Top 15 Best Mountain Bikes Under $3000 In 2021: August Update!

Updated on 09/18/2020
BY Jim Felt

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Top 16 Best Mountain Bikes Under 3000 Reviews In 2020

Of all the bike types, I believe that you have heard about the term “mountain bike” at least one time. So it is evident that this bike type is used for mountain riding. But do you know how to choose the best one for yourself? This article will share with you Top 15 best mountain bikes under $3000 review.

Important Tips When Riding A Mountain Bike

I will give you some helpful tips when riding a mountain bike, which can help you feel more confident on your bike, especially beginners.

#1: Bike check

You may be aware that it must be terrible if there is any issue happening to your mountain bike when you are on your ride. Unfortunately, in mountainous areas, you can not have your bike repaired by anyone else but yourself. So, it is vital to do a bike check before every ride. What you need to check is type pressure, handlebar, brake lever, and saddle height.

#2: Pedaling

When it comes to pedaling, try to spin circles to put consistent power through pedals rather than stomp and stomp.

#3: Lean towards

Always keep your body moving forward when it comes to climbing, and you will stay much more traction on the rear tire.

#4: Standing up when getting up a steeper climb

Seated climbing and spinning nice circles are the best way to maintain traction on the rear tire. But sometimes, you need a bit more power, then you’ve got to rely on standing up and using more of your core muscles and your arms.

#5: Using the brake

Learning the difference between front and back brakes is essential. On the flat, the front brake does a lot of stopping, but you have to rely more on the rear brake when it comes to riding steep downhills. On slipper terrain or rough terrain, or maybe you are cornering, where you need more traction, then ease off both of them slightly. Downhill riding is common for mountain bikes.

Besides the mountain bikes under 3000, you can read some others via the links below.

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Outstandings Features Of Mountain Bikes

To choose the best mountain bikes for yourself, you should be aware of some outstanding features of mountain bikes, which differentiate them from other bike types and create fantastic performance on challenging and rough stuff.

#1 – The suspension forks

Mountain bikes are used for rough terrains with many obstacles like rocks and potholes, so they need robust suspension to absorb shocks when riding. There are two suspension options for a mountain bike: a hardtail or a full suspension.

A hardtail is a mountain bike that only has suspension at the front; while the full suspension is what it sounds like, you’ve got a suspension on the front and rear of the bike. A hardtail is more affordable, but a full-suspension bike overwhelms with shock absorption. You should know that the suspension system of mountain bikes is the most outstanding of all bike types,

#2 – Durable wheels

The wheels of a mountain bike endure the biker’s weight and stand the strong external forces from rugged trails, so they have exceptional durability compared with those of other bikes.

#3 – Powerful brakes

The terrain of mountainous areas is not only rugged but also super slippery. So strong brakes are essential to help you control the speed and protect yourself on downhill riding.

#4 – Large knobby tires

You might be aware that mountain bikes have much larger tires than any other bike type because those tires increase the exposing surface so that they can grip the road better. Moreover, knobs help to expand the friction and resistance to avoid your bike from getting out of control, especially when sloping down.

What Are The Best Mountain Bikes Under $3000 To Buy?

Even when you clearly understand the critical features of mountain bikes and know what is the best for you, you may be confused when deciding to buy a mountain bike since there are too many choices. Therefore, I will give you the Top 15 best mountain bikes under $3000.

“A low-price mountain bike for everyone, from amateur to professional, durable and performs well in any conditions.”

“Anyone who just starts mountain riding should get it because of its reasonable price, comfort, and easy control.”

“Its fat tires absorb shocks well and ensure you a stable and comfortable ride even on gravel terrains.”

“Wanna make your mountain riding more enjoyable, buy it – the best electric mountain bike under $3000.”

“This easy-to-ride mountain bike allows you kids to enjoy safe riding.”

“Looking for a full-function mountain bike but still pursuing a stylish look, this bike can satisfy you.”

“If you regularly ride on muddy terrains under wet or rainy weather, a Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike can do the best job.”

“If you are in a transfer from an amateur to a professional mountain biker, this bike is your best practicing friend.”

“Your budget is only enough for a hardtail bike, but you still want to have a full-suspension bike; this bike is right here for you.”

