Top 16 Best Mountain Bike Brands in 2021: September Update!

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Buying a bicycle is no easy task, and it is getting increasingly harder due to the overwhelming number of brands available nowadays. Thus, this post is written to recommend the top 16 best mountain bike brands in 2021.

In other words, the following listed brands have manufactured a series of bicycles among the categories below.

When it comes to the most outstanding mountain bike brands, we should not skip the term “boutique bike brand”. Abrand is called a “boutique bike brand” when it specializes in only one niche and concentrates on producing high-quality and state-of-art bikes.

For further details, please go through the post right now!

Best Mountain Bikes Brands in 2021

To save your time picking up the best mountain bikes brands, I’ve listed the most outstanding ones below. Keep reading them to learn more!

1. Yeti Cycles

Yeti Cycles
Founded: 1985 | Founder: John Parker | Headquarters: Golden, USA


Yeti Cycles was established in 1985 by John Parker – a former designer and welder. The headquarter is located in Golden, California, the United States. The brand changed hands a few times before being purchased by Chris Conroy and Steve Hoogendoorn in 2001.

Since its establishment, Yeti Cycles have created a huge impact on downhill mountain bikes. One of the most outstanding features of Yeti Cycles bikes is their excellent ability to climb while maintaining a breathtaking look.

Among the impressive mountain bikes from Yeti Cycles, SB165 is the most popular one in the market. An MTB with excellent bottom-out and mid-stroke control as well as great pedaling efficiency will never disappoint you!

Learn more about Yeti Cycles here:

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2. Specialized Bicycles

Specialized Bicycles
Founded: 1974 | Founder: Mike Sinyard | Headquarters: Morgan Hill, USA

Specialized Bicycles was founded back in 1974 by Mike Sinyard – CEO of one of the global biggest makers of high-end bikes. Its headquarter is in Morgan Hill, the United States.

The brand specializes in cross-country mountain bikes. It concentrates on addressing its customers’ issues. To be specific, Specialized SWAT allows you to purchase tube and tool storage separately. That’s really convenient!

Of all its mountain bikes, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO EXPERT is the most well-known one. This Specialized’s stape is considered as a full-suspension classic bicycle that you should get one in your life!

To better understand Specialized Bicycles, please watch this video:

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3. Trek Bikes

Trek Bikes
Founded: 1975 | Founder: John Burke & Bevil Hogg | Headquarters: Waterloo

Trek Bikes’s journey started in 1975 by the chairman John Burke and Bevil Hogg, as an answer to the market domination of Japanese and Italian bikes at that time. Its headquarters is located in Waterloo, WI.

After years of development and improvement, the brand has become one of the best mountain biking brands in the US for the time being, some of them are carefully listed on the top 13 best mountain bikes under $500 in 2021.

One of the best categories of this brand is the Fuel EX 9.9 XO1. It has been manufactured for more than a decade. The innovative design and geometry will definitely satisfy you!

Find out more about Trek Bikes here:

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4. GT Bicycles

GT Bicycles
Founded: 1972 | Founder: Richard Long & Gary Turner | Headquarters: California

GT Bicycles is a California-based company founded in 1972 by Richard Long and Gary Turner. The brand was started back in 1979 and has been around for almost 50 years.

GT Bicycles stands out from the crowd with its hardtail frame (triple triangle). In this design, the seat is attached to the top tube while remaining parallel to the down tube. The manufacturer also equips the independent drivetrain system on its full-suspension bicycles.

The most outstanding mountain bike from GT is the Avalanche Comp. This well-rounded hardtail bike is what an eager mountain biker needs!

More details about GT Bicycles here:

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5. Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz Bicycles
Founded: 1993 | Founder: Rich Novak, Rob Roskopp & Mike Marquez | Headquarters: California

Santa Cruz Bicycles was co-founded by Rich Novak, Rob Roskopp, Mike Marquez in 1993. As its name goes, the bike brand has the headquarter in Santa Cruz, California. It has developed one of the most loyal fanbases with its high-performance mountain bicycles.

