Top 10 Best Bike Racks For Minivan In 2021

Updated on 04/10/2021

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Bike racks have become popular among riders. There are various types of bike racks available on the market, such as platform bike racks, sliding bike racks, and so on.

These inventions make cycling more convenient. From my experience and research, I have come up with a list of the Top 10 Best Bike Racks For Minivan.

First 5 products on the list are:

If you want to understand more about bike racks, you can check the bike rack buying guide for more information.

Important note: Some products on the list may currently be unavailable due to high demand. You might have to wait for a few months.

Best Bike Racks For Minivan Comparison Chart

This comparison chart depicts general differences between the Top 10 Best Bike Racks For Minivan in terms of bike capacity and frame material.

ImageBest Bike Racks For MinivanBike CapacityFrame Material
Allen Sports Deluxe Bike RackAllen Sports Deluxe Bike Rack - Best Overall5 BikesAlloy Steel
MaxxHaul 70210 Deluxe Bike RackMaxxHaul 70210 Deluxe Bike Rack - Best For The Money4 BikesSteel
Allen Sports 102DN-R Bike RackAllen Sports 102DN-R Bike Rack - Best For Two Bikes2 BikesAlloy Steel
Hollywood Racks F4 Bike RackHollywood Racks F4 Bike Rack - Best Heavy Duty4 BikesAlloy Steel, Aluminum
Yakima MegaWarrior Bike RackYakima MegaWarrior Bike Rack - Best Under 500N/ASteel
Malone AirFlow2 Aero Bike RackMalone AirFlow 2 Aero Bike Rack - Best For TravelN/AAluminum
Yakima JetStream Base Bike RackYakima JetStream Base Bike Rack - Best For One BikeN/ASteel
Yakima CoreBar Base Bike RackYakima CoreBare Base Bike Rack - Best Under 200N/AAlloy Steel
Yakima FullSwing Bike RackYakima FullSwing Bike Rack - Best For Four Bikes4 BikesSteel
GUDE Bike RackGUDE Bike Rack - Best For Three Bikes4 BikesAlloy Steel

Best Bike Racks For Minivan To Buy In 2021

Each product on the list top 10 Best Bike Rack For Minivan is specifically reviewed in this section. Let’s check which is the best one for you.

Hitch-Mounted Bike Racks

1. Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Rack

(Best Overall)

Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Patented individual tie-down cradles
  • No-Wobble Bolt
  • Fits either 1 1/4″ or 2″ receiver hitches
  • Tilt-away main mast
  • 28 inch long carry arm

Great weight capacity

This bike rack for minivan is made of rigid alloy steel. How many bikes can this rack handle? The rigid frame with a 20-inch long carry arm can firmly hold up to five bikes simultaneously.

Quick installation and easy storage

You can straightforwardly fold and store it when not in use since it is flat foldable. The product is fully assembled when shipping. So, it just takes you five minutes or less to install. What an effortless task.

Flexible use and reasonable price

The minivan’s hitch rack comes with individual tie-down cradles. You can straightforwardly adjust this hitch mounted bike rack to fit a wide range of your bike frame sizes and styles. It only cost around 160$. What a best overall minivan bike rack.

Product Specs

Dimension30 x 17 x 5 inches
Weight20 lbs
BrandAllen Sports


Can I put toddler bikes on this rack?

Not really because they generally are too small.

Can it come out of the trailer hitch easily when not needed?

No. You have to unbolt everything.

Can a 5-bike rack be converted to a 3-bike rack by removing extensions?

No, but you can put from 1 to 5 bikes on this hitch mounted bike rack.

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2. MaxxHaul 70210 Deluxe Bike Rack

(Best For The Money)

MaxxHaul 70210 Deluxe Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Fits 2″ x 2″ hitch receivers
  • Swing down feature
  • Towing capacity 150 lbs
  • Padded bike cradle

Low price but high performance

With only less than $100 you will get a reliable hitch bike rack for your minivan.

Can this hitch rack carry up to two bikes? Well, it can do more. Its capacity is up to four bikes weighing 150 lbs. Its tow hitch grips firmly on your car to keep the rack stay stable during the drive.

This model is the best choice for customers looking for a bike rack for minivan with great capacity but a low budget.

Perfect agileness, time-saving

The installation and use are straightforward. Thanks to its swing-down feature, you don’t need to try to lift your bikes up. Mountain bikes are not a big deal. Choose a proper minivan bike rack placement, put bikes in proper places, tighten them up with straps, and then push them up.

Product Specs

Dimension32.90 x 10.30 x 5.60 inches


Does it come with 2 placements?

Yes, you can hold 1-4 bikes on the rack.

Does it have a security lock?

No, you have to buy a key lock pin separately.

What is the bolt diameter?

0.5 inch.

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Trunk-Mounted Bike Rack

3. Allen Sports 102DN-R Bike Rack

(Best For Two Bikes)

Allen Sports 102DN-R Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Padded lower frame
  • Patented individual tie-down system
  • Narrow set carry arms
  • Single configuration design

Compact design minimizes setup hassles

The Allen Sports 102DN-R has a single configuration design. The installation only takes you a few minutes. When not needed, this rack can be easily folded and stored.

