Top 10 Best BMX Bike Brands In 2021

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For young people who love challenges and adventures, conquering the BMX series of bikes is one of the challenges that cannot be ignored. To get impressive performances with BMX bikes, having a good quality BMX bike is decisive.

The brand is one of the factors that most BMX cyclists pay attention to when buying BMX bikes. A good brand name means a good quality BMX bike. Here is the best BMX bike brands list that you can refer to choose the best BMX bike for yourself. In addition, the article also gives you some experience in choosing, evaluating, and distinguishing a genuine reputable brand.

Are All BMX Bikes Right for You?

First, your intended use will greatly affect your decision to buy a BMX bike. A racing BMX is usually lighter in weight and not as strong as a performance BMX.

The next factor affecting the appropriateness of choosing BMX is the brand. Each brand will have its characteristics when designing BMX bicycles. Frames, gear, handle style designs, or an eye-catching model or symbol are also what make the brands different.

Different cyclists will have their bike requirements to show off their personality and skills. Therefore, depending on your preferences and requirements, choose a suitable brand for yourself.

Criterias To Evaluate A Good Brand

High and stable quality

BMX biker performing a stunt in ramp park
BMX biker performing a stunt in ramp park

Quality is probably the leading factor to create a reputation for a brand. Stable quality is the minimum requirement for a BMX vehicle.

High quality creates great affection from customers with the brand. Disruptive improvements in quality will be a big factor in the buying decisions of people who already use BMX. For loyal customers of the brand, continuous quality improvement will be a solid foundation for their belief in the brand.

The quality of a BMX bike is reflected in the design and the materials used to make its parts. Materials and machining will affect the durability and resilience of the vehicle after long periods of use. The frame is considered as the soul of the bike, greatly influencing the performance and quality of a bike. Today, the most used material to manufacture bicycle frames is Aluminum, Steel, and Carbon.

Good price

Quality always goes hand in hand with price. A good BMX bike is not cheap because it is expensive to build a BMX bike, not to mention the manufacturer’s profit. A good brand will try to give its customers a good quality BMX at a reasonable price for different customers.

The low-cost bicycles are often used items, or with unknown origin on the market, or even a counterfeit of a genuine brand. These types of BMX are usually made of inexpensive materials, so they can be dangerous to handle. They will break easily or curl during BMX performance.

Great consumer experience

Great consumer experience
Great consumer experience

A strong brand offers a great consumer experience. More than that, it presents itself as spiritual support, trustworthiness, sharing, and many more spiritual values.

The consumer experience is about quality when riding BMX bikes and how they solve problems with bicycles. Some brands have defective return or maintenance policies to create credibility.

Showing cultural behavior and standards is an indispensable criterion for a strong brand. Strong names keep their promises and as well as knowing how to apologize.

A good brand is a combination of products, identity systems (logo, brand name, message), and brand image are the way they communicate and satisfy the customers’ needs.

Distinguish Genuine BMX Bicycles

Genuine BMX bicycles always have distinctive colors. You should compare the colors of the BMX bike with the sample on the internet, to see if the color is correct. If you find it lighter, you should be careful that it can be fake, and then quickly fades, peels the paint. Genuine bicycles have beautiful paintings, extremely glossy, luxurious, not blurred, and dull.

You should make sure that the stamp or logo is secure. With genuine bikes, the logo will be embossed, firmly stamped, not easy to detach.

You should check the bike’s details, especially whether the welds are beautifully and subtly concealed. If you find a problem, change to another bike, or ask for a genuine one.

Finally, you should ask for a warranty. Any genuine BMX bike will have its warranty attached to ensure your benefit when the bike has a fault.

You should refrain from buying BMX bicycles from online websites, with no point of sale, no information. No one can guarantee the credibility of such online sellers. Go to shops that have been on the market for a long time, have a reputation.

Do not forget to ask about buying experiences from people who have bought BMX bicycles, knowing a reputable address, and hearing information about this model.

To learn more about this BMX bike brands, please watch this review video:

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The Mongoose BMX Bike
The Mongoose BMX Bike

The first name on the list that we mention is Mongoose. This brand is famous for its high-quality bicycle series for riders of all ages from newcomers to professionals.

Mongoose is the BMX brand that has been present for more than 40 years in the market. The BMX Mongoose range of bikes has always been a name that most beginners of BMX bikes learn about. It is also one of the leading names of BMX bicycles in the world.

The sturdy bike frame, with millimeter-precision ratios, is what makes BMX Mongoose bikes attractive to BMX cyclists. Besides, Mongoose also provides other details for bike manufacturers BMX worldwide.

Mongoose gives you BMX bikes that are well-designed, strong, and incredibly stiff at an affordable price tag. Durability is what sets Mongoose apart from other names. This brand is generally a great choice for riders who love performing dangerous techniques.


Eastern is the leading name in the market for BMX bicycles, many people have become familiar with the brand. Eastern gives you a variety of cool options for BMX bikes of all levels from beginners to experts. If you want to buy your child a BMX bike, then Eastern is a terrific choice that you cannot ignore.

Eastern frame is made of forged alloy with a high bearing design. Extremely well-machined and assembled parts create a high level of confidence for racers when they challenge stunts or even downhill. All quality products will be delivered to customers at a price that could not be more reasonable.

BMX Eastern bicycles are full of quality grades for you to choose from good to the most advanced. You can refer to some models of Eastern BMX bikes such as Framed Impact 20, 2019 Eastern Lowdown, and Eastern Bikes 00-191252 Nightwasp.


