Top 16 Best Bike Repair Stand Reviews In 2021: February Update! (Draft)

What to do when your bike goes defective? Are you willing to pay hundreds of dollar to the store to have it fixed? Or leave it unused and buy a new one?

This is where the bike workstand shines, a partner that is equally important as other sports equipment. And this is why I’m here to guide you through the list of 16 best bike repair stands, which that I’ve created, that are currently popular among riders.

Make sure to read them carefully and I also bonus a buying guide for you to choose the perfect stand.

Best Bike Repair Stand Comparison Chart 2021

Take a brief look at this comparison chart for some basic information and features of each model.

NameWeight (lbs)Max load (lbs)
Bike Hand YC-100BH Bike Repair Stand11.0255 or 110
CXWXC Bike Repair Stand1360
Feedback Sports Pro Elite Bike Repair Stand12.685
Park Tool PCS-10.2 Bike Repair Stand13.2380
Feedback Sports Pro Sprint Bike Repair12.685
Spin Doctor Pro G3 Bike Repair Stand15.68X
Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic Bike Repair Stand12.665
S Afstar Pro Mechanic Bike Repair Stand1366
Topeak Prepstand ZX Bike Repair Stnad155
MVPower Pro Mechanic Bike Repair Stand12.2110
Conquer Bench Mount Bike Repair Stand6.5X
Tacx Cycle Motion Bike Repair Stand13.2344.09
Nashbar 360 Bike Repair Stand X
Feedback Sports Pro Recreational Bike Repair Stand13.460
Park Tool Deluxe Double Arm Bike Repair Stand36120
Eclypse Bike Repair Stand10.6X

What Are The Best Bike Repair Stand To Buy?

Before jumping right into the review section, you may find this brief list helpful:

Top 16 Best Bike Repair Stand Reviews In 2021

Best for Home Use: Bike Hand YC-100BH  Bike Repair Stand

Bike Hand YC-100BH Bike Repair Stand

I must say this is such an impressive bike repair stand at its price point – the quality is unbeatable and well worth the money.

Setting up isn’t finding a needle in a haystack, just simply attach or remove the tool plate by hand and everything is ready for you.

The compact, foldable magnetic design is a plus given the price, which allows you to store it out of the way if you don’t have a lot of space.

Also, the small tray comes in super handy in holding your tools as well.

I feel that this piece of equipment is just perfect for mountain bikes or road bikes maintenance just after a few use.

Besides, the manufacturers does offer a 5-year warranty on the rack as well as keeping enough parts for any claim in the warehouse.


  • Bang for your bucks
  • Lightweight, sturdy and versatile
  • Reasonable price


  • Easily wear down, especially plastic parts

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) 40.6 x 8.3 x 7.1
Weight (lbs) 11.02
Key features 2 options (max standard 55lbs & max heavy-duty 110lbs)

Quick-release adjustable system for optimal working position

360-degree rotated head

CXWXC Bike Repair Stand

CXWXC Bike Repair Stand

For anyone who is in search for home mechanical use, meet the CXWXC Bike Repair Stand.

While including everything needed for holding your bike, it also comes with a convenient magnetic tool tray to help you collect all the screws and nuts without missing.

The triangle base design is what I like most due to its stability and sturdiness, which optimizes your working productivity.

Also, the stand is polished with a nice aluminum finishing to resist corrosion, and the high-strength plastic fittings for lightness.

After use, the stand folds itself into a camera tripod for easy transportation as well as storage.


  • Lightweight, compact, solid
  • Easy clamp removal


  • Locking mechanism may not work properly after repeated usage

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) X
Weight (lbs) 13
Key features Tighten rod included to prevent front wheel from swiveling

Solid aluminum alloy barrel

Steady triangle base

Hold up to 60lbs

Best Clamping Mechanism: Feedback Sports Pro Elite Bike Repair Stand

Feedback Sports Pro Elite Bike Repair Stand

I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to this first-class Feedback Sports Pro Elite Bike Repair Stand. Spend an extra $100 but you’ll get 100% difference in quality.

It comes pre-assembled, and you only need to unfold it to use.

The 606 T6 Aluminum construction is light, durable and even anodized for corrosion resistance.

Unlike other stands which has plastic fittings, this buddy is fully equipped with steel clamping mechanism to prevent cracking.

One thing I need to remind you is to make sure that the chain tube and brake line is facing out from the jaw during assembly to avoid damage.

What’s more, you can opt for with or without a tote bag when you purchase the bike stand, depending on your personal preference.