  • Best for upgrading riding skills: Ragley Blue Pig Race

“If you want to challenge yourself with high-level skills, this bike can help you to have impressive performance.”

  • Best for the money: Bird Zero AM Boost MK3 Mountain Bike

“This bike allows you to mix and match to create your customized mountain bike. It will be only in the world.”

  • Best for heavy riders: Trek Remedy 7 Mountain Bike

“Afraid that your mountain bike can be damaged when transferring, the knocking block system of this bike can protect it.”

  • Best for teenagers: Orbea Occam H30 Mountain Bike

“Keeping balance is always a challenge for you when riding on rough terrains; this bike can help you solve this concern.”

  • Best for men – Norco Optic C3 Mountain Bike

“If you are looking for a mountain bike for climbing, get a Norco Optic C3 because it can support you going uphills effectively while saving your energy.”

  • Best for women – Merida Big Nine XT Mountain Bike

“Wanna go for a long ride but afraid of being tired out? This bike is designed to maintain your comfort during your riding time.”

Top 15 best mountain bikes under $3000 comparison chart

This chart below gives you a brief comparison of 3 main factors of Top 15 best mountain bikes under $3000.

Best mountain bikesSpeedFrame
Mongoose Malus Mountain Bike - Best Overall7Steel
Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike - Best for beginners 21Steel
Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike - Best fat tire 7Steel
Erik Xian Mountain Bike - Best electric mountain bike7Carbon Steel
Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike - Best for kids 6Steel
Hiland Mountain Bike - Best look24Aluminum
Schwinn Mesa Mountain Bike - Best for dirt trail 21Steel
Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike - Best for intermediate bikers 21Aluminum
Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike - Best cheap full suspension21Aluminum
Ragley Blue Pig Race Mountain Bike  - Best for upgrading riding skills12Steel
Bird Zero AM MK3 Mountain Bike - Best for the money11Aluminum
Trek Remedy 7 Mountain Bike - Best for heavy riders12 Aluminum
Orbea Occam H30 Mountain Bike - Best for teenagers12 Aluminum
Norco Optic C3 Mountain Bike - Best for men N/ACarbon Steel
Merida Big Nine XT Mountain Bike - Best for women12Carbon Steel

Top 15 best mountain bikes under $3000 to buy (2021)

This section will give you more details about each mountain bike in the list of Top 15 best mountain bikes under $3000.

1. Best Overall: Mongoose Malus Mountain Bike

Mongoose Malus Mountain Bike


  • Low price so many people can afford it.
  • Perform exceptionally well on many terrains and weather conditions.
  • Accommodate higher weight than many other bikes
  • Durable and stable after prolonged usage
  • Its dual brakes offer powerful pull so that you can stop quickly
  • Thick tires and soft saddle provide cushiony rides


  • Quite heavy to some riders

Suppose you are looking for a mountain bike that is both affordable and practical; this one is for you. Mongoose Malus is a beneficial bike; it performs well on various terrains and even under extreme weather conditions.

No matter what type of biker you are, an entry-level person or an advanced person, this full suspension mountain bike can satisfy your demand. Moreover, this full suspension mountain bike is not expensive at all. So if it is the first time you try a mountain bike and don’t want to pay too much, this bike is worth buying.

It is a low-price bike but not a low-quality bike. The frame is made of steel, so this full suspension mountain bike is durable and able to accommodate weight well. You don’t need to worry too much about the damage since the Mongoose Malus Mountain Bike can maintain its quality even after a long time.

You may think that this full suspension mountain bike has a little bit of a stern look, but it can offer you a very comfortable ride thanks to its cushioned saddle. All in all, this full suspension mountain bike is a warranty for your mountain riding performance and experience.

Overall, this model is one of the best full suspension mountain bikes with supple and smooth ride.