The Kink BMX Bike
The Kink BMX Bike

To answer the question of which company should buy the best BMX bicycle, Kink is the name you should consider. Kink is a top rated manufacturer of BMX bicycles specializing in providing premium quality bikes to riders around the world.

Although it is a new brand, the quality of Kink is indisputable. Kink’s bikes are light but extremely sturdy and durable. With the BMX Kink series of bicycles, the rider can flexibly and accurately perform skilled aerial swings, along with impressive high jumps.

On the BMX Kink bicycle website, you can also easily find BMX bike driving instruction videos from famous people doing BMX Kink bikes. Kink Curb is the 2020 best-seller product in the market. In addition, Kink is also a great bicycle for children from 5 years old to experience BMX for the first time.

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Haro is one of the oldest high-standard brands in the world. Their products stand out for their high quality, durability, and longevity. Haro bikes are a reliable choice for freestyle racers.

BMX Haro bikes have a dedicated team of experts trained to study all the smallest parts and details on BMX bikes to create the most active support bikes for riders. Haro is also famous for its vintage designs of the 80s and 90s.

Elite BMX

The Elite BMX Bike
The Elite BMX Bike

The popularity of the products from the highest rating bicycle maker Elite is easily noticed in the BMX bicycle market. You can easily find the Elite name on the bike’s frame, brake, and tire.

Elite BMX bikes are smooth but powerful during operation. The BMX Elite range of bikes is specially designed for difficult high jumps, aerial swings, or rotation. The quality of the parts makes a BMX bike strong, durable, and sturdy.

If you are looking for a bike with a low price but high quality, then Elite BMX is the product you cannot miss. The Elite Destro is Elite’s BMX high-end bike with an outstanding, lightweight design suitable for high jumps or smooth stops and turns.


Sunday is one of the best BMX bike brands in the world. Its BMX bicycle has achieved a lot of success in a short time of establishment and development compared to many other brands.

The experience on BMX Sunday bikes is impressive and will not make you out of the desire to own a BMX Sunday bike. Solid frame, unique and strong structure, break, and pedals with the novel design are what sets Sunday apart from other BMX bike names. Sunday is also known as the strongest frame in the world.

You can look at the BMX Sunday bicycle models such as Sunday Bonus, Sunday Special, Sunday Pro, Sunday Broadcaster, Sunday Premier, Sunday EX, Sunday AM. Besides, other parts of the bike are also sold separately for cyclists to customize their bikes.

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Stolen BMX

The Stolen BMX Bike
The Stolen BMX Bike

The Stolen brand has left a big mark on the world bicycle market since 2003. The Stolen manufacturer is innovating in terms of product design and quality as well as offering reasonable prices for cyclists.

Stolen is famous for racing or commuting BMX bikes on the road. The BMX Stolen series is a terrific choice for those who love BMX bikes.

All key parts of the bike are made of Chromoly for the incredible durability of the brand. Eye-catching looks are also a big plus of this bike brand for riders.


Diamondback has become one of the top ranked bicycle producers in the United States. You can find Diamondback bikes in your local bike store, in sporting goods retailers, and even on Diamondback is also one of the few companies that sell directly from its website.

Well known for its affordable bicycles, Diamondback also makes several high-end, high-tech models for racetrack and mountain biking. Its Haanjo series of bikes is one of the most versatile which makes it a favorite among riders of all ages and levels. Diamondback’s bike frame is especially impressed by its durability that few BMX bikes can compare.

A 30-day return is one of the customer care policies to increase the reputation of the brand. All returns are free of charge, including shipping for replacement products to customers.


The GT BMX Bike
The GT BMX Bike

GT is the top American bicycle brand and famous for its MTB bikes, road bikes. This is also a great brand for those who want a high-quality BMX bike in 2021. If you need a BMX for Freestyle performances, then the BMX GT bike is one of the best options for you.

The BMX GT series of bikes have the advantage of being sturdy, with a better frame, and exceptionally light, creating a strong force for great high jumps with BMX bikes.

The premium steel alloy bike frame allows for good stability and balance during your ride. The F/R GT POOL STREET TREAD tire set is one of the outstanding points of the company that helps you get a great experience when riding on the street.


Subrosa BMX series is a great choice for cyclists who aspire to conquer the off-road sections. Armed with the finest details and accurate proportions calculations, the BMX Subrosa range of bikes is suitable for both beginners and experienced BMX cyclists alike.

To learn more about this BMX bike brands, please watch this review video:

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The above are shares to help BMX bicycle enthusiasts have a certain knowledge before buying BMX bicycles, making sure to buy a suitable and genuine bike. Hopefully, cyclists will choose for themselves the best BMX brand for the most wonderful experiences.


What is the best BMX brand for a beginner?

Elite and Stolen are two names that beginners should consider. Some of the best-selling bikes for newcomers of these brands are Elite 20” BMX The Stealth Freestyle, Elite 20” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle, and 2021 Subrosa Altus.

What is the best BMX brand for a pro rider?

Haro, GT, and Kink are three reliable brands that pro riders can put their money on. What these brands have in common is that their BMXs are lighter, more durable to perform impressive jumps, and are trusted by pro riders around the world.

How many BMX bike brands in the current market?

Currently, there are many BMX bike brands that you can trust to invest in. Some reputable names in the market such as GT, Mongoose, Sunday are no stranger to cyclists. Some other worth mentioning BMX bike companies as Redlines, Stolen, and Diamondback are typical bike manufacturers for newcomers.

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