  • Highly versatile – perfect for cyclocross, mountain bike, electric bike, and service on road
  • Compact design – folds into 5’’ x 8’’ x 45’’ after use
  • Long-lasting – made of top-quality materials


  • Takes up a lot of space

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) 46.1 x 7.9 x 5.9
Weight (lbs) 12.6
Key features Max load of 85lbs

Tripod-base design and rubber-coated ends for stability

Ratchet-action closure, micro-adjustability and push-button release

Clamp opening up to 2.6’’ to accommodate large seat posts

Best Overall: Park Tool PCS-10.2 Bike Repair Stand

Park Tool PCS-10.2 Bike Repair Stand

Park Tool is an acclaimed company for its high quality bike repair stand, and the PCS-10.2 model is not an exception.

Just like the Feedback Sports Pro Elite stand, the all-steel construction of this product contributes to its durability and stiffness to give you a long-lasting use.

What I like about this stand is its versatility, which works smoothly on a variety of bike breeds, including ebikes.

There are several things you need to be pay close attention to: the clamps must be tight or your bike and stand would fall to the ground otherwise, and remove the battery of your ebike before putting it on the stand to reduce the heaviness.

Overall, this is a great repair stand everyone should have in their garage.


  • Lightweight, sturdy, long-lasting
  • Allows your bike to tip over, frames bend
  • Compatible with many bike breeds


  • Tray doesn’t work well

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) 39 x 10 x 4
Weight (lbs) 13.23
Key features Max load of 80lbs

Cam-actuated, micro-adjustable clamps

Teardrop-shaped tubing

Quick-release mechanisms and strong tubular support braces for easy folding and storing

Best for Travelling: Feedback Sports Pro Sprint Bike Repair Stand

Feedback Sports Sprint Bike Repair Stand

For anyone who is serious about cycling, the Feedback Sports Sprint Bike Repair Stand won’t let you down.

The design is clever and effective – the fork or rear dropout style mount gives you a rigid and strong bike-stand connection.

Plus, you can rotate the stand while you’re working. To be specific, the boom can be raised or lowered for a more comfortable position, whether you’re standing or siting.

In terms of functionality, it works well with quick-release and thru-axle standards, with the help of the adapters included in the package.

The rack is robust and portable at the same time, and the extended legs help prevent your bike from tipping over.

After months of use, I feel this high-quality bike repair from Feedback Sports is a snap to take take cross races, and very convenient to take to events as well.


  • Tripod-base design maximizes stability
  • Suitable for different sized bikes
  • Lightweight


  • Color and finish may not hold up over time

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) 5 x 7.5 x 30
Weight (lbs) 12.6
Key features Adaptable to quick-release and thru-axles

Anodized red aluminum finish to resist corrosion

Fork design is universal and adjustable

Spin Doctor Pro G3 Bike Repair Stand

Spin Doctor Pro G3 Bike Repair Stand

Thanks to the quick-release clamps, raising or lowering your bike won’t be an issue anymore.

Also, the 606 T1 aluminum construction features the air-cushion valve that provides cushioning for a smooth operation.

It is considerably lighter than the old Park Tool PCS-1, which I’ve had for years, and super compact that folds itself neatly for effortless transportation.

Plus, the toothed head is another nice feature that allows you to lock your bike in whatever orientation you like for a more comfortable position.

The “small parts” bin is a bonus from the manufacturers to help you store ferrules, cable ends, screws and another little things that usually go missing. I recommend you attach the bin to the bike’s top tube; otherwise it would rotate when you rotate the clamp.


  • Sturdy, intelligently designed
  • Light, easy to carry everywhere


  • The base is a bit wobbly

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1
Weight (lbs) 15.6
Key features Wide tripod base design for easy mounting of heavy bikes

Best for Serious Mechanical Maintenance: Feedback Sports Pro Mechanical Bike Repair Stand

Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic Bike Repair Stand

Feedback Sports Pro is a well-known company for its wide range of high-quality products, so don’t be blown away when I introduce you to another model.

In fact, the Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic Bike Repair Stand has been used by many professional cyclists in Tour de France due to its quality material and workmanship.

Thanks to the adjustable height, you are ale to sit or stand during long hours of working on your bike. No more pain in back ay?

When positioning the bike, make sure it hangs over 2 legs of the stand and not just one. Plus, the legs spread out pretty wide and far, so don’t worry about mounting or dismounting heavy bikes anymore.


