Top 10 Best Bike Racks For Electric Bikes In 2021 [Included Hitch]

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Electric bikes have become more popular in our modern life because of their high speed and environmental friendliness. That brings in an increasing demand for electric bike transportation.

I have researched and experienced many types of racks for e-bikes for the last five years. Aside from that, I also consider some other objective factors such as reviews, ratings, and recommendations.

As a result, I get to share with you a list of the top 10 Best Bike Racks For Electric Bikes. Of all, here are the first 3 products in the list:

If you want to understand more about bike racks, you can check the bike rack buying guide for more information.

Important note: You may find some products on the list unavailable. Don’t worry, there are still a few alternatives for them. Or you can wait for a few months.

What Is An Electric Bike Rack?

A traditional bike carrier is a piece of equipment supporting you in transporting bikes with your vehicles. An electric bike rack also shares the same function. However, it has some different features enhanced to accommodate e-bikes.

E-bike racks are made of more sturdy material to handle a higher bike weight limit. Besides, they also have advanced features to protect the electric components of your bikes.

Best Bike Racks For Electric Bikes Comparison Chart in 2021

This comparison chart gives you an overview of the differences in capacity and material among the top 10 Best Bike Racks For Electric Bikes.

ImageBest Bike Racks For Electric BikesBike CapacityMaterial
Thule EasyFold XT Bike RackThule EasyFold XT Bike Rack - Best Overall2 BikesAluminum, Plastic
Saris MTR Bike RackSaris MTR Bike Rack - Best For Four Bikes4 BikesAluminum, Steel
Kuat NV 2.0 Bike RackKuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack - Best For Two Bikes2 BikesAluminum
Hollywood Ebike RackHollywood Ebike Rack - Best Heavy Duty2 BikesAlloy Steel
Saris SuperClamp EX 4 Bike RackSaris SuperClamp EX 4 Bike Rack - Best For Bikes With Fenders4 BikesSteel
Yakima FullTilt Bike RackYakima FullTilt Bike Rack - Best For Five Bikes5 BikesAlloy Steel
Thule DoubleTrack Pro XT Bike RackThule DoubleTrack Pro XT Bike Rack - Best For The Money2 BikesAluminum
Yakima OnRamp Bike RackYakima OnRamp Bike Rack - Best For Heavy Bikes2 BikesN/A
Kuat NV Add-On 2.0 Bike RackKuat NV Add-On 2.0 Bike Rack - Best For Three Bikes4 BikesAluminum
QK 1UP Bike RackQK 1UP Bike Rack - Best For One Bike1 BikeN/A

Top 10 Best Bike Racks For Electric Bikes In 2021

This section depicts specific information about each product of the top 10 Best Bike Racks For Electric Bikes.

1. Thule EasyFold XT Bike Rack

(Best Overall) 

Thule EasyFold XT Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Fits 1.25″ and 2″ receivers
  • Smart foot pedal tilt
  • Detachable bike arms
  • Lockable Thule AcuTight torque limiter knobs

Access trunk easily even with bikes mounted

The Thule EasyFold XT Bike Rack has a smart foot pedal tilt. This feature allows users to access their trunks effortlessly even with their bikes mounted. You don’t need to install and detach your bikes many times during your drive.

Wheel straps with adjustable pump buckles

This hitch mount bike rack accommodates long wheelbases thanks to its adjustable pump buckles. You can adjust the straps according to your wheel and tire size. Even with tires up to 4.7’ wide, the wheel straps can fit.

Easy storage and portability

The loading ramp is foldable straightforwardly. That offers convenient storage when not in use. It just takes little room in your trunk.

Product Specs

Dimension48.4 x 25 x 26.7 inches
Weight45 lbs


Is it compatible with e-bikes with fenders?

Yes, it works well.

Is there a tow ball compatible version?

No. You need to get an extra attachment.

Can I add a kid bike between two adult bikes?

No. That will lead to damage to your rack.