Besides, the compact design and narrow carry arms never make your vehicle lumbering even when transporting bikes. It still looks so elegant. Carrying bikes is very easy for this trunk mounted rack.

Remarkably stable transporting

Wondering how many bikes can this minivan bike rack carry?

This trunk-mounted bike rack is trim but not weak. The alloy steel material allows it to carry up to two bikes stably. Aside from that, the tie-down system secures your bikes firmly under any condition.

Generally, the model is one of the best bike racks for minivans.

Product Specs

Dimension23.03 x 13.58 x 3.94 inches
Weight8.8 lbs
BrandAllen Sports


Is it easy for women to put bikes on the rack?

No problem at all.

Does it fit a child’s bike?

It does as long as the frame has a bar to rest the arms of the rack.

Do I have to take off the front wheel of the bikes?


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4. Hollywood Racks F4 Bike Rack

(Best For Heavy Duty)

Hollywood Racks F4 Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Dual positioning trunk/bumper system
  • Integrated tie-down strap
  • Max. 35 lbs per bike
  • Motorcycle tie-down buckles

Extra heavy-duty frame and arms

It is the best heavy-duty bike rack for minivan on the list. The bike rack has to be super durable to carry four heavy bikes at a time, and this Hollywood Racks F4 Trunk Mount Rack can do.

It is structured with an extra heavy-duty frame and arms. Therefore, bikes will be held firmly and securely even on rocky terrains at high speed.

Evenly distribute load

You may think that many other bike racks can carry four or even up to five bikes at a time, so why is it the best?

The unique feature of its design is that the lower bars rest on the fender. The load will not concentrate on the rear window but is evenly distributed. That helps to prevent bikes from bouncing while your car is moving.

Remember to put the heaviest bike on the rack first, near the vehicle’s rear window, before placing other bikes to keep everything stable and balanced.

This model is one of the best trunk mounted bike racks for minivans.

Product Specs

Dimension21.4 x 6.3 x 31.7 inches
Weight17 lbs
BrandHollywood Racks


Does it accommodate electric bikes?

No, because the limit weight per bike is only 35 lbs.

Does it come with 4 sets of straps to hang 4 bikes?

No, it only has 2 straps but they are long enough to hold 4 bikes.

Will this rack work on a Subaru Forester 2016?

The F4 will not but the F2 will.

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Roof Bike Racks

5. Yakima MegaWarrior Bike Rack

(Best Under 500)

Yakima MegaWarrior Bike Rack

Key Features

  • SKS Locking Bracket
  • Optional MegaWarrior Extension adds 22”
  • Minimum Crossbar Spread 30”
  • Maximum Crossbar Spread 38”

Large cargo space

A price of nearly $500 gives you a super large space for any stuff. It can carry bikes, skis, spare tires, and even boats.

This roof rack also accommodates with an extension. So, you can effortlessly expand its capacity by 22 inches. It can carry the whole world for you.

Extra noise reduction

This Yakima MegaWarrior includes a custom wind fairing to reduce noise when driving with your bikes placed at upright positions. The SKS locking bracket sold separately also helps to keep everything in the right place.

You will not have to endure head-splitting pain from noises on the roof. Enjoy your peaceful drive.

Product Specs

Dimension52 x 48 x 6.5 inches
Weight35 lbs


How long does it take to install this rack?

About 30 minutes.

How many percent can I expand my cargo capacity?

You can expand it by 40%.

Does it fit aerodynamic crossbars?

Yes, it fits all Yakima round, square, factory, and aerodynamic crossbars.

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6. Malone AirFlow 2 Aero Bike Rack

(Best For Travel)

Malone AirFlow2 Aero Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Key locking security attachment towers
  • 165 lb load capacity
  • Integrated T-slots
  • Two double-walled aluminum crossbars
  • Rubber-coated steel clamps

Additional mounting space for carriers

This rack includes two double-wall crossbars made of high-quality aluminum. These full-length crossbars can extend past four towers to provide more carrying space for your travel.

It can load up to 165 lbs. And, there are three different sizes for you to choose as your demand. So, you can bring everything with you to enjoy a complete trip.

Well protect your vehicle’s roof

All the steel clamps are rubber coated. This feature helps the roof-mounted bike rack fit tightly around the side rails. Moreover, that also protects your car paint from being scratched.

Product Specs

Dimension65 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches
Weight10.9 lbs


What attachments can I use for Malone AirFlow 2?

You can use any T-Slot attachments and any wrap-around bike accessories.

Could I keep these racks on my car during winter?

Yes, you can keep them on all year.

How many sizes do they have?

These racks are available at 50”, 58”, and 65”.

