Top 10 Best Bike Racks For Subaru Outback In 2021: October Update!

Updated on 09/30/2021
BY Jim Felt

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Top 10 Best Bike Racks For Subaru Outback In 2021
Subaru Outback is an excellent vehicle in many aspects, from traveling off-road to carrying luggage. But if you want to transport bikes, you need more than just a car. Actually, you need a high-quality bike rack for Subaru.

There are several types and styles of racks out there. But it is important to buy a solid and stable one to protect both your car and your bicycles.

Among the 10 best bike racks for Subaru Outback below, I suggest three great models for you:

If you want to understand more about bike racks, you can check the bike rack buying guide for more information.

Important Note: Some products may be out of stock due to the high demand. You can choose other products on the post or wait for the next few months.

Best Bike Racks For Subaru Outback Comparison Chart

Check out the best bike racks for Subaru Outback comparison chart first before reading the detailed reviews of each product.

ImageBest bike racks for Subaru OutbackCapacityMaterials
Allen Sports Premier S102 Bike RackAllen Sports Premier S102 Bike Rack - Best Overall2 bikesAlloy Steel
Allen Sports Deluxe 102DB Bike RackAllen Sports Deluxe 102DB Bike Rack - Best For The Money2 bikesAlloy Steel
Swagman CHINOOK Bike RackSwagman CHINOOK Bike Rack - Best For Light Duty Use2 bikesSteel
Hollywood HR1400 Bike RackHollywood HR1400 Bike Rack - Best For Four Bikes4 bikesAlloy Steel, Aluminum
Thule Helium Pro Bike RackThule Helium Pro Bike Rack - Best Lightweight2 bikesAluminum
Yakima HoldUp EVO Bike RackYakima HoldUp EVO Bike Rack - Best For Two Bikes2 bikesN/A
Yakima Highroad Bike RackYakima Highroad Bike Rack - Best For One Bike1 bikeN/A
Yakima CoreBare Base Bike RackYakima CoreBare Base Bike Rack - Best For Heavy BikesN/AGalvanized steel
Genuine Subaru SOA567B020 Bike RackGenuine Subaru SOA567B020 Bike Rack - Best For Easy Installation1 bikeN/A
Yakima MegaWarrior Bike RackYakima MegaWarrior Bike Rack - Best DurableN/ASteel

Top 10 Best Bike Racks For Subaru Outback

Below are my detailed reviews of the top 10  best bike racks for Subaru Outback in 2021.

Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

1. Allen Sports Premier S102 Bike Rack

(Best Overall)

Allen Sports Premier S102 Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Patented quick snap setup design
  • 12-inch long carry arms
  • Individual dual compound tie-down cradles
  • Extra-large car pads

Simple yet sturdy design

The Allen Sports Premier S102 bike rack has a simple patented design. Due to its simplicity, it is super quick to set up right out of the box. As an added perk, it is really lightweight at only 11 pounds.

The simple frame allows itself to fit a variety of vehicles, from SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks to minivans, and more.

Meanwhile, the narrow set carry arms will allow enough space for a wide array of bike frame styles and sizes. You can haul kids, adults, and also women’s bikes onto the rack.

Wide profile feet and vehicle straps

This bike rack for Subaru has wide profile feet to help distribute the load of the rack and bicycles evenly. In addition, Allen Sports used a soft material at the feet to protect your car’s finish.

Similarly, there are rubber cradle straps and a soft cradle bed to fully protect your bicycles during transport.

Product Specs

Dimensions23.62 x 13.58 x 4.72 inches
Weight11 pounds
BrandAllen Sports


Will this rack hold women’s bikes?

Yes, it will.

Does it fit on a 2015 Kia Sorento?

Yes, it fits most SUVs.

Is this secure on the highway?

There should be no problem as long as you installed the trunk mount rack properly.

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2. Allen Sports Deluxe 102DB Bike Rack

(Best For The Money)

Allen Sports Deluxe 102DB Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Simple single configuration design
  • Individual tie-downs
  • Fully assembled

Single configuration design

You can think of this 102DB trunk mount rack as a cheap version of the Allen Sports S102. Both have a similar single configuration design, but the 102DB is without all the bells and whistles.

