain all the wide-ranging benefits that yoga offers. To do so, Peloton is a reliable place where the experts would carefully instruct you.

By strength workouts


Andy Speer strength class

Strength workouts at Peloton can be challenging, especially for beginners who are eager to be immediately stronger after some training classes. Therefore, something to bear in mind is that if you are trying out strength classes, you need to be patient and pay attention to fundamental moves with consistency.

This may seem hard, but you are not alone on this journey. Peloton always has you covered with a vast number of classes for all levels!

How to get abs toned better

Toned abs are definitely a goal that most of us set when beginning our fitness plan. Then, how could we achieve it? Following are some tips for you.

Warm-up before abs workouts

A common mistake that most of us make is ignoring the warm-up session in our routine. Yet, warm-up is one of the most crucial factors that decide our workout effectiveness.

It has numerous benefits. According to, warming up before doing ab exercises improves your blood flow to muscles as well as relaxes your joints.  Moreover, you could even burn some extra calories during warm-ups and establish a better bond between your mind and your body.

Do not hold your breath during abs workouts


A woman practicing with peloton app

Breath is also something we do not pay enough attention to despite its significant impacts. Most of us hold our breath during abs workouts as we believe it could help tighten the abs and, therefore, we could see the result sooner.

Yet, a proper breathing technique does not work in that way.

When you are putting pressure on the key muscles for a particular workout, you should exhale after taking a slight pause at the peak of your rep. What’s more, ensure that your breath goes to your tummy, not up in the chest.

Maintain an optimal diet


Diet for workout

Training classes can only prove their effectiveness when you are on a proper diet.

However, there are some suggested ways that you can make use of to come up with your own optimal diet, such as: writing a meal diary, drinking water, calculating calories, limiting the amount of sugar you take, and so on.

Set realistic goals


Workout goals

Setting goals may be an exciting part when doing workouts. Yet, do not let that hype trick you into setting unachievable goals, as you can be demotivated if you cannot complete them as planned.

That’s why setting goals could change your whole routine and lead you to places you have never been to before. One recommended way is to break big goals smaller and more achievable before taking new and challenging steps.


Getting toned abs demands persistent endeavors. It might feel like a lonely and strenuous journey, yet Peloton is here to assist you through all the barriers.

With these five highly rated classes, we hope you can figure out what works for you and take a step closer to your goals.


1. What exercises are included in the core workout class? 

Core exercises could restrain your body from injuries as well as enhance the effectiveness level of your workout sessions.

Some typical exercises included in the core workout class are high plank, hollow man, glute bridge, low plank twist, bicycle crunches, low plank double knee, and so on.

2. Can core strength workouts from a standing position be possible?

The answer is: YES.

You can still work on your core abs even when you stand. There are several popular standing core exercises, namely: standing match with twists, wood chop, standing side bend, standing side crunch, single-leg sprint, and so on.

3. Can beginners get abs from HIIT class?

The answer is: YES.

Peloton HIIT sessions help boost your fat-burning process; if you put in enough effort, it could even become a short way to get your toned abs. Still, you need to do it correctly and under the instruction of professional trainers. And Peloton is always by your side!

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