Product Specs

Dimension 61.4 x 30.7 x 9.8
Weight 52 pounds
Frame Steel
Gears 7
Brakes Dual disc brakes
Tires 26 inches
Rims N/A
Fork Full suspension

Key features

  • 4 1/4 inch knobby tires
  • Alloy 4-inch wide wheelset
  • 3-piece cranks and beach cruiser pedals
Watch video: Mongoose Malus Mountain Bike

2. Best For Beginners: Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike


  • 21-speed shifters for flexible and smooth speed changes
  • Adjustable seat height to fit your height
  • Maintain the comfort and smoothness for all-day riding
  • Very reasonable price for beginners
  • Various wheel sizes for more option
  • Effortless to ride and control


  • A little bit heavy

If you are looking for a mountain bike to practice hitting trails at the beginning level, then this Schwinn High Timber is one of the best bikes for you. It is straightforward to learn how to ride and control this bike.

There are up to 21 gears so that you can quickly shift to get your desired speed on each trail. It is unnecessary to worry about missing a beat during gear shifting since it is designed for very smooth shifts.

Moreover, this bike provides various wheel sizes so that bikers can choose the most suitable for themself. Besides, you can easily adjust the saddle height to a proper level. There is no point worrying about this bike, even if you have a limited leg length.

In addition, the price of a Schwinn High Timber is relatively low compared with that of other mountain bikes, so if you are at entry-level, it is the best one for you. Once your skills are improved, you can choose to upgrade your bike instead of paying for a new one.

Product Specs

Dimension 68 x 23 x 41
Weight 40 pounds
Frame Steel alloy
Gears 21
Brakes Linear pull gears
Tires 24,26,27.5, 29 inches
Rims Alloy
Fork SR Suntour M2000 Front

Key features

  • Schwinn signature steel mountain-style frame
  • Schwinn suspension fork
  • Shimano 7-speed twist shifters
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Front and rear linear alloy pull brakes

3. Best Fat Tire: Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike


  • Meager price for a fat tire mountain bike
  • The durable steel frame can carry high weight
  • Dual disc brakes offer strong stopping power
  • Cruiser-style design offers a trendy and modern look
  • Stable chain, so you don’t need to worry about it coming off
  • 7-gear options for different surfaces


  • Only one size

If you are looking for a fat tire mountain bike under $3000, Mongoose Dolomite is one of the best choices for you. You do not need to worry that the fat tires will make your bike look boorish. This fat tire bike has a simple design with trendy color and a sporty appearance.

The fat and wide knobby tires help your bike grip well on the road and increase the friction so that bikers avoid getting in accidents when riding on slippery and dipped trails. Moreover, these tires also are a source of suspension, which provides you smoother rides.

Steel frame and alloy rims are strong and durable enough to give you a stable experience even on rough and rocky terrains. Usually, the more regularly you ride your bike on those rugged trails, the shorter its lifespan is.

However, with Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike, you do not need to worry about that since it can maintain its looks and function even after prolonged usage.

 Product Specs

Dimension 29.8 x 11.4 x 16.11
Weight 48 pounds
Frame Steel
Gears 7
Brakes Dual disc brakes
Tires 26 inches
Rims Alloy
Fork Full dual suspension

Key features

  • 7 gears with Twist Grip Shifter
  • Shimano parts for drivetrain and rear derailleur
  • 4-inch thick knobby tires
  • Threadless headset
Watch video: Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

4. Best Electric Mountain Bike: Erik Xian Mountain Bike


  • Very practical, perform well on different terrains
  • The frame is made of high-quality aluminum
  • Waterproof and dustproof features provide it a new-like look
  • The LED meter helps to measure the riding distance
  • The dual suspension absorbs shock well
  • Energy-saving and move smoothly with no noise


  • High price

Some people love riding rough mountain trails but don’t want to try too hard; an electric mountain bike can help you conquer and satisfy their hobby while still saving their energy.

Although it is not a full carbon frame, its frame is a mixture of high-quality aluminum and carbon steel, so you can trust its durability and stability. High weight is not a problem with this electric mountain bike.

It is also efficient and performs well on different terrains, from flat roads to gravel tracks. Even when you regularly ride your Erik Xian on muddy trails under the rain, it can still maintain its like-new look and proper function thanks to the waterproof and dustproof.

Although the cost for one Erik Xian electric mountain bike may be higher than that of other bikes, it is worth it for a comfortable mountain riding experience.