This bike rack for Subaru Outback still inherits all the advantages of the simple design. It can fit most vehicles as well as bike frames and styles. In addition, it is really easy to set up and take off.

Secure individual tie-downs

Like the Allen Sports S102, this bike carrier uses individual tie-downs to secure and protect the vehicles. Rest assured that the bicycles will stay firmly in place even at highway speed.

As mentioned above, the 102DB has no fancy features, such as the cradle strap and the wide profile feet. But few can compare to it when it comes to pricing.

In the end, it is an affordable and beginner friendly bike rack.

Product Specs

Dimensions23 x 15 x 4 inches
Weight8 pounds
BrandAllen Sports


Does it fold?

Yes, but the arms still stick out.

Will this item fit a 2001 Mazda Protege RS with a rear spoiler?

There might be an issue with the height of the spoiler.

Will two cruiser bikes mount on this rack?


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Hitch Bike Racks

3. Swagman CHINOOK Bike Rack

(Best For Light Duty Use)

Swagman CHINOOK Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Locking ratcheting hooks
  • Locking hitch pin
  • Adjustable front & rear wheel straps

Adjustable wheel cradles and ratchet straps

If you want to carry up to two bikes only, you may want to check out the Swagman Chinook. It is best suited for light duty use.

In fact, this Swagman rack is highly versatile. It can fit most sizes of bikes, wheels, and tire widths. More specifically, it is compatible with tires up to 3 inches wide and wheels between 20 – 29 inches in diameter.

To hold the bikes securely, the rack uses adjustable wheel cradles and ratchet straps. The cradles will clamp the top tube and the ratchet straps will hold the wheels.

Convenient tilt-down feature

Like most high-quality bike racks, this one has a tilt feature to allow access to the rear of the vehicle even when bikes are loaded.

There are locking ratcheting hooks and a locking hitch pin included for security.

Product Specs

Dimensions40 x 16 x 9 inches
Weight47 pounds


What is the weight capacity?

It is 45 pounds per bike.

Can I open the side-open tailgate on a 2012 RAV4 with this installed?

Yes, the door will slide right over the top of the rack.

Will it work on Silverado 1500?

It should work fine.

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4. Hollywood HR1400 Bike Rack

(Best Four Bikes)

Hollywood HR1400 Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Key alike locking hitch pin
  • 9-foot security cable
  • No wobble – no tools hitch tightening system
  • Limited warranty against manufacturer defects

Heavy-duty adaptable design

This Hollywood HR1400 is crafted out of thick steel with a satin black powder coating. It is strong enough to hold the weight of heavy bikes for a long time.

The manufacturer had convenience in mind when designing this bike rack. It has a 2-bike base unit and a removable 2-bike extension unit. Therefore, you can use it to transport two or up to four bikes at your disposal.

Such a design is foldable too. The arms can fold up against the vehicle when not in use for easy storage.

No wobble hitch system

This HR1400 is a platform style bike rack. It holds the bike securely so the bikes will not wobble at all during transport.

The hitch style is also desirable as the bikes will not come into contact with the rack. Also, there are padded clamps for further protection.

For security, Hollywood provided a locking hitch pin and a security cable. The welded stop plate will automatically align with the hitch pin hole.

Product Specs

Dimensions27 x 36 x 10 inches
Weight91.49 pounds


Will this work with a Class I trailer hitch and four bikes?

No, it won’t.

How do you prevent both racks from being stolen?

The rack comes with locks to lock the bikes to the rack and the rack to the vehicle.

Can you lower the rack with bikes on it to be able to access the rear door of an SUV?

Technically yes, but you may need a partner to help.

Watch video: Hollywood HR1400 Bike Rack Review
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5. Thule Helium Pro Bike Rack

(Best Lightweight)

Thule Helium Pro Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Transferable between hitch receivers
  • Integrated anti-sway feature
  • Compact cradle design
  • Tool-free installation with SnugTite stinger
  • 7-inch spacing between bikes

Super lightweight aluminum hitch

The Thule Helium Pro is one of the most lightweight bike racks on the market. It has an ultra-light aluminum frame, which weighs only 19 pounds. You can lift it up to install with ease.