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7. Yakima JetStream Base Bike Rack

(Best For One Bike)

Yakima JetStream Base Bike Rack

Key Features

  • A slippery JetFlow teardrop shape
  • T-slot with SmartFill™ push-down infill
  • JetTruss™ internal support engineering
  • Seamless extruded aluminum construction
  • Basic hand tools and super lightweight

Minimal weight but serious strength

This bike rack for minivan is made of steel but only weighs 10.5 lbs. It is super lightweight but not feeble at all. The JetTruss™ internal support engineering provides it a serious strength to load not only your bike but also other cargo.

Easy mount attachment

The Yakima JetStream Base Bike Rack comes with a T-slot system. That allows users to mount everything quickly and easily. The SmartFill push-down infill makes airflow more efficient to reduce drag and wind noise.

Product Specs

Dimension60.75 x 2.75 x 1.10 inches
Weight10.5 lbs
ColorBlack. Silver


Does it come with 1 or 2 bars?

They come as a pair of bars.

How much weight can it carry?

Its maximum load capacity is 165 lbs.

Can I put 3 adult mountain bikes on these bars?

Yes, you can. But one has to face the other way.

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8. Yakima CoreBar Base Bike Rack

(Best Under 200)

Yakima CoreBar Base Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Wind tunnel tested JetFlow™ teardrop shape
  • Roll-formed galvanized steel
  • Includes CoreBar SL Adapter
  • StreamLine System Towers

Reduce drag and save fuel

The Yakima CoreBar Base Bike Rack has a  tested JetFlow™ teardrop shape. This figure optimizes the ability to minimize drag. That not only reduces wind noise but also saves your fuel.

Significant durability and utility

This product is made of roll-formed galvanized steel. This feature allows it to hold not only your bike but also other stuff securely. Furthermore, the whole rack is vinyl wrapped for corrosion resistance.

This best bike rack for minivan can maintain its look and performance perfectly even after a long time in use. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. What a deal for $200.

Product Specs

Dimension60.75 x 2.75 x 1.10 inches
Weight11 lbs


Is this a single crossbar or a pair?

This is a pair of crossbars.

Is there wind noise or whistle at high speed?

There could be some noise but that can be minimized by the addition of a Yakima windshield.

Do they come with everything ready to install?

They are just the bars and you need to purchase the mounts for your vehicle.

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Swing Away Bike Racks

9. Yakima FullSwing Bike Rack

(Best For Four Bikes)

Yakima FullSwing Bike Rack

Key Features

  • SKS Locks included
  • Zero-hassle ZipStrips
  • Fully padded arms
  • Locking SpeedKnob
  • Separate cradles and three vacuum cups

Accommodate many bike types

This trunk rack is a great choice for a four-member family. It can carry up to four bikes with a total weight of 150 lbs.

It can deal with many bike types, from traditional to non-conventional, step-thru, or BMX bikes.  A separately sold TupeTop is necessary for this rack to be compatible with those bikes.

Easy to access to the vehicle’s trunk with bikes mounted

The Yakima FullSwing Bike Rack allows users to access their car trunks without having to unload all the bikes. That is really convenient especially for families with kids.

The arms can also fold down effortlessly when not in use. So, you may not need to detach the rack from your car. It is time-saving. You should check the hitch sizes and car size before purchasing.

Product Specs

Dimension43.5 x 26 x 46 inches
Weight56 lbs


What is the distance from the center of the hitch to the side when the rack is swung fully open?

It is about 48 inches.

Does it come with the lock?

Yes, it has the locking SpeedKnob bolting carrier to hitch and a locking cable with SKS lock fastening bikes to the carrier.

What is the bottom lock for?

It is used to lock the bike rack to your car’s receiver and reduces movement.

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10. GUDE Bike Rack

(Best For Three Bikes)

GUDE Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Security individual tie-down system
  • Quick release wheels
  • Optimized 16.5″ folding arms
  • Anti-sway hitch tightener included
  • Compatible with 2″ hitch receivers
  • Long cable lock

Flexible practice

This product has three options for you. Whether you want to carry two, three, or four bikes, it can all meet your needs. The 16.5” U foldable carry arm accompanied by individual cradles works well with most bicycles.

Besides, the GUDE Bike Rack accommodates many types of vehicles, from cars, SUVs, vans to minivans. That relieves your headache when choosing a bike rack.

Fine craftsmanship in design

The bike rack for minivan is designed and manufactured meticulously. Your car still looks tidy and stylish even with the bike rack attached. The red reflector makes it visible in the dark to protect you and your vehicle.

This rack can carry a bike in an upright position, including women’s bikes and men’sbikes. Do you know your car’s load capacity? Minivan owners should get this information before using the rack. Also, you should check the mounting locations, mounting surface, and carrying capacity.

Product Specs

Dimension26 x 14 x 3.5 inches
Weight24 lbs


Does it come with the hitch receiver as well??

No. The 2” hitch receiver should be already installed on your car.

Will it work with cruiser bikes and banana seat bikes?

Unfortunately, this bike rack can’t fit these kinds of bikes directly but you do need an adapter.

Is the anti-rattle hitch tightener included?

No, you need to buy it separately.

Watch video: GUDE Bike Rack Review
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