Product Specs

Dimension N/A
Weight 55 pounds
Frame Carbon Steel
Gears 7
Brakes Mechanical discs
Tires 20 inches
Rims Alloy
Fork Front suspension

Key features

  • High-speed gear shift system
  • 48V 10AH lithium-Ion front battery and 350W stable motor
  • LED 3-speed intelligent meter button
  • Maximum speed: 16mph

5. Best Mountain Bike For Kids: Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike


  • Easily adjustable height so that it can fit your kid
  • 6-speed gear can be shifted smoothly for different trails
  • The frame is made of steel, so it is durable
  • Linear pull brakes stop the bike straightforward
  • Its handlebars rise slightly to reduce back strain when riding up hills


  • It may be a challenge for a beginner to assemble this bike.

Mountain bikes are not only for adults; manufacturers designed small size bikes for children as well. So if you are looking for the best mountain bike under $3000 for your kids, consider buying a Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike.

With this bike, you can easily change the saddle height so that the bike can fit your kid. First, make sure that your kid can firmly place their feet on the ground.

This bike is equipped with linear-pull brakes, which are powerful and safe enough for your kid. It is also easy and effortless to use those brakes, and your kid can control the riding speed more effectively.

The frame material is steel, so it ensures durability and stability even after prolonged usage. However, this bike is not heavy at all. It only weighs 35.2 pounds that allows your kids to ride and control it more manageably.

Product Specs

Dimension 46.46 x 8.86 x 22.05
Weight 35.2 pounds
Frame Steel
Gears 6
Brakes Linear pull hand brakes
Tires 20 inches
Rims N/A
Fork Front suspension

Key features

  • Kolo 1200 suspension fork
  • The indexed Shimano TZ-31 rear derailleur
  • The micro shift twist shifter
  • 20″ x 1.95″ ATB tires
Watch video: Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike

6. Best Look: Hiland Mountain Bike

Hiland 26'' Aluminum Mountain Bike


  • Enhanced durability, withstand heavy loads
  • A stylish and eye-catching design
  • More options for the frame size: 16.5, 18, and 19.5 inch
  • Gradient painted finish with trendy colors
  • Dual V-brakes provide you complete speed control
  • Up to 21-speed gear allow bikers to change flexibly and smoothly


  • Relatively rough hand grips

Some people may think that mountain bikes are only suitable for men because their design is rigid and dry. However, many manufacturers mainly focus on the function and optimize the performance while disregarding the appearance.

However, your mind will change when you look at Hiland Mountain Bike. Besides the necessary features which a mountain bike needs, it also has an eye-catching design with trendy gradient colors, so you can confidently ride it everywhere.

That Hiland attaches much importance to the bike design doesn’t mean they forget the performance. On the contrary, they produce bikes with high-quality aluminum so that you can trust the durability. Furthermore, these bikes can withstand heavy loads.

Mountain bikes from this brand have three different frame sizes, so they fit both adults and kids. So, if all your family members love cycling, these bikes are an ideal option to become the bike uniform for you all.

Product Specs

Dimension 53.5 x 28.9 x 8
Weight 40.2 pounds
Frame Aluminum
Gears 24
Brakes Dual disc brakes
Tires 26 inches
Rims N/A
Fork Dual suspension

Key features

  • Taiwan ZOOM suspension forks
  • Shimano RevoShift Twist gear shifters
  • Shimano TY300 Tourney rear derailleur
  • Shimano TZ500 Tourney front derailleur
  • Shimano Deore Drivetrain

7. Best For Dirt Trail: Schwinn Mesa Mountain Bike

Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike


  • High-quality aluminum frame
  • Durable and reliable for harsh terrains
  • Mechanical brakes offer powerful linear-pull
  • Various and precise gears for different trails
  • Be able to shift gears without missing a beat


  • Plastic pedals which can be damaged after a long time in use

Riding on dirt trails requires more skill and bravery from bikers. Besides, a good mountain bike can give you more confidence to conquer that challenging terrain. And Schwinn Mesa Mountain Bike is the best one under $3000 for dirt trails.

Dirt trails are usually more gravel and rocky than other trails, so it is necessary to have robust and durable suspension forks to absorb riding shocks better. The Zoom HL565 aluminum suspension forks can ensure you a comfortable and smooth ride all day.