It is even easier as you will need no tools for installing this rack. It is totally tool-free!

Thule also provided foldable arms along with a HitchSwitch tilt-down feature for easy access to the rear of your car.

Anti-sway cradles with ratcheting straps

This Helium Pro bike rack is designed with compact cradles to accommodate many bike sizes and frame styles. The cradles are also anti-sway to keep the bikes always secure and prevent bike-to-bike contact.

For more stability, there are secure bike attachments with ratcheting straps.

Speaking of security, the manufacturer provided integrated cable locks in the package.

Product Specs

Dimensions32 x 11 x 37.3 inches
Weight19 pounds


Does this wobble while driving?

Very little. The rack is pretty solid.

Will it fit on a 2-inch square receiver from U-haul?

Yes, it will.

Do I need a lock to secure the rack to the hitch?

No, locks are already included with this product.

Watch video: Thule Helium Pro Bike Rack Review
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6. Yakima HoldUp EVO Bike Rack

(Best For Two Bikes)

Yakima HoldUp EVO Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Tool-free locking SpeedKnb
  • Integrated SKS cable locks
  • Easy-access tilt mechanism
  • KickStart foot pedal

Smart design with tool-free installation

The Holdup EVO will secure bikes at the wheel to protect your painted frames. You can always trust it to carry your carbon fiber bikes without worries. E-bikes are also compatible since the rack has a 50-pound limit per bike.

In general, this HoldUp EVO rack can hold many from road bikes to fat bikes with up to 4.8-inch tires.

Installing this two bike racks is easy as pie thanks to the tool-free locking SpeedKnob. And do not worry, it is absolutely secure. Meanwhile, the KickStart foot pedal makes raising and lowering the rack a breeze.

As an added perk, the rack provides easy access to the rear of the vehicle with a tilt mechanism.

Integrated locking system

Yakima provided integrated cable locks for the HoldUp VEVO to protect the bikes from thieves. To protect the bikes themselves, the tray can shift from side to side with ease to offset bikes and prevent contact.

Product Specs

Dimensions33 x 42 x 12 inches
Weight50.63 Pounds


My hitch size is 2″ not 1 1/4 “. How does it fit my 2-inch hitch size?

You may need the HoldUp EVO 2’’.

Is it easy for a small woman to load a 45-pound E-bike on by herself?

As long as you can lift your E-bike about a foot off the ground, you will have no trouble loading it.

Does the locking arm have to be very close to the front brake?

The arm should be as close as possible (within 1 inch) to the fork.

If you want to look for more hitch bike racks, you can check the top 16 best hitch bike racks in 2021.

Watch video: Yakima HoldUp EVO Bike Rack Review
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Roof bike Racks

7. Yakima Highroad Bike Rack

(Best For One Bike)

Yakima Highroad Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Low-profile tray
  • T-Slot crossbars and SmarT-Slot Kit
  • TailWhip™ cable
  • Integrated TorqueRight tightening knob

Wheel mounts with low-profile tray

The Yakima Highroad is a wheel-on mount rack. Therefore, it can accommodate multiple bikes from road to mountain bikes. More specifically, it will fit 26 to 29-inch wheels and 4-inch tires with no adjustment.

Therefore, it is compatible with mountain bikes, fat bikes, and even electric bikes. There is no need for wheel removal no matter which bikes you carry.

More notably, its low-profile tray provides more lift hatch clearance. It is useful for loading and unloading bikes on small SUVs.

Useful protection features

It is secure to transport bikes using the Yakima Highroad. It has a non-contact frame so your bikes can retain their perfect finishes.

Also, there is a tightening knob to secure your bikes quickly and precisely. It is also compatible with cable locks, but you need to buy them separately.

Product Specs

Dimensions56 x 9.5 x 4.5 inches
Weight18 Pounds


Will this fit a 4-inch tire?

Yes, but you will need the 16-inch long wheelstrap.

Does a key come with racks?

Regretfully not. The Yakima HighRoad does not come with locks or keys.

