Top 14 Best BMX Bikes Reviews In 2021: July Update!

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BMX style riding is arguably one of the most favorited by both kids and adults.

It’s fun and exciting that you can leisurely cruise around with the others or make a race on dirt roads. Some pro BMX riders also love performing tricks as well.

And to retain your enjoyment in this outdoor activity, choosing the best BMX bike is a must. In this article, we’ll together go through top-rated options that I’ve carefully picked from the market. Read on!

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What Are the Best BMX Bikes To Buy?

Notice that each product is specialized for a riding purpose and requirement. Here are the 14 best BMX bikes for particular categories. Check it now and find your match!

“It comes with a durable and sturdy frame and fork material; perfect price range; there are numerous versions to meet your riding requirements.”

“Relaxing construction, lightweight and durable frame, good for tough surface riding.”

“Remarkable weight limit, easy to ride on, straightforward design.”

“Includes various frame sizes to fit a wide range of heights; has many safety features to protect beginners from damages; construction is suitable for entry-level.”

“Low price if compared with other same-featured counterparts; a pretty design, it is ideal for girls; total weight is much lighter than other models.”

“Easy to ride on, affordable, good for kids, lightweight construction.”

“Long warranty time, eye-catching and vintage design, reasonably priced, good for beginner riders.”

“Clever design, good coating work, good for stunt riding and tricks, easy to control.”

“Single-speed model, high-quality and easy to control handlebar, stable frame, good for trick and stunt.”

“Adjustable seat post, a good frame size for big cyclists, and a strong steel frame.”

“Aluminum frame, lightweight construction, good braking systems, well-made handlebar.”

“Special and efficient pair of wheels; rolling effortlessly on challenging terrains; wheels with grippy patterns offering more stability”.

“The best deal for kids and small riders; it has a meager price; it brings many standard features for simple performances; it has some components to support beginners.”

“effortlessly to carry around or store in my warehouse; coming with a surprising durability;being made of high-quality and wind-resistant frame material.”

Best BMX Bikes Comparison Chart 2021

The following comparison table includes four highlight features of 14 best BMX bikes. Check this table and you can compare these products easily!

Best BMX BikesFrameNumber of Speeds
Mongoose Legion L100 BMX Bike - Best OverallChromoly Steel 1 speed
Dynacraft Tony Hawk Jargon BMX Bike - Best for Cruising Steel 1 speed
Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX Bike - Best for Heavy Riders Steel1 speed
Mongoose Legion Sidewalk BMX Bike - Best for Beginners Steel 1 speed
Mongoose FSG BMX Bike - Best for The MoneySteel1 speed
Elite BMX Bike - Best Under 300 Steel N/A
Schwinn Sting Pro BMX Bike - Best Under 500 Steel 1 speed
Generic BMX Bike - Best for Dirt Jumping N/A N/A
Hyper Spinner Gloss BMX Bike - Best for Tricks Steel 1 speed
Mongoose Switch BMX Bike - Best for Big Guys Steel 1 speed
Mongoose Title 24 BMX Bike - Best for TrailsAluminum 1 speed
Mongoose Grudge BMX Bike - Best for Teenagers Steel 1 speed
Mafiabikes Kush 2 BMX Bike - Best for Kids N/A N/A
XSLY BMX Bike - Best for Adults High Carbon Steel 24 speeds

Top 14 Best BMX Bikes To Buy (2021)

For more details and information, I have made thorough reviews for these 14 best BMX bikes. Keep reading!

Best Overall: Mongoose Legion L100 BMX Bike

Mongoose Legion L100 BMX Bike


  • It comes with the highest-quality and durable frame material
  • It can work well for both novices and experts
  • The assembly process is straightforward
  • Ideal for stunt riding
  • Lightweight


  • Its rear wheel hubs are unprotected

Instead of using hi-ten steel, the Mongoose manufacturer made this BMX bike from a more durable, higher–quality material: Chromoly Steel. Chromoly steel frame and fork will provide a sturdier and more secure experience for BMX riders.