Moreover, you may need more power and effort to go uphill on dirt trails because this terrain has considerable resistance. Don’t worry because the 21-speed gear shifters allow you to adjust your speed quickly and straightforwardly.

Besides, this bike is equipped with a dual mechanical disc that offers powerful linear pull so that you can control your speed well and stop your bicycle quickly, even on super slippery tracks.

All the gears of the bike is fit for challenging climbs. The braking power is suitable for trickle down technology and for super fun. It also has a reliable shifting. High quality components are perfect for riding conditions.

Product Specs

Dimension 55 x 30.3 x 9
Weight 40 pounds
Frame Steel
Gears 21
Brakes Mechanical discs
Tires 27.5 inches
Rims Aluminum
Fork Front suspension

Key features

  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Zoom HL565 aluminum suspension fork
  • Schwinn mountain-tuned aluminum frame
  • 21-speed Shimano tourney drivetrain with Shimano EZ-FIRE shifters

8. Best For Intermediate Bikers: Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike

Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike


  • Aluminum frame offer enhanced durability
  • 21-speed gears allow you to vary your speed
  • Trigger shifters on both handlebars for effortless adjustment
  • Dual brakes help to control your speed effectively


  • The rear suspension is impossible to lock out.

It is a mid-range price mountain bike for mid-level bikers who do not want to pay too much for a bike but still want to have a full-suspension bike. This bike can provide you with a more exciting riding experience and practice more intricate skills.

Its dual suspension technology with knobby tires absorb shocks well, allowing you to conquer rocky surfaces comfortably. Moreover, the powerful dual mechanical brakes perform well on any terrain, so you can easily control your speed.

Besides, bikers can quickly shift the 21-speed gears to a more suitable riding speed when the terrain varies. The shifting process occurs smoothly and promptly without missing you a beat, thanks to the trigger shifters installed on handlebars.

Even when you are riding under the rain and the terrain is muddy, this bike can still maintain its reliable performance so you can freely practice and enjoy your journey. You can also put some immediate upgrades on this bike.

Product Specs

Dimension 58 x 29 x 9
Weight 40 pounds
Frame Aluminum
Gears 21
Brakes Mechanical discs
Tires 29 inches
Rims N/A
Fork Dual suspension

Key features

  • Schwinn aluminum frame
  • Front and rear disc brake
  • SRAM 3.0 derailleur
  • 21-Speed Shimano drivetrain
  • 2.1-inch knobby tires

9. Best Cheap Full Suspension: Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike

Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike


  • The full suspension provides excellent stopping power.
  • Relatively low price but good quality
  • The lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to assemble
  • Soft material makes a comfortable saddle for long rides


  • There is no place for a water holder.

Are you looking for full suspension mountain bikes with a limited budget?

You may know that a full-suspension mountain bike is relatively more expensive than a hardtail, but if you have a limited budget but still want to get a full-suspension bike, Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike is the best choice for you.

The price of this bike is just equivalent to that of a hardtail mountain bike, so I believe that everyone can afford it. Although the price is low, its quality isn’t. The frame is made of high-quality aluminum, so this affordable bike is pretty lightweight, sturdy, and reliable.

Its dual suspension gives you more smooth rides, even on rough terrains. Moreover, this mountain bike also has 21-speed gears with SRAM twist shifters, so bikers can flexibly change gears to adjust the riding speed without getting in any trouble.

Furthermore, like most full suspension mountain bikes, with its dual disc brakes, you can effortlessly control your speed and stop your bike, especially when riding tricky descents.

This capable bike can handle technical terrain at smooth ride with suspension setup. Aggressive riders are also suitable.

Product Specs

Dimension 58.69 x 10.66 x 31.13
Weight 44 pounds
Frame Aluminum
Gears 21
Brakes Dual disc brakes
Tires 29 inches
Rims Alloy
Fork Full dual suspension

Key features

  • Top-notch frame
  • 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM twist shifters
  • All front and rear brakes
  • Wide alloy wheels with quick release front
Watch video: Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike

10. Best For Upgrading Riding Skills: Ragley Blue Pig Race Mountain Bike

Ragley Blue Pig Race


  • Compact design provides a stylish and sporty look
  • A steep seat tube angle improves the climbing capability
  • Durable but lightweight material
  • Changed tubing cross-sections for long comfy riding


  • Require 2.6-inch rear tires

This bike is designed for bikers who want to practice more complex skills and challenge themselves with bigger jumps or roosting turns. The manufacturers already make some innovations so that Ragley Blue Pig Race can support bikers well with those challenges.

