Top 12 Best Hitch Cargo Carriers In 2021

Updated on 09/30/2020

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Top 20 Best Hitch Cargo Carrier Reviews In 2020

Everyone needs at least one cargo carrier at some point of their lives. Whether you are going on a trip, moving to a new house or simply buying new stuff, you need a carrier.

Compared to rooftop carriers, hitch carriers have some big advantages. It is always easier to take cargo on and off a hitch rack than from a rooftop cargo box. That is why hitch cargo baskets are very popular these days.

Among the top 12 best hitch cargo carriers, I suggest three great models for you:

Important note: Some products may be out of stock due to the high demand. You can choose other products on the post or wait for the next few months.

Best Hitch Cargo Carriers Comparison Chart

Before reading the reviews, check out the comparison chart of the top 12 best hitch cargo carriers in 2021 first.

ImageBest hitch cargo carriersCapacityMaterial
MaxxHaul 70107 Hitch Cargo CarrierMaxxHaul 70107 Hitch Cargo Carrier - Best Overall500 poundsSteel
Pro Series Reese Explore Hitch Cargo CarrierPro Series Reese Explore Hitch Cargo Carrier - Best For RV500 poundsSteel
MaxxHaul 70108 Hitch Cargo CarrierMaxxHaul 70108 Hitch Cargo Carrier - Best For SUV500 poundsAluminum
OKLEAD Hitch Cargo CarrierOKLEAD Hitch Cargo Carrier400 poundsSteel
MARKSIGN Hitch Cargo CarrierMARKSIGN Hitch Cargo Carrier - Best Waterproof15 Cubic FeetVinyl, nylon, plastic
ROLA 59102 Wallaroo Hitch Cargo CarrierROLA 59102 Wallaroo Hitch Cargo Carrier - Best Cargo Bag11.5 Cubic FeetN/A
CURT 18153 Hitch Cargo CarrierCURT 18153 Hitch Cargo Carrier - Best Heavy-Duty500 poundsCarbide steel
Mockins Hitch Cargo CarrierMockins Hitch Cargo Carrier500 poundsSteel
ARKSEN Hitch Cargo CarrierARKSEN Hitch Cargo Carrier - Best Foldable500 poundsSteel
MaxxHaul 70422 Hitch Cargo CarrierMaxxHaul 70422 Hitch Cargo Carrier - Best Aluminum500 poundsAluminum
KING BIRD Hitch Cargo CarrierKING BIRD Hitch Cargo Carrier - Best For The Money550 poundsTubular steel
MAXXHAUL 80779 Hitch Cargo CarrierMAXXHAUL 80779 Hitch Cargo Carrier - Best For Subaru Outback500 poundsAluminum

Top 12 Best Hitch Cargo Carriers In 2021

Now let’s scroll down to read my detailed reviews of top 12 best hitch cargo carriers in 2021.

1. MaxxHaul 70107 Hitch Cargo Carrier

(Best Overall)

MaxxHaul 70107 Hitch Cargo Carrier

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Rust-resistant black powder
  • High side rails
  • Safety reflectors included
  • Universal fit with 2-inch hitch receiver

Heavy-duty all-steel construction

MaxxHaul 70107 offers the perfect balance between price and performance. Despite the affordable price, it is really durable and reliable.

First off, it is crafted out of all steel. Such heavy-duty construction allows it to support up to 500 pounds of cargo. It is perfect for hauling camping equipment or carrying  luggage.

Second, all the frame is coated with black powder to resist rust and corrosion. This is an essential feature as you mostly use the steel carrier outdoors.

In addition, MaxxHaul provided high side rails to help secure even tall loads.

Included reflectors

To protect you, your car and the carrier itself, the manufacturer included red safety reflectors. In that way, your cargo will be more visible in low light conditions and prevent potential accidents.

Installing this MaxxHaul 70107 is a piece of cake since you can attach it to your vehicle in minutes. It fits standard Class III and IV 2 x 2 inches hitch receivers.

Product Specs

Weight25 pounds
Inside dimensions51. x 17.5 x 4.5 inches


Can you put another hitch in the back of this carrier?

No, you cannot. There is no receiver on the carrier.

Is this stable on the back of a travel trailer?

Yes, as long as you install it properly.

Is it steel or aluminum?

It is all steel.

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2. Pro Series Reese Explore Hitch Cargo Carrier

(Best For RV)

Pro Series Reese Explore Hitch Cargo Carrier

Key Features

  • Black powder coat finish
  • Rugged mesh floors
  • Additional bike clips
  • Functional light system

Secure rise shank design

If you are worried about the hitch cargo scraping the floor in your low RV, you need this Reese carrier.

It boasts a rise shank design that will lift the cargo up to increase the distance between the carrier and the ground. In that way, the rack can protect itself from damage well.