Even when performing complicated tricks or stunt riding, this bike is still stable and responsive. Moreover, it is equipped with a 50mm stem. This feature will support your steering performance in the best way.

The Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike Line includes many different versions such as L10, L20, L80, L100. Each version will be suitable for a specific type of rider.

For instance, while the Legion L10 is ideal for entry-level riders, Legion L100 comes with all needed features for professional BMX riders.

In shorts, at such an affordable price range, this Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike is the most bang for your buck.

Product Specs

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions N/A
Frame Chormly Steel

Key Features:

  • Rigid suspension
  • 21 inches head tube length
  • 175 mm two-piece chromoly cranks
  • 20” x 2.4” tires
  • Aluminum double Wall 36H rims
  • Aluminum U-brake and brake levers
Watch video: Mongoose Legion L100 BMX Bike

Best for Cruising: Dybacraft Tony Hawk Jargon BMX Bike

Dybacraft Tony Hawk Jargon BMX Bike


  • Well-forged steel frame suitable for various riding style
  • Special design allowing the best efficiency
  • Front and rear brake for immediate and smooth stopping power
  • Available in many frame sizes to accommodate different riders


  • Not suitable for female riders

Another boy bike that I love to use recently is this Dynacraft Tony Hawk Jargon BMX Bike. If you are into street bikes or freestyle bikes, this one can suit you the most with its straightforward but powerful features. The custom grip is really something – it is easy to take control, steer and turn, and to ride on any surface.

The design of this model is good for bicycle motocross riding, with its components and parts built in nicely. It is also available in many frame sizes, so you should pick what is compatible with your physique most. Both front and rear brakes have decent stopping power; you have nothing to worry about.

Product Specs

Weight 30.8 Pounds
Dimensions 58.25 x 25.19 x 38.6 inches
Frame Steel

Key Features:

  • Custom Tony Hawk Design And Graphics
  • Freestyle Bike With Custom Grips
  • Front And Rear Caliper Brakes
  • Front And Rear Pegs
  • 48 Spoke Wheels
Watch video: Dybacraft Tony Hawk Jargon BMX Bike

Best for Heavy Riders: Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX Bike

Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX Bike


  • The good weight limit can withstand heavy riders
  • Classic design but still suitable for various style of riding
  • Durable and comfortable saddle supporting the weight of the riders
  • Single gear resilient for tough rides


  • It only has a linear-pull brake

If you want a good choice for riders, especially heavy riders, this Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX Bike is just the right one for you. Not only is the strong high tensile steel frame good for supporting huge weight, but the saddle also cushions the rider well, leaving the only comfort when riding it.

Furthermore, this model has a simple but well-built gear, a single-speed but is as powerful as any other racing bike. Although it only has one linear-pull brake, the stopping power is quite decent, allowing you to handle and control the bike without too much effort.

Product Specs

Weight 10 Pounds
Dimensions 44.49 x 22.05 x 7.87 inches
Frame Steel

Key Features:

  • High Tensile Steel Frame
  • High Tensile Steel Fork
  • Single Speed Drivetrain
  • Linear Pull Rear Brake
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Best for Beginners: Mongoose Legion Sidewalk BMX Bike

Mongoose Legion Sidewalk BMX Bike


  • An ideal BMX bike for beginners
  • Offers a precise speed control for the best safety
  • Comes in three varieties of wheel size to choose from
  • Strdy and durable frame and fork for challenging actions
  • Easy to assemble in general


  • The braking system needs to be adjusted before riding

This Mongoose Legion Sidewalk BMX Bike has numerous excellent features making it one of the best BMX bikes for beginners.

The first thing that I want to mention is its frame construction. This bike is equipped with a hi-ten steel frame manufactured in several sizes, such as 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches. These frame sizes are ideal for almost all ranges of heights.

The low-stance geometry combined with 7.75 inches handlebars will become a great and responsive combo for entry-level riders to perform some simple tricks and grinds without risks.

Also, riders could control their movement completely thanks to the U hand brake. This component is not only convenient and straightforward to use but also offers an impressive stopping power.