How many locks do I need to buy with this product?

You will want to purchase two locks for the HighRoad.

Watch video: Yakima Highroad Bike Rack Review
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8. Yakima CoreBare Base Bike Rack

(Best For Heavy Bikes)

Yakima CoreBare Base Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Roll form galvanized steel
  • Black vinyl protective coating
  • JetFlow teardrop shape

Sturdy corrosion-resistant construction

Few can compare to the Yakima Corebase when it comes to strength. It is constructed from galvanized steel with a black vinyl protective coating. You can surely expect it to carry bikes for many seasons.

Such a heavy-duty rack is made for heavy bikes. According to the manufacturer, this Corebase model can carry up to 220 pounds.

What’s more, what it can transport is not limited to bikes. The rack can carry your kayak, cargo box, or anything else you haul onto your roof.

Aerodynamic design

This Yakima roof rack has a unique teardrop shape for aerodynamic purposes. More specifically, it allows the rack to slip through headwinds precisely and reduce wind noise.

When you buy this rack, you will receive two crossbars with four end caps. The whole package is covered with limited lifetime warranty by Yakima.

Product Specs

Dimensions60.75 x 2.75 x 1.1 inches
Weight11 pounds


Can this mount to a 2011 Honda CR-V?

Yes, it will fit well.

Can it work with a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Latitude?

You will need a Timberline tower set.

Is there wind noise or whistles at highway speed?

There could be some minimal wind noise.

Watch video: Yakima CoreBare Base Bike Rack Review
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9. Genuine Subaru SOA567B020 Bike Rack

(Best For Easy Installation)

Genuine Subaru SOA567B020 Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Self-adjusting jaws
  • Ratcheting straps
  • Adjustable mounting clamps

Adjustable mounting clamps

This Genuine Subaru comes with adjustable mounting clamps for maximum ease of installation. You can set up the rack or take it off within minutes only.

Also, these mounting clamps allow you to switch between multiple vehicles effortlessly. If you have more than one Subaru Outback at home, this is the one you need. Note that it requires crossbars.

It will fit most 20 to 29-inch wheel bikes with tires up to 2.6 inches.

Self-adjusting jaws

The carrier features self-adjusting jaws to hold the bikes securely. To be more specific, they will automatically wrap around the downtube for precise frame hold.

On top of that, there are ratcheting straps to secure the front and rear wheels for added security.

Read more: Top 10 Best Rear Bike Racks in 2021: September Update!

Product Specs

BrandGenuine Subaru


Can this work on a 2011 Subaru Outback?


Will this fit on Thule EVO Wingbars?

Yes, it will.

Is it only for Subaru?

No. It fits other vehicles too.

Watch video: Genuine Subaru SOA567B020 Bike Rack Review
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10. Yakima MegaWarrior Bike Rack

(Best For Weather Resistance)

Yakima MegaWarrior Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Universal mounting hardware
  • Wind-deflecting and a noise-reducing custom fairing
  • Weather-resistant steel construction
  • Complete rack fitting guidelines

Durable heavy-duty frame

Like the Yakima Corebase, this MegaWarrior has a heavy-duty steel construction. You can see it is built to last from very first sight.

More notably, its frame is weather-resistant. It means you can drive with your rack on in any weather conditions with no worries. There is no need to take it off as often as before.

Yakima MegaWarrior is the universal mounting hardware. It can fit round and square crossbars and many factory racks. When you buy this carrier, you will receive complete rack fitting guidelines for your exact vehicle.

Custom fairing included

The manufacturer included a custom fairing in the package. It is useful for deflecting winds and reducing wind noise when you are driving.

You can also use a 22-inch extension for more carrying capacity. However, you will need to buy it separately.

For your information, Yakima bike accessories can be mounted directly to the basket.

Product Specs

Dimensions52 x 48 x 6.5 inches
Weight35 pounds


Would this item fit a 2020 Outback with factory bars?

Yes, this rack is compatible with factory crossbars.

Do I need tools to assemble it?

You will need a Phillips screwdriver and a tape measure.

Will this fit my 2018 4Runner?


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