Another advantage this high design offers is it will separate your cargo and any combustible.

Also, there will be no extra drag, you will save much gas mileage from that.

Safe side rails

The manufacturer provided 5.5-inch side rails for added protection. More specifically, these rails will prevent the luggage from slipping through the rails. You can also attach additional straps to keep your load firm on the carrier.

One more reason you should buy this Reese hitch carrier is it will not rust. It has a powder coat finish that is resistant to corrosion and rust.

Product Specs

Weight61.75 pounds
Inside dimensions60 x 24 x 5 inches


Does it come with a hitch pin?

Yes, it comes with a ⅝’’ hitch pin.

Does the box include brake lights?

Unfortunately, no.

Will this model fold up when not in use?

No. You have to take it off.

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3. MaxxHaul 70108 Hitch Cargo Carrier

(Best For SUV)

MaxxHaul 70108 Hitch Cargo Carrier

Key Features

  • Extruded aluminum material
  • Reflector lens and red-colored corners
  • 6-inch high side rails

Heavy-duty and versatile design

The 70108 model is crafted out of extruded aluminum, which is tough and durable. It can resist corrosion and weather elements well.

Meanwhile, MaxxHaul uses heavy-duty gauge steel bars instead of wire mesh. The steel is also coated with a powder coat finish to resist rust and corrosion.

Such a sturdy piece will support up to 500 pounds well and does not sink in.

More notably, it is really versatile. The cargo can fit many vehicles, from RVs, vans, trucks and SUVs. It comes with a hitch pin and clip for easy installation.

Safety features

The manufacturer provided 6-inch high side rails to keep the cargos in place and prevent them from slipping away from the carrier. You can also add cargo straps and even attach your vehicle license plate at many points.

In addition, there are red flectors on the sides of the basket so that it is more visible under low lights.

Product Specs

Weight28.5 pounds
Inside dimensions47 x 20.5 x 5 inches


Does this come with a 2-inch receiver?

Yes, it does.

What is the distance from the pin hole to the tray?

It is 8 ⅜’’ from the center of the pin hole to the edge of the basket.

What is the inside dimension?

It is 47.25 x 20.25 x 6 inches.

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4. OKLEAD Hitch Cargo Carrier

OKLEAD Hitch Cargo Carrier

Key Features

  1. 1-piece steel construction
  2. Matt black powder coating finish
  3. 14.4-inch raised tubular side rails

Steel construction with a mesh surface

This OKLEAD hitch carrier is made of steel for maximum strength. It is also coated with a matte black finish to resist rust and scratches. Unfortunately, it only offers a carrying capacity of 400 pounds.

The manufacturer uses a mesh surface to keep small items in your cargo from falling off. In addition, there are 14.4-inch raised tubular side rails to ensure your luggage stays stable during transport.

Safety reflectors

OKLEAD knows that driving with a cargo box at night or on rainy days is dangerous. That is why they add two red reflectors to keep you and your load totally safe.

As an added perk, this folding carrier is easy to mount. It will fit any 2-inch trailer hitch opening regardless of the type of your car. Just make sure you distribute the weight evenly on the platform to keep it balanced.

Product Specs

Weight59.6 pounds
Inside dimensions60 x 24 x 14.4 inches


Will it carry bikes?

Yes, but you will have to strap the bikes or get a hitch tightener to keep the cargo secure.

Can the sides fold down toward the ground?

Unfortunately, no.

Does this come with the cargo bag?

No, it does not.

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5. MARKSIGN Hitch Cargo Carrier

(Best Waterproof)

MARKSIGN Hitch Cargo Carrier

Key Features

  • Six UV proof ratchet straps
  • Nylon mesh with double side vinyl coatings
  • Waterproof dual zippers

Totally rainproof bag

MARKSIGN hitch carrier is totally rainproof. More specifically, it is electrically welded with UV proof fabrics. Therefore, there will be no needle holes for rain to seep through.

In addition, it comes with double side vinyl coatings and rain flap along the bag. Also, there are waterproof dual zippers.

All these features join to make a 100% rainproof bag.

Secure fastening system

Many cheap products come with plastic buckles and flimsy straps to secure the luggage. But this MARKSIGN model is different.

The manufacturer uses six nylon UV proof ratchet straps for the fastening system. These straps are easy to use and durable. You can certainly rest assured about its overall safety and durability.

The product has a 5-year warranty upon your purchase. If you are not satisfied with it, you can contact the supplier at any time.

Product Specs

Weight8.48 pounds
Inside dimensions58 x 19 x 23 inches


Will this work for Curt hitch carrier?


Are the buckles on the ratchet straps made of metal or plastic?

They are made of metal.

Does the cargo bag come with an internal PVC frame?

No, it does not.