They increase the rear wheel spacing so that bikers can accelerate and reach their desired speed quickly. However, you can still maintain comfortable postures while practicing high-level skills, thanks to some other changes in the structure.

The climbing ability of this bike is high thanks to the high-quality seat tube angle.

The frame is made of Chromoly steel tubing, which is durable and lightweight at the same time. It allows bikers to do technical climbs, riding drops, jumps, or wheelies easier.

While doing those advanced skills, it is crucial to keep the balance and control the speed correctly. Therefore, this bike is equipped with SLX 12 speed gear and 4-pot brakes, which allow you to adjust your speed and handle them flexibly. Note that you should determine your riding style before looking for mountain bikes.

Product Specs

Dimension N/A
Weight 31.4 pounds
Frame Steel
Gears 12
Brakes Dual disc brakes
Tires 27.5 inches
Rims N/A
Fork Front suspension

Key features

  • Shimano SLX M7120 4 four-piston brakes
  • A whole house of Shimano’s new 12-speed SLX groupset
  • Rockshox Lyrik Select RC 160mm 46mm Offset Boost fork
  • DT Swiss M1900 Microspline Boost wheels
Watch video: Ragley Blue Pig Race

11. Best For The Money: Bird Zero AM Boost MK3 Mountain Bike

Bird Zero AM Boost MK3


  • Boost your confidence with a long and slack frame
  • Supple forks allow you to adjust when the terrain changes
  • Assemble and dismount its parts and mix as your taste
  • Maintain high speed even when you are riding uphill


  • Better with wider rims

This bike has a long and slack frame, which helps bikers keep balance more straightforward, especially for slippery trail riding or going uphill. So, you can confidently conquer challenging courses. In many place, there are many trails outside the bike parks. Don’t miss them.

Moreover, if you are the kind of person who loves customizing everything to create your unique brand, Bird Zero AM Boost MK3 can meet your demand. You pay once for a mountain bike doesn’t mean that you only have one fixed cycle. You can have more than that.

It is effortless to dismount and assemble all parts of this bike so that you can change any original components with other alternatives. Of course, that only offers your bike a new appearance and allows you to enhance its function and performance to a higher level.

In short, this model is one of the best suspension trail bikes. Your riding style is also important, you should understand yourself first.

Product Specs

Dimension N/A
Weight N/A
Frame Aluminum
Gears 11
Brakes 2-piston brakes
Tires 27.5 inch
Rims N/A
Fork Full suspension forks

Key features

  • RockShox Revelation RC forks
  • SRAM GX 11 speed shifter
  • Race Face Next 35 Carbon handlebars
Watch video: Bird Zero AM Boost MK3

12. Best For Heavy Riders: Trek Remedy 7 Mountain Bike

Trek Bikes Remedy 7


  • Reasonable price but high quality and performance
  • Support for comfortable long mountain ride
  • Transferred easily in tight spaces


  • Low geometry setting

The Remedy is a long trail bike for long trail riding and enduro racing (sometimes), so it is specially designed that allows bikers to have the most comfortable postures. As a result, your shoulders, back, and arms will not get tired out even when you ride all day with this bike.

Its price is also reasonable. Although it is not the cheapest, what you get is worth it. This bike goes with you to conquer mountain trails and gives you the comfort and fun as when you are riding.

Do you notice that full-suspension mountain bikes have a curve in the downtube by the fork? The design ensures the fork never impacts the downtube, but it also negatively affects the downtube stiffness.

The knock block system of this bike is developed to remove constraints caused by fork clearance, allowing a straight downtube. In addition, it is an integrated and redundant frame protection, so you never have to worry about self-inflicted scuffs or cracks from spinning handlebars.