The lifetime warranty is one of the most attractive features of this brand. It also offers a line up of a new mountain bike for riders who can afford extra. It has even created a Juliana spin-off line where you can buy a quality women’s mountain bike for your wife or daughter.

If you are searching for a modern mountain bike with advanced technologies and features, then the Santa Cruz BicyclesNomad is the best bet for you.

For your further information about Santa Cruz Bicycles:

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6. Mongoose

Founded: 1974 | Founder: Skip Hess | Headquarter: Madison

Mongoose was founded in 1974 and headquartered in Madison, the United States. The brand was established by Skip Hess when he developed the first cast magnesium alloy wheel for BMX bicycles.

Mongoose is well-known for manufacturing gears for extreme sports, most notably mountain bikes. Its Dolomite mountain bike is designed to conquer all terrains thanks to the oversized tires and sturdy frame.

Today, one of the most popular Mongoose mountain bikes is the Mongoose Dolomite. This rigid MTB will be a perfect partner for your XC trail riding!

For your better understanding about Mongoose:

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7. Schwinn

Founded: 1895 | Founder: Ignaz Schwinn | Headquarter: Chicago

Schwinn is named after its founder – Ignaz Schwinn, a German mechanical engineer. Established in 1895, Schwinn is one of the oldest mountain bike brands in the industry. Its headquarter is in Chicago, the United States.

Schwinn mountain bikes are mostly budget-friendly entry-level products. They all have an aluminum frame and Shimano gear (grips, triggers, tires, brakes, etc.). The series includes high-end models and is featured on Schwinn’s websites.

One recommended mountain bike from this outstanding brand is the Schwinn High Timber. It’s excellent mtb for tackling the terrain, trying out new trails, and pedaling away on the pavements!

Explore more about Schwinn here:

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8. Roadmaster

Founded: 1935 | Founder: Cleveland Welding Company | Headquarter: Cleveland

Roadmaster was founded in 1935 in Cleveland, Ohio by the Cleveland Welding Company. It has changed hands a few times before being sold to Pacific Cycle Inc in 2000. Today it is one of the biggest mountain bike brands in the industry.

In its early beginning, Roadmaster manufactured two-wheeled bikes, sidewalk bikes, ride-on toys, etc. In the 1970s, the brand began manufacturing BMX and mountain bikes. After many decades of growth, it still remains the beloved biking brand for all generations.

One of the most well-known Roadmaster Mtb is the Roadmaster Granite Peak. If you like a low-end-to-middle-end mountain bike, this bike is a perfect choice.


Founded: 1993 | Founder: Marcus Pürner | Headquarter: Waldershof

CUBE is a relatively young brand founded in 1993 in Germany by Marcus Pürner. He began his journey with an area of only 50 meters square in his father’s furniture factory. So the brand’s headquarter is in Waldershof, Germany.

Cube is widely known for manufacturing top-end mountain bikes with innovative technology. The most notable is probably the Aerium technology, which offers optimum aerodynamics and allows all riders to adapt swiftly.

One of the most brilliant mountain bikes is the AMS ZERO99 C:68X. This full-suspension bike will bring you the best riding experience ever!

Please refer to this video for further understanding about CUBE:

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10. Huffy

Founded: 1892 | Founder: George Huffman | Headquarter: Dayton

Huffy was founded by George Huffman in 1892. He purchased the Davis Sewing Machine Company in 1887 and moved it to Dayton, Ohio. Under his lead, Huffy has become one of the world’s biggest bike manufacturers.

A shared characteristic of Huffy bikes is the smart-looking design. They do not come with unnecessary bells and whistles but remain functional to the core. They are also available at a competitive price while offering good value.

Among their bikes, Huffy Stone Mountain Bike is the most outstanding one that MTBers should not miss. It has a variety of models for men, women and kids.