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6. ROLA 59102 Wallaroo Hitch Cargo Carrier

(Best Cargo Bag)

ROLA 59102 Wallaroo Hitch Cargo Carrier

Key Features

  • Multiple zippers for expandable storage
  • Rainproof material with sonically welded seams
  • Six attachment straps

Premium rainproof material

The ROLA 59102 is made from a rainproof material with sonically welded seams. It will surely keep your precious cargo dry, clean and well-protected even in harsh weather conditions.

The bag is fitted with six straps for secure attachment to the hitch mount cargo tray and baskets.

Collapsible design with expandable storage

Thanks to the extra zipper, the bag can provide more storage, from 9.5 cubic feet to 11.5 cubic feet. On top of that, there are two inner pockets for you to organize small items with ease.

When not in use, you can fold the bag down for easy storage. Its dimensions are collapsible from 19 x 22 x 48 inches to only 11.6 x 5.7 x 9.2 inches.

Product Specs

Inside dimensions9.2 x 11.6 x 5.7 inches


Can you fit luggage in this bag?

Of course!

Does this Rola bag collapse back down to a packable size?

Yes, it can fold down small.

Is it completely waterproof?

Unfortunately not. But it is water resistant.

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7. CURT 18153 Hitch Cargo Carrier

(Best Heavy-Duty)

CURT 18153 Hitch Cargo Carrier

Key Features

  • Tubular steel construction
  • Folding angled shank
  • Mesh base
  • Integrated reflectors

Heavy-duty steel construction

This CURT 18153 carrier is one of the most heavy-duty models on the market. It features a heavy-duty carbide steel construction to promote lightweight and high strength at the same time.

For added protection, the outside is coated with black powder to resist rust and UV damage. Unfortunately, the steel tubes are not painted inside.

More notably, this cargo basket also provides exceptional stability and support with a mesh platform and high sides. You can attach a cargo bag strap or cargo net to the sides to hold down your luggage.

Foldable angled shank

The cargo rack also comes with a folding angled shank to enhance its adaptability. The folding feature allows you to fold up the carrier when not in use.

With a dimension of 60 x 24 x 6 inches, it is spacious enough to load camping gear, motorcycles, and large cargo bags.

Product Specs

Weight70 pounds
Inside dimensions60 x 23.75 x 5.5 inches


What are the actual dimensions of this product?

The usable inside dimensions of the basket are 58 x 19.25 x 5.5 inches.

Does this come with a cargo bag?

No, it does not.

How many inches from the hitch to the end of the basket when open?

It is 42 inches.

Watch video: CURT 18153 Hitch Cargo Carrier Review
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8. Mockins Hitch Cargo Carrier

Mockins Hitch Cargo Carrier

Key Features

  • 2-inch hitch hauler
  • Waterproof hitch cargo carrier bag
  • Two rainproof ratchet straps
  • Extra thick cargo net

Foldable basket with hitch-connecting arm

If you are seeking an affordable yet quality cargo carrier, do not miss out on this Mockins product. It is made of strong steel and has the capacity to hold up to 500 pounds.

The product features a hitch-connecting arm that is angled upwards to increase ground clearance. It will provide more safety, especially on low cars. When not in use, you can fold down the carrier to save storage.

Like many decent cargo carriers, this one comes with an easy-to-clean mesh floor.

Additional accessories

The manufacturer provided many additional accessories along with the hitch cargo basket itself. It comes with a waterproof hitch rack bag, which offers a capacity of around 15.5 cubic feet.

Also, the package includes two rainproof ratchet straps and an extra thick cargo net. There is a free hitch stabilizer for added security.

Product Specs

Weight52 pounds
Inside dimensions60 x 20 x 6 inches


What is the distance between the end of the receiver and the basket?

It is about 42 – 43 inches.

What size hitch does this fit?

fIt will fit 2-inch receivers.

Does it fold?

Yes. The part that connects the basket to the tow hitch will fold up.

Watch video: Mockins Hitch Cargo Carrier Review
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9. ARKSEN Hitch Cargo Carrier

(Best Foldable)

ARKSEN Hitch Cargo Carrier

Key Features

  • Strong square tube construction
  • Steel mesh bottom
  • 6-inch raised tubular side rails

Three hitch positions

ARKSEN allows you to fix the carrier in three different positions. You can set it close or further away from your vehicle for safety. Opening the rear door is even possible if there is enough space.

However, you may have some trouble with parking your car if you set the carrier too far out.

Installation is really easy as the Arksen cargo carrier is fully welded right out of the box. All you have to do is to attach it to any 2-inch hitch receiver. Note that you will need a separate hitch pin.

Foldable heavy-duty design

This carrier can fold down at the back of your vehicle for easy storage. This is a great feature to have, especially when you want to use it frequently.