Product Specs

Dimension N/A
Weight 32 pounds (Size M)
Frame Alpha Platinum Aluminum
Gears 12
Brakes 2 piston hydraulic brakes
Tires 27.5 inch
Rims N/A
Fork Full suspension forks

Key features

  • SRAM NX Eagle shifter
  • 160mm RockShox fork
Watch video: Trek Bikes Remedy 7

13. Best For Teenagers: Orbea Occam H30 Mountain Bike

Orbea Occam H30 Mountain Bike


  • 12-speed drive chain allows bikers to shift their speed flexibly
  • Hydraulic disc brakes stop your high-speed moving bike quickly
  • The aluminum frame makes the bike more lightweight
  • Maintain the balance well when riding on rough terrains


  • No chain guide included

The Orbea Occam H30 Mountain Bike has an impressive look with a high polished aluminum alloy frame, which helps maintain its new appearance even after prolonged usage.

This bike is equipped with 2-piston hydraulic disc brakes, which allow bikers to control their speed and stop properly. Even when you are riding at high speed on slippery trails, this brake type is powerful enough to stop your bike when necessary.

Besides, the 12-speed drivetrain allows bikers to manage the chain and shift the speed quickly and smoothly with only one click. With this bike, the riding rate is totally on your hand.

In addition, this bike has full suspension forks which absorb riding shock effectively, even when you mount your bike or doing wheelies. So you can enjoy smooth rides on any terrain condition.

Product Specs

Dimension N/A
Weight N/A
Frame Aluminum Alloy
Gears 12
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Tires 29 inch
Rims N/A
Fork Full suspension forks

Key features

  • Lightweight two-piston brakes
  • Hydro High Polished Triple Butted Aluminum Frame
  • Shimano Deore M6100 shifter
  • Fox Float DPS Performance Rear Shock
Watch video: Orbea Occam H30 Mountain Bike

14. Best For Men: Norco Optic C3 Mountain Bike

Norco Optic C3


  • Well transfer your mechanical energy into kinetic energy
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • Steep seat tube angle balances your weight effectively
  • Climb uphill and absorb shocks well


  • Over-damped shock may cause a slippy ride.

Norco Optic C3 has a front triangle made of carbon fiber steel, which provides enhanced stability and durability even after a long time in use. Moreover, if there are some crashes, this material is rigid enough to maintain the bike shape to some extent. It is just like most full suspension mountain bikes.

Carbon steel is extremely rigid, but this bike is still super lightweight because it is combined with some aluminum parts, so you can effortlessly do some wheelies or uplift your vehicles.

This bike has a frame geometry specially designed for climbing. So if you usually ride on slippery tracks and enjoy the feeling of going uphill, it can support you effectively.

How about the balance while mountain biking? Let’s the seat tube angle of the bike deal with this. The seat tube angle is reviewed as a very supportive component.

Furthermore, your weight is placed stably even on rough or dipped terrains thanks to the deep enough seat angle, making your climb and rough terrain ridings more comfortable and enjoyable.

Product Specs

Dimension N/A
Weight 28.9 pounds (Size L)
Frame Carbon steel
Gears N/A
Brakes Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
Tires 29 inch
Rims Aluminum
Fork Full suspension

Key features

  • SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain
  • Shimano M420 brake levers
  • Stans Flow S1 rims
Watch video: Norco Optic C3

15. Best For Women: Merida Big Nine XT Mountain Bike

Merida Big Nine XT


  • Maintain comfort for bikers during cross country riding
  • Allow shifting speed quickly and faultlessly
  • Well perform on intense trails
  • Meet bikers’ demand on both performance and feel


  • A little bit of out-of-date geometry

It is one of the lightest bikes since it has a full carbon steel which is a high-end and lightweight material. Furthermore, the ability to endure forces of this material is excellent, so your bike is more durable and reliable.

It has 12 gears with Shimano’s XT shifter, allowing bikers to adjust their speed simply in seconds without missing a beat. Besides, its 2-pot brakes work effectively to help you control your speed correctly.

Even if you are challenging yourself with intense rides on challenging trails, this bike can still perform well. So, it is a good bike that can meet your demand for both performance and comfort when riding.

Product Specs

Dimension N/A
Weight 23.17 pounds (size L)
Frame Carbon steel
Gears 12
Brakes 2-pot XT brakes
Tires 29 inch
Rims Aluminum
Fork Front suspension

Key features

  • Shimano’s XT gears
  • 70-degree head angle
  • 433mm chainstays

Buying Guide

There are several key factors you need to consider when it comes to purchasing a mountain bicycle.