Product Specs

Weight 39.55 pounds
Dimensions 48 x 21 x 8 inches
Frame Steel

Key Features:

  • Single wall 28H rims
  • Aluminum U hand brake
  • One-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Maximum weight capacity (lb.): 250
  • Rear suspension
  • Micro Drive 25x9T BMX Gearing
Spoiler title

Best for the money: Mongoose FSG BMX Bike

Mongoose FSG BMX Bike


  • It is one of the lightest BMX in the industry
  • Ideal for girls with cute design and color
  • It has a comfortable saddle
  • It can deliver robust speed control
  • It comes at a low price for the value


  • It needs a better brake cable system

This Mongoose FSG BMX Bike will be the best deal for those who are looking for an affordable but powerful BMX bike.

This model comes with a standard frame material – steel, but its weight is much lighter than other products with the same frame material. With 20.94 pounds in weight, boys and girls can handle this bike effortlessly.

On the front and rear wheels of this bike, the Mongoose manufacturer equips four freestyle pegs. Thanks to that, this freestyle bike will allow extra riders and add more fun to your BMX riding experience.

I recommend this BMX bike for riders in the height range from 5’ to 5’6”. In other words, this bike is not suitable for tall riders or adults since its construction is lower than their height.

Product Specs

Weight 20.94 pounds
Dimensions 46.5 x 8 x 22.5 inches
Frame Steel

Key Features:

  • Front caliper and rear linear pull brake
  • Four freestyle pegs
  • BMX Gyro/Detangler
Spoiler title

Best Under 300: Elite BMX Bike


  • Cheap but still sturdy, it can last for a long time
  • Relatively lightweight and comfortable to ride on
  • Beginner-level design, easy for learning cycling


  • Good for kids only

For anyone who doesn’t want to burn a hole in your wallet with a kid’s BMX bike, you should take a look at this Elite BMX Bike. It only costs small grants, but the kids will have a good time on this tiny bike. 

The bike geometry is well-designed, with the tubing work seamlessly and conveniently for all riders.

Moreover, this model is not as heavy as it looks, so the small kid will not have any difficulty when supporting the bike. The braking system is simple, along with the ergonomic handlebar; just a child’s light grip can help stop this Nike completely.

Product Specs

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Frame Steel

Key Features:

  • Hi-Tensile Steel Frame
  • 25-9 Gearing
  • Low Profile 06061 Rims
Spoiler title

Best Under 500: Schwinn Sting Pro BMX Bike

Schwinn Sting Pro BMX Bike


  • Classic and vintage design suitable for many riding styles
  • Easy to ride on, good for newbie cyclists
  • Decent performance on the different riding surface
  • Reasonably priced with good usage life and ride stability


  • Not very good customer service

A bit more on the mid-end range, you should check out this Schwinn Sting Pro BMX Bike. Designed with the well-known 1989 model of the same brand as the guidance, this bike can offer you a lot more than its price.

First of all, the classic design is beginner-friendly, so it’s a good investment for anyone just starting with bike riding. The timeless look and simplicity are its charming points, along with the stability and durability of this model; no one in the same price range can beat it.

Furthermore, this one weighs less than other peers – although the frame material is steel, the parts and components are from high-quality aluminum, so it takes out the excess weight. Also, it is equipped with 1 speed only; there is nothing inferior when it comes to speed; it is simply impressive on many facets.

Product Specs

Weight 26.46 Pounds
Dimensions ‎ 47.4 x 20.4 x 8.6 inches
Frame Steel

Key features:

  • Sting Pro’s Classic BMX Handlebar 
  • Tubular Crank Set 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 
  • Aluminum Rims
Spoiler title

Best for Dirt Jumping: Generic BMX Bike

Generic BMX Bike


  • Bright and fun multi-color coating
  • Straight and ergonomic handlebars for the best control
  • Chainguard and brakes for the best protection when performing
  • Adjustable seat post to accommodate the height of the riders
  • Good for heavy riders with a high weight limit
  • Multi-surface tires to increase rolling resistance and decent grip on the road


  • Not the best top speed model

There are many ways for BMX riding, but if you want to take on dirt jumping, why not try out this Generic BMX Bike? Made explicitly for stunt riding and dirt jumping, there is no trick that you can’t do with this rainbow-color bike.