If you have little storage to spare, feel free to leave the carrier outside. It is made of heavy-duty steel and coated with black epoxy powder finish. Therefore, it can resist weather elements, corrosion, and rust well.

Product Specs

Weight53 pounds
Inside dimensions45 x 59.75 x 6 inches


Does it fold in half?

Regretfully not. It only folds towards your vehicle.

Does this basket need trailer lights?

No, it does not.

Is it high off the ground or close to?

It is about a foot off the ground.

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10. MaxxHaul 70422 Hitch Cargo Carrier

(Best Aluminum)

MaxxHaul 70422 Hitch Cargo Carrier

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty steel under support frame
  • Raised side rails
  • Built-in reflectors with red-colored corners

Extruded aluminum rack with steel planks

This MaxxHaul 70422 model is made of extruded aluminum with steel frames. Therefore, it is more sturdy than other average aluminum cargo carriers. More notably, it can hold up to 500 pounds while still being lightweight.

As an added perk, the extruded aluminum construction is rustproof and easy to clean after use.

Meanwhile, the planks are crafted of high-grade steel with a powder coat finish. They are strong and resistant to corrosion then.

Note that the edges are covered with plastic. You may want to buy a hitch adapter to keep them away from your exhaust.

Multiple tie-down points

On the negative side, this MaxxHaul has relatively low sides of 2.25 inches. To make up for that, it comes with many tie-down points where you can loop and straps the luggage as much as you want.

Specifically, its floor features six planks with spaces in between. For tie-down hooks, there are four holes.

Another advantage you get with the 70422 model is easy rear hatch access. Even with the carrier installed, you can still open the rear hatch in most cars.

Product Specs

Weight23 pounds
Inside dimensions48.25 x 21.25 x 2 inches


Does this fit a 1.25 or a 2-inch hitch receiver?

It will fit all 2 x 2 Class III and IV hitch receivers.

Will it fit a Mitsubishi Outlook Sport?

It will fit anything with a 2-inch receiver.

Is it already assembled or not?

You will have to set it up on your own, but assembly is very simple.

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11. KING BIRD Hitch Cargo Carrier

(Best For The Money)

KING BIRD Hitch Cargo Carrier

Key Features

  • Full tubular and black powder coat
  • Folding angled shank
  • Hitch stabilizer included
  • Two rainproof ratchet straps

High weight capacity

The King Bird hitch carrier can haul up to 550 pounds – more than most products on the list. It is spacious and sturdy enough to transport whatever you need.

This is possible because it is made of heavy-duty full tubular with black powder coat. Besides the high load capacity, the thing is also durable and rust-resistant.

To distribute the weight evenly, King Bird added two supportive poles on both sides of the basket. The poles are also helpful in keeping the load stable on even the roughest roads.

Additional reflectors and straps

Unlike other carriers, this product has five reflectors in total. Specifically, there are two on the rear side and three at the bottom of the fold frame. These reflectors will add visibility to your carrier and your vehicle at night.

When you buy this trailer cargo carrier, you will receive a bunch of accessories including an elastic net and two ratchet straps. A hitch stabilizer is included too.

Product Specs

Weight58.6 pounds
Inside dimensions60 x 24 x 6 inches


How can I add this to the front of my Jeep?

You will need to install a 2-inch receiver in front of the Jeep.

Read more: Top 10 Best Bike Racks For Jeep Wrangler In 2021: September Update!

Can you open the back of a minivan with this carrier installed?

Yes, it should be no problem.

Read more: Top 10 Best Bike Racks For Minivan In 2021

Can brake lights be added to this?


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12. MAXXHAUL 80779 Hitch Cargo Carrier

(Best For Subaru Outback)

MAXXHAUL 80779 Hitch Cargo Carrier

Key Features

  • 47-inch long ramp
  • 4-bolt anti-rattle device
  • Safety reflectors

Lightweight aluminum basket

The 80779 model is an aluminum basket-style cargo carrier. This makes the whole thing easy to clean and resistant to rusting. There are anchor points along both sides for securing loads, but you will need to buy straps separately.

This basket comes with a 47-inch long ramp to roll up your Subaru Outback quickly. It can fit standard 2 x 2 inches Class III and IV hitch receivers to provide instant cargo space.

Anti-rattle device and reflectors

MaxxHaul is thoughtful enough to include a 4-bolt anti-rattle device to minimize hitch noise as well as a rattle. Also, the rack is designed with safety reflectors for increased visibility and safety.

Product Specs

Weight52 pounds
Inside dimensions47 x 27.75 x 7.5 inches


Is it light enough for an average man to move, attach and detach?

Yes, it is very lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Will this fit a KIA Soul 2019?

Yes, as long as you have a 2-inch receiver on your car.

Will the ramp fold down into the carrier?

No, it will not.

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