Top 10 Best Front Bike Racks in 2021

Updated on 09/22/2021
BY Jim Felt

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Top 10 Best Front Bike Racks in 2021

Front bike racks are common parts of the bike. This type of supportive accessory can increase your comfort on the ride.

However, not all front bike racks are of high quality. From my own experience, I have compiled this list of the Top 10 Best Front Bike Racks in 2021 for you.

These choices are all trustworthy and well-made front bike racks. And among those, here are my top 3 picks for the all-rounded, multi-purpose racks as follow:

In case you want to know how to choose a bike rack, you can check the bike rack buying guide for more information.

Important Note: Due to high demand, several models are temporarily unavailable. You can wait until they are restocked, or purchase other products in this list.

Types Of Front Bike Racks

There are a lot of front bike racks for cyclists to choose from. However, each rack type will suit different purposes and riding styles.

Lowrider Front Rack

This type of bike front rack has a lower mounting place on the bike. Typically, it is attached to the bike fork of the front wheel. These rack types are good for long rides.

Lowrider Front Rack

Porteur (Classic) Front Rack

Porteur means “carrier” in French. These old-school bike racks are used to carry luggage and belongings. They are normally mounted on the sides of the front fork.

Porteur (Classic) Front Rack

Basket Front Rack

This bike rack type is the combination of a classic rack and a bike basket. They are also attached to the sides of the fork. However, the upper parts are in the shape of a rectangular basket to carry things.

Basket Front Rack

Suspension Front Racks

The suspension front racks are mounted either below or above the suspension of the bike. This is to fit bikes with front suspensions.

Suspension Front Racks

Randonneur Front Racks

The randonneur front racks are attached to the rim brake or lower fork eyelet and fork crown. They are generally lightweight and simpler than other types. Therefore, they are used to carry small stuff.

Randonneur Front Racks

Decaleur Front Rack

The Decaleur types are mounted on the bike stem or tubes. This would help to reduce the front-heavy baggage. So, it would also improve the balance of the ride.

Decaleur Front Rack

Best Front Bike Racks Comparison Chart 2021

Let’s take a quick glance at the Best Front Bike Racks comparison chart. You may have a general idea of which one is the best for you:

ImageBest Front Bike RacksCapacityMaterial
Sunlite Gold Tec Bike RackSunlite Gold Tec Bike Rack - Best Overall40 lbsAlloy
Blackburn Local Basket Bike RackBlackburn Local Basket Bike Rack - Best Basket Rack45lbsN/A
Origin8 Rush Bike RackOrigin8 Rush Bike Rack - Best Classic Porteur55lbsAL6061-T6 Alloy
Basil Bike RackBasil Bike Rack - Best For The Money22 lbsPolyester
Public Porteur Bike RackPublic Porteur Bike Rack - Best For TouringN/AAluminum
Blackburn Bootlegger Bike RackBlackburn Bootlegger Bike Rack - Best For Suspension/ Disc45lbsAluminum
Rambo Luggage Bike RackRambo Luggage Bike Rack - Best For Front HitchN/AAluminum
Nitto M18 Bike RackNitto M18 Bike Rack - Best With Suspension ForkN/AChromoly Steel
Thule Pack 'n Pedal Bike RackThule Pack 'n Pedal Bike Rack - Best For Fat Bike50lbsAluminum/plastic
Tubus Tara Bike RackTubus Tara Bike Rack - Best For Lowrider15 kgChromoly

Top 10 Best Front Bike Racks To Buy 2021

Now, these are all my hand-pick recommendation on the Top 10 Best Front Bike Racks for you to choose from:

1. Sunlite Gold Tec Bike Rack

(Best Overall)

Sunlite Gold Tec Bike Rack

Key features:

  • Tubular 6061-T6 Alloy Construction
  • Fork Bosses Mounted
  • 40 Lbs Max Load

Low-cost front bike with high-grade construction:

The Sunlite Gold Tec Bike Rack is the best in the low-end range of the front bike rack. It is priced under 20$. However, the alloy materials and black coats will ensure a long service time.

It is compatible with a wide range of bikes. This one had a decent capacity of 40lbs. So you can carry a day-worth of luggage on it.

Fork-mounted bike rack:

Moreover, it is connected with the bike through the bike fork. This would help to evenly distribute the luggage weight. Therefore, your cycling balance will not tip over the head.

Product Specs

Dimension10.2 x 7.3 x 6.8 inches
Weight0.85 Pounds


Will this work on a carbon fork bike?

As long as your bike has V brake bosses, it can be attached.

Will the Sunlite gold front rack fit my fat tire bike?

Yes, it will fit.

Is there just 1 installation point on each side or 2 on each side?

There are 3 installation points.

Watch video: Sunlite Gold Tec Bike Rack Review
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2. Blackburn Local Basket Bike Rack

(Best Basket Rack)

Blackburn Local Basket Bike Rack

Key features:

  • Swivel Mounting Hardware
  • Disc Brake Compatible
  • Height And Width Adjustable
  • Double-Duty Basket

Versatile front rack:

The Blackburn Local Basket Bike Rack is the 2-in-1 rack and basket. The construction of the rack is simple and lightweight. But it can still hold on to heavy loads.