I really like this one at first sight since the shiny and colorful appearance is both good for performing and cheering you up on the daily ride. Moreover, there are a chain guard and an excellent braking system, so your safety is guaranteed.

For anyone who wants to take on this bike, the maximum weight it can withstand is quite a number, so even if you are big and heavy guys, this delicate model can ride you to further miles. The stability and smoothness of this bike riding are more than average, so you can trust this recommendation.

Product Specs

Weight 220 Pounds
Dimensions N/A
Frame N/A

Key features:

  • Front Caliper And Rear U-Brakes
  • 48-Spoke Alloy Rims
  • Multi-Surface Tires
  • Rider Max Weight: 220 lbs.

Best for Tricks: Hyper Spinner Gloss BMX Bike

Hyper Spinner Gloss BMX Bike


  • U-brakes and caliper brake good for stopping and turning abruptly
  • Good handlebar and frame design, flexible enough for doing tricks
  • Single-speed design for the most consistency in riding
  • Can be used on many surfaces, like paved street and dirt road


  • The top frame tube may be pretty high

Onto a more performance-oriented choice, the Hyper Spinner Gloss BMX Bike is the one to go for if you want to learn some tricks. The lightweight and stable frame are the best in terms of control and balance, so you can easily manipulate the stunt riding path.

Nevertheless, the frame’s head tube is quite high, so for a little rider, you may feel inconvenient at first when getting used to it. However, once you learn to control this buddy totally, it can perform any trick up in your sleeve with reliable gearing and brakes.

Product Specs

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Frame Steel

Key Features:

  • 48 Spoke Alloy Rims
  • Front Caliper Brake
  • Rear U-Brake
Spoiler title

Best for Big Guys: Mongoose Switch BMX Bike

Mongoose Switch BMX Bike


  • Good handlebar design for ergonomic grips and easy control
  • Simple to ride on, friendly to beginners in cycling
  • Ready to be assembled with a few steps out of the box
  • Chainguard and powerful brakes improve the safety of the riders
  • Good weight limit and bike heights, suitable for tall and heavy riders


  • Not very suitable for girls

If your boys want a good bike that can fit them well even during the growth spurt, you can check out this Mongoose Switch BMX Bike. This is one of the best models for kids, teenagers, and adults since it can fit riders of different heights.

This model emphasizes safety, so apart from the high-quality brakes, it also has a chain guard to minimize the occasion of accidents and injuries. If you want to help your kids learn cycling, you can use the training wheels coming along in the package.

Moreover, I quite like the design of the handlebar. This bike has a 4-pieces handlebar that is suitable for starter-level cyclists and easy to control and balance. The adjustable seat post helps to increase the height range of the riders, and the low frame allows better access for cyclists of all heights.

Product Specs

Weight 27.01 Pounds
Dimensions ‎ 42 x 8 x 20 inches
Frame Steel

Key Features:

  • Stand-Over Steel Frame
  • Omes With Training Wheels
  • Durable Chain Guard
  • Alloy Four-Bolt Stem
  • Four-Piece Handlebars
Spoiler title

Best for Trails: Mongoose Title 24 BMX Bike

Mongoose Title 24 BMX Bike


  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame to last a long time
  • Aerodynamic geometry suitable for racing and trail riding
  • High-quality gearings to adapt to all types of surface
  • Linear pull brakes and brake levers help to stop the bike completely


  • It may not be suitable for female riders

The Mongoose Title 24 BMX Bike is my best choice for racers and athletics interested in cycling. This bike has a sturdy and ergonomic design which is good for accelerating and riding on bumpy surfaces.  