Type Of Riding

Nowadays, mountain bikes are designed for specific riding styles. There are 4 main types of mountain bike: cross-country, freeride, trail and all-mountain.

If you’re completely new to mountain biking, I’d recommend you consult your friends, local bike stores, or anyone experienced in this field as to what type of bike you should buy based on your living area.

You may not know that fat bikes are growing in popularity in recent years as well.

Bike Size

There are commonly 3 sizes of wheels: 26”, 27.5” and 29”.

26” wheel size is much less popular than it used to be, while 27.5” and 29” are used more frequently.

29” wheel size delivers better solid traction and smooth rolling over rough terrains. The 27.5” size, on the other hand, has less traction, and thus is not as capable of tackling trail obstacles as the 29”. For short riders, 29” choice might be heavy and a bit too high.

As a rule of thumb, larger wheels for longer miles and smaller, stronger ones for smashing trails.

For beginners, choose a bike that gives you a safe and secure feeling while riding on it. As you ride more, you’ll learn what you want and can do some component upgrades to your bike.


You’ll come across 3 types of suspension on mountain bikes:

Hardtail – featuring a front fork without rear suspension

Hardtail mountain bikes are efficient at climbing and easier to maintain. Plus, it’s more lightweight compared to a full suspension bike.

Full suspension – featuring both front fork and rear suspension

This type of suspension works to absorb bumps and shocks along the way you ride, particularly on rough terrains. However, the rear suspension adds more weight to the bike.

Rigid – no suspension

Since it doesn’t feature any suspension, it is undoubtedly the simplest to maintain. You’ll find this on fat bikes, which has large and thick tires capable of handling rock-hard terrains.

The downside is that it has no shock or bump absorption system.


If you want a lightweight and fast-moving bike, I highly suggest you keep it as simple as possible. This “gold” set includes an aluminum frame, a front suspension fork, and a large-sized wheelset, either 27.5” or 29”.

Ironically, the closer you get to the mark $1000, the lighter and more responsive your bike will get and vice versa. The lower the price, the heavier your bike will become due to the choice of components – crankset, drivetrain, handlebar, seatposts, etc.

You can expect a pretty bulky mountain bike with full suspension at this low price point. Well, it’s a tradeoff.


There are many great bikes delivering just as nearly the same functions as expensive models, but offered at a more reasonable price.

Companies have come up with many budget-friendly alternatives to their expensive, high-end, premium bikes for consumers, allowing them to enjoy their products without having to pay too much.

Use your budget wisely and buy a decent one that balances all criteria (gearing mechanism, wheel size, frame, price, etc.), and save yourself some money for upgrades and tune-ups.


What is a good entry-level mountain bike?

Schwinn High Timber is the best mountain bike for beginners. There is no challenge for bikers since it is easy and straightforward to ride and control this bike. Moreover, it is a very reasonable price so everyone can afford it.

What is a good weight for an MTB? 

A good weight for a mountain bike is around 40 pounds. However, that weight is not too heavy, so bikers don’t have to struggle to control the bike, while still ensuring durability and stability.

What is an excellent inexpensive mountain bike? 

The Mongoose Impasse is the best cheap mountain bike. It is a full-suspension bike, but its price is the same as that of a hardtail bike.

How much should I spend on a full-suspension mountain bike?

Generally, a full-suspension mountain bike is relatively more expensive than a hardtail bike. So if you decide to seriously invest in a full-suspension mountain bike, it may cost you from $2000 to $2500.

Are expensive mountain bikes worth it?

In general, high prices come with high quality. So if your finances are strong enough, it is good to pay for an expensive mountain bike. However, the most suitable is the best so don’t waste your money on what you don’t really need.

My Top Pick

I am just an amateur biker at an entry-level with a limited budget, so I will go for the Mongoose Malus Mountain Bike, which is the best overall. I love this versatile bike which has practical use and convenience so that I can ride it anytime on any terrain.

How about you? Which one do you prefer, a hardtail or a full suspension? How much are you willing to pay for a mountain bike? Do you think that the more expensive, the better?

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