Moreover, this one can be attached to any type of bike regardless of size and type. The rack mounting points are adjustable. So they will fit on all bike wheels comfortably.

Smart design:

This bike rack construction is simple and effective. It is easy for installation and usage. The well-calculated design will not get in the way of bike brakes or any wire and tubing work.

This is listed as a front basket rack. Nevertheless, it can still be mounted on the rear of the bike. Thus, you can get back storage with this model too.

Product Specs

Dimension19 x 14 x 6 inches
Weight2.1 Kilograms


Can I carry 30 packs in this?

Yes, it is strong enough to carry 30 packs.

How well does a backpack fit on this?

The basket is large enough to fit a backpack.

Can I fit a milk crate inside the diameter of the basket?

No, it won’t fit.

Watch video: Blackburn Local Basket Bike Rack Review
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3. Origin8 Rush Bike Rack

(Best Classic Porteur)

Origin8 Rush Bike Rack

Key features:

  • AL6061-T6 Alloy Construction
  • Caliper Hole And Front Axle Mounts
  • Front Flat Rack
  • Adjustable Fit For 26″, 27.5″, 29″, And 700c

Great durability and strength:

The Origin8 Rush Bike Rack can beat any model in terms of load capacity. You can carry up to 55lbs with this classic Porteur bike rack.

The rack system of this model is simple and elegant. Yet, it is incredibly strong and sturdy. The crossing bar design also provides extra pressure distribution.

It is constructed in the flat style with an integrated rear guard. Therefore, your luggage will be well protected during the ride. The free-form cargo also helps to fit bulky objects too.

Classic bike rack for everyone:

This model is compatible with a wide range of bike types and sizes. You can either mount it on the caliper hole or front axle.

The installation instructions are straight forward too. Just a few steps to get this bike rack screw tight on your bike.

Product Specs

Dimension16.75 x 14 x 12 inches
Weight2.26 Pounds


Will this fit a 650b city bike with disc brakes?

Yes, it will fit.

Will it fit a road bike without eyelets on the fork?

Yes, as long as you can get it fit through the front axle.

What is the diameter of the strut (bolts to the bottom of forks) that slides into the tube?

The measurement is 8,95mm.

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4. Basil Bike Rack

(Best For The Money)Basil Bike Rack

Key features:

  • Front Axle Mounts
  • Handlebar Mount
  • 22 Lbs Weight Capacity
  • Robust And Large Front Carrier

Better safety for your luggage:

The Basil Bike Rack is a double-mounted front bike rack on the front axle and handlebar. This would provide extra hold on the luggage. It also lessens the weight on the front part when cycling.

The freeform space on the bike rack can fit even large luggage. It also supports carrying pannier bags.

Reasonably priced and solid rack:

This front bike rack comes at a cheap price tag. So it will be a good investment for beginner cyclists.

Nevertheless, it is also durable and well-built. This model promises to work for a long time without causing any problems.

Product Specs

Dimension7.87 x 3.94 x 9.84 inches
Weight5 Pounds


Can this go on cruiser-style bikes?

Yes, it can fit on cruiser bikes.

Is the mounting hardware sold separately?

Yes, it is sold separately.

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5. Public Porteur Bike Rack

(Best For Touring)

Public Porteur Bike Rack

Key features:

  • Designed To Fit PUBLIC Bikes
  • TIG-Welded Tubular Alloy Construction
  • Mounting Hardware Included

Stylist front bike rack:

For Public bike riders, the Public Porteur Bike Rack is the most matching choice. This Porteur classic bike rack is tightly mounted on your bike. With the low platform, it can carry heavy loads easily.

The stylish silver color will fit a touring trip on the same-tone Public bike. Moreover, it can carry a lot of belongings neatly. For touring, this bike rack can accommodate all the rider’s needs.

Easy to install and use:

This model is excellent in providing support on the ride. It can carry pannier bags, bulky stuff, or briefcase. This lightweight carrier is recommended to be used with a few bungee straps.

The installation process is also simple. You can mount it on the sides of the front fork with the included mounting hardware.

Product Specs

Dimension11" L x 12.5" W
BrandPublic Bikes


Will you be offering this rack in any additional colors?

It is only available in 2 colors for now.

Is this okay to install on the R-18?

No, it is not compatible with R-18 products.

Would this fit on a bike that is not from Public?

Yes, it can still fit many other bikes.

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6. Blackburn Bootlegger Bike Rack

(Best For Suspension/ Disc)

Blackburn Bootlegger Bike Rack

Key features:

  • Bottle Opener
  • Disc Brake Compatible
  • Cargo Net

Multi-functional front bike rack:

The Blackburn Bootlegger Bike Rack will lessen your burden on the riding trip. The net comes in the package and offers extra support. And it can open bottles with a built-in opener as well.

This one is designed to carry luggage, groceries and bottle crates, and so on. The dimension of the construction can fit nicely 12 packs.

Compatible with disc brake bikes:

The simple design is effective in evening out the carrying weight. Moreover, it will not interfere with the bike mechanism. Disc brake bikes can use this model without any problem.