  • Lightweight, easily folds and unfolds for use and storage
  • Tripod-base design and rubber-coated ends for stability and protection


  • A bit large and heavy

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) 44.1 x 6.6 x 5
Weight (lbs) 12.6
Key features Handle a max load of 65lbs

Spinner Knob for precision closure and consistent clamping pressure

Smooth clamping between 42’’-65’’ in height to accommodate different sized bikes

Clamps open up to 1.9’’ to handle large diameter frame tubes

Best Low-priced Stand: S AFSTAR Pro Mechanic Bike Repair Stand

S AFSTAR Pro Mechanic Bike Repair Stand

There’s no reason to buy a more expensive bike repair stand because the S Afstar Pro Mechanic Bike Repair Stand will satisfy your needs at a super budget-friendly price.

Assembly is easy-peasy, just simply follow the steps in the instructions booklet and you’re more than good to go.

What distinguishes this stand from others is the 4-legged base design that supports the strong steel pedestal for maximum stability.

Besides, the 7’’ x 12’’ tool tray comes in super handy should you need to house all the screws and nuts for use at your disposal.

However, this repair stand is designed to hold your bike on the tube of the frame. If you’re looking for something that grabs onto the bike from underneath, this is not a great choice.

Other than that, this is such a low-priced product that meets most of your basic needs.


  • A good penny-worth for the quality
  • Lightweight, compact, simple to use


  • Plastic clamps are not as durable as steel clamps

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) 55.7 x 39.7 x 41
Weight (lbs) 13
Key features Adjustable height from 41’’ to 75’’ for comfortable experience

Telescoping tube and foldable legs for space-saving storage

Clamps fit standard stands from 1’’ – 1.6’’

Topeak PrepStand ZX Bike Repair Stand

Topeak PrepStand ZX Bike Repair Stand

For anyone looking for an effortless bike repair stand, the Topeak Prepstand ZX model has successfully nailed it!

The company has taken a different approach to the design, which allows you to hold your bike without clamping it, and that’s what I meant by saying effortless.

The jaws are coated with rubber for protection and long-lasting use.

Personally, I feel that this piece of equipment is made only for light maintenance such as changing cables and adjusting brakes. For any repairs requires a huge amount of torque, I’d recommend you look at another product.


  • Super duper lightweight


  • Lack of solid clamp and lower weight

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) 4.3 x 34.6 x 4.3
Weight (lbs) 1
Key features X

MVPower Pro Bike Repair Stand

MVPower Pro Bike Repair Stand

With the MVPower Pro Mechanic Bike Repair Stand, you won’t be disappointed and save yourself tons of money.

First of all, it comes fully assembled and setting it up or folding it is a snap.

Just like the S Afstar Pro Mechanic stand, this pal also has heavy-duty 4-legged base, which saves a great deal of effort in maintaining as well as cleaning.

The premium iron and plastic construction is rock solid that gives you a sturdy feel and should last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for an affordable stand, rest at heart that you’re not sacrificing the quality for the money.


  • Lightweight, compact and can be used for travelling
  • Affordable quality


  • Plastic parts start to crack if large force applied

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) X
Weight (lbs) 12.2
Key features Bear a max load of 110lbs

Best for Bike Wash and Chain Lube: Conquer Bench Mount Bike Repair Stand

Conquer Bench Mount Bike Repair Stand

Frankly, I’m honestly taken aback by the quality it brings given price.

The design is completely different from other stands, it’s more of a simplified version of a full bike repair stand but still delivers the basic functions.

I’m particularly impressed with the telescoping height adjustment that allows the clamp to swivel 180 degrees back over the board.

Thanks to such design, it saves a great deal of space compared to a floor stand. All you need to do is to find a sturdy bench to attach this buddy to and you’re ready to do your maintenance.

Besides, the steel construction is so solid that you can even mount it onto the ceiling and keep the workbench free.

All in all, it’s a great addition to your workshop.


  • Super affordable price
  • Extremely space-saving


  • Orange lever and telescoping tube clamp are plastic

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) 5 x 9 x 17
Weight (lbs) 6.5
Key features 2-speed clamp adjustment to adjust height and clamp angle in a blink

Welded elbow to stand up to repeated usage

Tacx Bike Repair Stand

Tacx Bike Repair Stand

Don’t skip if you’re in need of a reasonably priced work stand that delivers just what you need.

The design is similar to that of the Feedback Sports Pro Sprint stand, which features the fork or rear dropout style.

Also, the bottom bracket is made of plastic in order to avoid any damage or scratches. For further protection, you can use an old inner tube and wrap it around the edge of the bracket.

The purchase does come with a tool tray to house all of your ferrules, screws and nuts, but it’s not magnetic considering the price value.