Moreover, the price for this model is quite reasonable, so even for beginners, it is a suitable choice. However, the geometry of this bike is more in the male department, so female riders, especially petite riders, may not feel comfortable with this model.

Another positive thing about this model is its components and gearing; all are high-quality and do their job well. The brakes are smooth and efficient; you can stop the bike without too much shock.

Product Specs

Weight 3.44 Pounds
Dimensions N/A
Frame Aluminum

Key Features:

  • Integrated Headset
  • 3-Piece Tubular Chromoly Cranks
  • 44t Chainring
  • Euro Cartridge Bottom Bracket
  • Arisun Xlr8 20” Tires
Spoiler title

Best for Teenagers: Mongoose Grudge BMX Bike

Mongoose Grudge BMX Bike


  • It is equipped with high-grade, grippy, and colored wheels
  • The frame construction is outstanding for freestyle riding
  • The handlebars are adjustable for better fitting
  • It offers a comfortable riding experience
  • This bike is suitable for riders who are new to BMX


  • This model is quite overpriced

What sets this Mongoose BMX Bike apart from other models in the competitive BMX industry is its wheels. I think these bike wheels are unique and well-built.

Instead of being black like other products, this bike comes with a pair of navy blue wheels. This design is enough for this bike to be high-rated.

Not only has it a unique color, but these bike wheels are also effective and responsive. These components can support BMX riders with the size of mountain bike wheels to perform some dirt jumps.

Moreover, these wheels feature grippy patterns on the surface, which can help this bike roll on rough terrains with confidence.

Thanks to these wheels, this bike is outstanding on the streets and effective on the trails.

Product Specs

Weight 38.15 pounds
Dimensions 52.25 x 27 x 8 incehes
Frame Steel

Key Features:

  • Top tube pad
  • Front alloy caliper brake and rear V-brake
  • Single speed drivetrain
  • Colored tires
Spoiler title

Best for Kids: Mafiabikes Kush 2 BMX Bike

Mafiabikes Kush 2 BMX Bike


  • This bike is made for entry-level BMX riders
  • It comes at a great price
  • More durable with solid constructions of rims and tires
  • Light in weight
  • Suitable for kids and small riders


  • No pegs and sealed bearings included

The first feature of this Mafiabikes Kush 2 model that I want to mention is its short top tube. With 20.4 inches in length, this top tube is ideal for children since it helps them improve their skills step by step.

With a pair of 20 inches wheels and a lightweight, ergonomic frame, this one is suitable for street riders from 4’10” to 5’8”.

This BMX bike also features a 75.5° head tube. In general, this angle is steep enough to make this model more flexible and responsive for fast rolling. That means little riders can learn some tricks with this bike easier.

Product Specs

Weight 26.46 Pounds
Dimensions 24.41 x 9.06 x 53.15 inches
Frame N/A

Key Features:

  • 29″ Bars with an 8.5″ rise
  • Alloy rims in front and rear
  • 2.4″ Lagos Crawler Tyres
  • Tapered Fork Legs
  • U brake
Spoiler title

Best for adults: XSLY BMX Bike



  • It comes with impressive durability and wind-resistance
  • This one can be foldable effortlessly
  • It can work as a mountain bike and road bike
  • Ideal for adults and heavy riders
  • It is suitable for long-distance rides
  • This bike is made of high-quality material


  • This bike has a bit high price

This bike is more than just a BMX bike. It is designed to provide the best versatility and flexibility. Even though it is a BMX bicycle, it’s equipped with the wheels of mountain bikes and the drivetrain of road bikes.

Significantly, this model is foldable, which makes it stand out from the same-grade products. With a unique, foldable construction, this bike allows users to carry and store it easily.

Moreover, this product is made of a high carbon steel frame, which is considered more durable, stronger, and even lighter than hi-ten steel or aluminum alloy. This material is also wind-resistant. With such a perfect frame, I highly appreciate this bike.

In short, this BMX bike is one of the most versatile models for adults and those who prefer durability.