Product Specs

Weight2 lbs


Does it come with the p-clamps to mount it to the forks?

Yes, it does come with the clamps.

Does the bootlegger front rack fit a fat wheel tire?

This model fits up to 3” wide tires.

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7. Rambo Luggage Bike Rack

(Best For Front Hitch)

Rambo Luggage Bike Rack

Key features:

  • Aluminum Alloy 6061 Construction
  • Rambo Bike Models With Rigid Front Fork Compatible

Lightweight and durable front bike rack:

The Rambo Luggage Bike Rack is designed for a specific Rambo bike line. However, it is still compatible with different bikes. With a bit of modification, you can get it to work on fat bikes too.

This bike rack is strong yet lightweight. It can carry heavy loads with a sturdy design.

Front fork mounting:

This one can go with rigid front fork mounts. You can attach it firmly to the bike with 3 bolts. Front hitch bike racks like this model are good in retaining the bike’s balance with the load on.

Product Specs

Dimension13.75 x 13 x 7.25 inches
Weight2.4 Pounds


This is for G3?

Yes, it is for G2 and G3.

What material is this rack made of?

It is made of Aluminum Alloy 6061.

Will this fit Rambo R350?

Yes, it fits Rambo R350 well.

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8. Nitto M18 Bike Rack

(Best With Suspension Fork)

Nitto M18 Bike Rack

Key features:

  • 190 – 110mm Rack Base
  • Chromoly Hand-Brazed
  • Additional Set Of Braze-Ons

Lightweight and compact storage:

The Nitto M18 Bike Rack is a medium-sized front luggage rack. It can hold a decent capacity. Typically, most riders enjoy using it to support the handlebar bag.

This model is weightless, just under 0.6 pounds. So it would not drastically change the bike balance even with the load on. You can mount it on the steering tube for extra attachment.

Suspension fork compatible:

This bike rack can be mounted on the fork with either rando rack mounts or P-clips. It is also compatible with mid-blade braze-on forks. Caliper brake bikes are good to go too.

Product Specs

Dimension9.95 x 5.39 x 4.79 inches
Weight0.59 Pounds


Is this compatible with side pull brakes?

No, it isn’t compatible with side-pull brakes.

Has anyone tried an M18 on the rear (as bag support)?

Yes, it works just as well.

So, I want to attach this to a carbon fork with those P clips. Recommended or not?

No, it is not recommended to pair with a carbon fork.

Watch video: Nitto M18 Bike Rack Review
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9. Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Bike Rack

(Best For Fat Bike)

Thule Pack 'n Pedal Bike Rack

Key features:

  • Patented Attachment System
  • Rear Seat Stays And Front Fork Compatible
  • Wide Range Of Frame Material Compatible

No barriers for the bike type:

The Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Bike Rack virtually can fit any bike. This bike rack can be used on a city bike or fat bike alike. The patented rack system allows zero interference with the bike mechanism.

Therefore, fat-tire bike riders can attach this to their bikes. The ratcheting straps are used to secure it in place. So it can go with any bike frame materials and tire size.

Incredible load capacity and durability:

Riders can count on this front bike rack with the 50lbs max capacity. Moreover, the two-part construction is carefully designed. So it will offer the most efficiency in carrying luggage.

It also comes with pannier rails for better usage. With high-grade materials, it will last for a long time too.

Product Specs

Dimension15.3 x 6.5 x 5.9 inches
Weight3.1 Pounds
ColorOne Color


Can it really hold the weight it says in the description? (25kg/55lbs)

Yes, it can hold well up to the maximum capacity.

Would this work on a fixie?

Yes, it works on a fixie.

I have a cyclocross bike with a carbon fork. Can I mount it to the front of the bike?

Yes, it will work with carbon fork bikes.

Watch video: Thule Pack 'n Pedal Bike Rack Review
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10. Tubus Tara Bike Rack

(Best For Lowrider)

Tubus Tara Bike Rack

Key features:

  • One Longitudinal Hole
  • Various Forks Compatible
  • Straightforward Design

Best lowrider rack in the range:

Pricing at the mid-end range, the Tubus Tara Bike Rack is probably the best choice for a low-rider bike rack. The innovative and straightforward design allows faster installation and durability.

It can be attached to multiple places with one hole only. The wide range of fork it can be mounted on allows this to work better.

Stability and strength:

This one has a slim and minimal design. However, it can carry quite a load on both sides. You can even mount panniers on it.

It won’t drag your bike forward at all. The design helps to stabilize the impact from the road. The bike balance in general is nothing to complain about either.

Product Specs

Dimension20.5 x 6.5 x 5 inches
Weight0.5 Kilograms


Is that rack compatible with a Kona Sutra 2019?

Yes, it is compatible with a Kona Sutra 2019

Will this rack fit on a 2018 Salsa Marrakesh?

Yes, it fits on a 2018 Salsa Marrakesh.

Will this rack work with 700c wheels?

Yes, it works with 700c wheels.

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Besides the front bike racks, you might be interested in other bike rack types. Here is the list of other bike rack types with the best products for each category:

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