Plus, it’s very easy to dismantle and convenient to to wash your bike also.


  • Reasonable cost
  • Unscrew-able legs for maximum compactness


Product specs:

Dimension (inches) 5.4 x 7.6 x 32.6
Weight (lbs) 13.23
Key features X

Best for Occasional Use: Nashbar 360 Bike Repair Stand

Nashbar 360 Bike Repair Stand

For anyone who is on a tight budget, the Nashbar 360 Bike Repair Stand is an excellent alternative to other expensive options but still gives you sturdy repair and thorough bike washing.

The simple jaws are designed to cover a wide range of shapes and sizes of tube.

Plus, the legs are constructed with durable aluminum material to deliver a stable and stiff stand though the pedestal is only supported with 2 legs.

If you’re not riding frequently, this bike repair stand from Nashbar might be the best choice for you.


  • Inexpensive


  • Clamp holds the bike at an awkward angle

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) 42.5 x 8.5 x 41’’
Weight (lbs) X
Key features Adjustable height from 41’’ to 57’’ to accommodate different sized bikes

Best for Light-duty Maintenance: Feedback Sports Pro Recreational Bike Repair Stand

Feedback Sports Recreational Bike Repair Stand

Welcome to the least expensive model in the Feedback Sports’ product line of bike work stand. That being said, it still handles well the most basic tasks in servicing your bike.

The stand’s height is fixed at 55’’, but fits most applications with ease.

The clamp is quite similar in terms of size and shape compared to that in the Classic or Pro Elite model, but has no quick-release feature. It is stout, but the jaws of the clamp are opened and closed much more slowly than its higher-priced siblings.

The product comes fully assembled, and setting up is merely intuitive. All you have to do is fold the 2 black legs down and secure them with a steel pin.

Since it’s solely made for recreational purpose, this buddy is by all means not a to-go for hard-wrenching efforts as some other competitors.


  • Affordable quality
  • Relatively portable
  • 3-year warranty


  • Struggle to hold the bike without moving due to loosely-tightened clamp

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) 10 x 4 x 55
Weight (lbs) 13.4
Key features Bear a max load of 60lbs

2-legged base design

Best Permanent Stand: Park Tool Deluxe Double Arm Bike Repair Stand

Deluxe Double Arm Bike Repair Stand

You may think Park Tool bike stand again? Don’t rush to the next one because you might miss a great option that may suit your pocket.

This piece of equipment has a weight capacity of 120lbs, which is the weight 2 bikes combined.

Also, the height is easily adjustable with 5 positions using the lock block and locking pin.

3’’ 100-3D micro-adjust clamps are wide enough to accommodate tubes diameter ranging between 1’’ and 3’’, including aero tubes, which is convenient.

What I like best about this stand is that it can hold 2 bikes at the same time, and can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally to allow you to work with one bike while the other one is set aside.


  • 105 cast aluminum work tray included
  • Stands rigour of everyday use


  • Relatively heavy

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) 41.8 x 14 x 6.8
Weight (lbs) 36
Key features Handle a max load of 120lbs

Easily adjustable height thanks to Lock Block System utilization

Best for Easy-to-haul Travelling: Eclypse Bike Repair Stand

If you need a basic repair stand with a budget-friendly price tag, meet the Eclypse Bike Repair Stand.

Unlike some other counterparts, it comes with 3 pieces for self-setup. But the assembly is tool-free and takes about 30s or so to finish.

The clamping jaws are constructed into a shape of diamond, which handles well not only aero tubes, but also externally-routed cables and hoses.

It’s hard to come over the specs of this stand but its folded dimension is said to be 45 x 14 x 4 inches after use, which is not the most compact one, but easy enough to handle and carry around since it only weighs 10.6lbs.

Also, the height adjustment has a mechanical stop to prevent you from overextending the upper tube as soon as it reaches the max weight capacity.


  • Inexpensive
  • Removable tool tray
  • Compact and easy to store without disassembly


  • Less stable than other competitors

Product specs:

Dimension (inches) X
Weight (lbs) 10.6
Key features Tripod base design

Clamping mechanism uses a cam lever on the end of the threaded rod extending between 2 jaws

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Best Bike Repair Stand In 2021

Bike repairs stand – usually referred to as workstands – are an indispensable tool whether you’re an avid cyclist or a casual rider.

There are several key factors you’ll need to carefully consider before jumping to buy a work stand that suits you best:

Type of stand

There are 2 types of stand, with the tube clamping workstands being the most universally used.