Product Specs

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions N/A 
Frame Steel

Key Features:

  • Rubber 2.26 inch non skid tires
  • Rear shock absorption
  • Reinforced triangular structure
  • Suspension front fork
  • Disc brake
  • High maximum load (330 pounds)

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Best BMX Bikes In 2021


There are mainly three types of BMX bikes:

  • Jumper BMXs – If your main arm is getting serious air, this is the best option
  • Freestyle BMXs – Ideal for riders who would like to ride it in skate parks or practice “flatland” tricks
  • Classic BMXs – Best to race on the dirt and yet, still enables you to perform some jump riding and tricks.


When it comes to BMX bikes’ materials, Hi-tensile steels and Chromoly 4130 are the two common options to choose from.

The biggest difference between them is durability and lightness.

In terms of those factors, Chromoly is superior which offers unbeatable strength while cutting down on some unnecessary weights. It, in other words, can handle different conditions, from riding surfaces, tricks’ abusing, and heavy loading weights.

The only flaw of this material is its costly price range, which is to turn out the biggest forte of Hi-tensile steels.

From that point, I would suggest Hi-tensile for beginners who have just started this hobby (as you don’t have to pay that much on the first bike) and Chromoly for intermediate to pro riders.


The last-but-not-least feature to consider when choosing the best BMX bikes is wheels’ size.

You’ve got 4 options:

  • The 16-inch wheels: Ideal for kids and teenagers
  • The 18-inch wheels: Specifically designed for small freestyle riding, especially in dirt jumping
  • The 20-inch wheels: This is the standard wheel size of BMX bikes
  • The 24-inch wheels: Best for cruising, perfect for taller and older riders because of its decent stability


What is the best brand of BMX bikes?

If you are unsure of where to start looking at, here are some best BMX bikes brands to try:

  • Schwinn
  • Mongoose
  • RoyalBaby
  • Diamondback

What is the best freestyle BMX bike?

Best BMX bikes for kids:

  • TONY HAWK Dynacraft Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle Bike 24″
  • X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle
  • Kent Pro 20 Boy’s Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch
  • RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike for Boys and Girls, 12 14 16 inches with Training Wheels

Best BMX bikes for adults:

  • Mongoose Title Expert BMX Race Bike for Beginner Riders
  • Elite 20” & 16″ BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle Bike
  • Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike Featuring Hi-Ten Steel Frame
  • Schwinn Predator Team 24 Freestyle BMX Cruiser Bike

What’s the difference between a BMX bike and a regular bike?

There are 3 biggest differences between a BMX bike and a regular one – weight, tires, and durability.

In comparison, BMX bikes normally feature bigger wheels’ size with huger crevices and knobs for better traction, making the bike balance and handle rough terrains better.

Besides, their weight is a lot lighter yet tougher to withstand abuse from a trick performance or riding on harsh surfaces.

What age is a 20 inch BMX bike for?

6-10 years old

What age should you get a bike?

Sometimes, kids can start riding a bike between the ages of 3 and 8, therefore, it would be 5 on average.

Does BMX build muscle?

Yes, it is. Especially leg and arm muscles.

As BMX bikes are mostly designed to require the rider to put more force to make it move, they eat up more energy of them, hence, burning more calories.

What is a BMX bike good for?

Stunt riding and racing.

How fast do BMX bikes go?

Up to 35MPH

Does a BMX bike have brakes?

BMX bikes, as a rule, have brakes.

It’s particularly compulsory on multi-speed gear bikes for safety. They commonly feature front and rear handbrakes.

But in some single-speed BMX bikes, you will find the brakes are replaced by backward pedaling motions for stopping. It’s acceptable because single-speed bike are only workable on flat, even surfaces as leisure riding. It doesn’t take risks like when you’re riding on the dirt or hilly terrains.

That said, brakes are still encouraged to have.


And that’s all for this ultimate guide to choosing the best BMX bikes 2019!

I know it is a little bit longer to read but what you’ll receive is all pieces of the necessary information to choose the right one on your own, and for your needs. So I hope you can keep up till the end.

Thanks for reading and good luck.

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