Further information about Huffy:

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11. Hyper Bicycles

Hyper Bicycles
Founded: 1990 | Founder: George Huffman | Headquarter: Dayton
| Headquarter: Malaga

Hyper Bicycles was founded in 1990 by BMX Pro Clay Goldsmid. At present, the company is located in Malaga, NJ, United States.

Most Hyper Bicycles bikes offer a smoother ride, particularly dirt jump, and are durable enough to last long. Currently, it is gearing up to distribute high-end mountain bikes through Walmart in the USA and Canada.

If you’re looking for an excellent Hyper mountain bike, you’d better consider the E-ride Mountain MTB-FS. It excels at climbing steep hills and keeping you in control on your way back down!

Learn more about Hyper Bicycles:

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12. HARO Bikes

HARO Bikes
Founded: 1978 | Founder: Bob Haro | Headquarter: Torrance

Haro Bikes was established in 1978 by Bob Haro. The company was first named Haro Designs with headquarters in Torrance, California. Haro Bikes quickly grew up as the BMX era boomed at that time.

Their MTBs are outstanding for durability, affordability and versatility. The recreational personality makes those bikes perfect for off-road and on-road adventures. Haro Bikes riders have won over ten medals in the X-Games competition, the most of any company.

One of the most popular MTB is the Thread Slope. This ultimate model from the Thread line offers high-performance braking and controlling, satisfying even the strict customers.

13. Kent

Founded: 1958 | Founder: Abraham Kamler | Headquarter: New Jersey

The Kent name was not around until 1958, but the company actually operated as early as 1947 under the name Philkam Cycle. It was founded by Abraham Kamler and headquartered in New Jersey.

Kent is a family-owned brand. It is committed to providing quality bikes for the whole family at a wallet-friendly cost. With wide offerings, Kent ensures you can always find a suitable model at their stores regardless of your purposes and preferences.

One of the best-rated Kent mountain bikes is probably the Kent Shogun Shockwave. It is specially designed with a sturdy steel hardtail mountain bike frame for better durability. Also, the front disc and rear rim brakes will enable its steady stopping power.

14. Surly

Founded: 1998 | Founder: Quality Bicycle Products | Headquarter: Minnesota

Surly, whose parent was Quality Bicycle Products, was founded in 1998 in Minnesota.  Until now, Surly is famous for producing some of the most durable bikes in the industry.

All Surly bikes feature steel frames, which are hand-crafted and carefully welded to withstand the test of time. The team at Surly works hard to ensure every bike has the correct stiffness, lengths, and angles for extended use.

Surly was also known as one of the pioneers of fat biking. Back in 2010, many fat bike manufacturers used Surly tires for their bikes. You can take a look at some fat tire mountain bikes here. One of the most common MTB from Surly is the Karate Monkey.

To get more details about Surly, let’s watch this video:

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15. Genesis

Founded: 2006 | Founder: H Young Holdings | Headquarter: UK

The Genesis name first sprung to life in 2006  when the brand launched its first flat-bar road bike called the Genesis Day One. The bike was a sellout success at that time, making Genesis a popular name in the industry. Today, it is owned by H Young Holdings.

The team of engineers at Genesis claims to always have riders in mind when designing any bike. They try to manufacture a bike that gives riders a feel of a brand-new bike that cyclists cannot wait to use again.

One of the most favorable mountain bikes from Genesis is Croix De Fer. If you’re an MTBer, you should not skip this bike!

16. Vitus

Founded: 1970 | Founder: WiggleCRC Group | Headquarter: St. Etienne

Vitus, whose parent was the WiggleCRC group, was founded in 1970. Its headquarters is in St. Etienne. Vitus began its story as a steel-tubing manufacturer in France. It was not until the 1970s did Vitus become an official brand specialized in producing high-end race frames.

The brand had a pioneering role in developing aluminum and carbon fiber frames, which are often found in top-level bicycles. By manufacturing the ZX-1 in the early 90s, Vitus was at the forefront of bike design once again.

One of the best mountain bikes is the Vitus Sommet. The improved suspension geometry and kinematics make this bike ideal for MTBer than ever!

Find out more about Vitus bikes here:

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