In terms of the tube clamping workstand, you can use it either to seize a frame tube, or a seat post. Moreover, all of the wheels must be placed on the stand and not just one. In doing so, you’re able to do all the work while the bike is securely mounted on the stand.

However, it’s not made for all bike breeds. Don’t clamp a very light or aero road bike because you may encounter some issue such as not finding the right surface to clamp.

The other type of stand is the axle/ bottom bracket mount workstand. This buddy is popular among the WorldTour race professionals as it allow them to freely maintain their bikes without having to clamp to any frame tubes. With this in mind, they can reach all areas and sides while the bike sits still, which is effective as well as labor-saving.

The tradeoff for this style is that you have to remove one wheel of your bike to attach it to the stand.


These must-have features are of great importance in helping you better maintain your bike.

Load capacity

Each model has a specific weight capacity. As a rule of thumb, the more weight it can hold, the sturdier and solider it is constructed.

Such workstands are heavy, and in turn sacrifice the portability.

For those whose bike weighs only 10kg, it’s not necessary to purchase a large stand. But for those who own a mountain bike or an ebike, a robust stand is a must-have since it is able to stand up to the weight of such bikes.

Height and Angle adjustment

It’s best to own a stand that has both of these features.

Height adjustment is helpful in delivering you a more comfortable position whether you’re standing or sitting, so that you can maintain your bike more effectively. Also, it can fit different sized bikes.

A 360 degrees rotated clamp is a critical aspect you should invest in, since it makes doing complex repairs less tiresome and time-consuming. You don’t want to buy a stand on which your bike tilts while you’re servicing it right?

Quick-release clamp

These clamps cover a wider range of tube diameters and shapes. Don’t waste money on a product that loosely lock your bike and easily falls down if not tightened.

My only advice is that look for clamp that delivers both speed and accuracy.

Portability vs. Permanency

Still on the fence whether to go with a portable or permanent workstand?

I suggest you take a look at what you really need.

If you’re on the road frequently, or have no permanent workspace, or want to take it to an event, then a portable workstand will be the perfect companion for you. Such portable stands are able to deliver the most basic tasks in servicing your bike, while fold themselves neatly and compactly after use.

Conversely, permanent workstand is made for (only) committed home mechanics, or those who have a workspace and need a solid stand that can hold up well after repeated and strenuous use.


A wise decision would be to choose a workstand that balances all the criteria (load capacity, adjustment, etc.) offered at a reasonable price.

Don’t drop your coins on something impractical and expensive.


What is the best bike repair stand?

Here are some of the best bike repair stands currently on the market:

  • Feedback Sports Pro Elite Repair Stand – Best clamping mechanism
  • Park Tool Deluxe Double Arm Repair Stand – Best permanent stand
  • S Afstar Pro Mechanic Bike Repair Stand – Best low-priced stand
  • Bike Hand YC-100BH Bike Repair Stand – Best for home use

The best work stand isn’t necessarily the most expensive one or has a number of features being unhelpful. A wise decision would be to choose a stand that carries out well the needed functions and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Do I need a bike repair stand?

A bike workstand should be present in any garage should your bike need an effective maintenance. I’m sure it’s super cumbersome to lube the chains or perform hard-wrenching repairs while holding your bike with the other hand.

Also, instead of going to the store, which is costly, it’s better to invest in a good workstand that does the job well and lasts for years. That should save yourself tons of money!

How do you make a bike repair stand?

People have come up with an idea that they will create a bike repair stand from available materials, this is also known as DIY (or do-it-yourself) workstand.

Watch this video to find out how those stands are made:

Watch video: How To Build Your Own Bike Work Stand in Just 30 Minutes

How can I make a cheap bike stand?

With $50, you can prepare yourself with all of the tools and accessories to make a customized workstand for your bicycle.

What you’ll need:

  • Plywood or Particleboard (stand base)
  • 1’’ threaded pipe flange
  • 1’’ diameter pipe threaded at 2 ends
  • 90-degree reducer pipe elbow
  • clamp fixture
  • screws
  • bolts

Paint is also needed if you want to decorate your bike stand colorfully.

Steps to make a bike stand

Take a look at the video I’ve shown in the previous question to refer to the steps to make a stand.

How much does a bike stand cost?

It’s commonly thought that the more expensive it gets, the higher the quality. However, there are alternatives to those options, which cost you approximately half or even 1/3 of those pricey models.

A normal bike stand should cost you less than $200, such as the Park Tool PCS-10.2 Home Mechanic Bike Stand. If you prefer something more extravagant, the premium products of Feedback Sports are there to satisfy you.