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2. Saris MTR Bike Rack

(Best For Four Bikes)

Saris MTR Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Dual-arm holders
  • 2″ hitch compatible
  • Accommodate wheel sizes from 20 inches up to 29 inches
  • Tilting mechanism
  • Integrated security locks

Pivoting and nesting wheel trays for easy installation

Loading and unloading bikes are now more effortless with the wheel trays of this Saris MTR Bike Rack. The trays are pivoting and nesting. It only takes you a few minutes to attach or detach your bikes.

Able to transport up to four bikes

The bike capacity of this product is two bikes. However, its MTR design allows users to carry one or two more bikes thanks to the Add-On trays. It can hold up to four bikes firmly and securely at the same time.

Product Specs

Dimension50 x 21 x 16 inches
Weight55 lbs


Does it fit mountain bikes?

Yes, it accommodates a variety of bikes including mountain bikes.

Does it accommodate wide tires?

Yes, the maximum width of tires accessible is 5”.

Can it handle 100 pounds?

Yes, with no add-on, it can handle up to 120 lbs (60 lbs per bike).

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3. Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack

(Best For Two Bikes)

Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Fits 20″ to 29″ wheels
  • Available in both 2″ & 1.25″ hitch sizes
  • Holds wheelbases up to 50″
  • Pivot with optional foot assist

Adjustable front tire cradle system

The cradle system is adaptable to fit different tire widths, up to 4.8”.  Every wheel from 20” to 29” large is also compatible.

Therefore, this rack can perfectly fit most bike types. You do not need to worry about the size.

Co-molded straps protect wheels

The Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack has co-molded rear-tire straps. They hold your tires tightly. Besides, these straps also protect tires from damage caused by shock during your drive.

Product Specs

Dimension36 x 23 x 8.5 inches
Weight62.13 lbs
ColorBlack Metallic


Does it block access to my truck bed?

Yes if you have your bikes on it.

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Does it fit a fat bike?

Yes, it can fit most fat bikes.

Can this rack be adapted to carry skis?

No, it is for bikes only.

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4. Hollywood Ebike Rack

(Best Heavy Duty)

Hollywood Ebike Rack

Key Features

  • Maximum bike wheelbase: 60”
  • Minimum wheelbase: 36″
  • Maximum tire width: 5”
  • Space between bikes: 10
  • 8” security cable and locking frame hooks

Heavy load capacity 

The Hollywood Ebike Rack is designed to carry two bikes with a maximum weight of 80 pounds per bike. This impressive capacity is thanks to an internal reinforced frame coming with an external brace.

Keyed-alike locking hitch pin for extra security

The locking system with an 8” security cable and locking frame hooks provides great security for your bikes.

Your bikes will stand steadfastly and securely even on the roughest terrains. This feature also protects your bikes from being stolen.

Product Specs

Dimension24 x 35 x 9 inches
Weight58 lbs
BrandHollywood Racks


Can it be front-mounted on a truck?

Yes if you have a 2” receiver on the front.

Is this rack rated for RV use?

Definitely yes.

Will this rack be able to secure step-thru e-bikes?

Yes, it can. You should order a crossbar adapter for each step-thru.

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5. Saris SuperClamp EX 4 Bike Rack

(Best For Bikes With Fenders)

Saris SuperClamp EX 4 Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Universal wheel trays fit wheelbases up to 50”
  • Rock-solid shepherd hooks
  • Fit 2” hitch receiver
  • Ratcheting arms pivot on case hardened brackets

Accommodate with whatever kinds of bikes

This car rack can carry all different bike types of your family. It works well with fat bikes, e-bikes, road bikes, and even kid bikes.

You should mount heavier bikes on the two trays closest to the vehicle. Each of these trays can carry up to 60 lbs. Load more lightweight bikes on the other trays.

Adaptable arms and wheel trays for bikes with fenders

The trays of this Saris SuperClamp EX 4 Bike Rack are flexible. You can adjust them to fit any bike type. This feature also makes it compatible with e-bikes with fenders.

Product Specs

Dimension50 x 15.75 x 24 inches
Weight63 lbs


Can it fit two e-bikes and two mountain bikes?

Yes unless the total weight is higher than 190 lbs.

Is it accessible with fat bikes?

Possibly. You should add fat tire wheel holders for use with tires wider than 4.5”.

What is the maximum length between the front and rear wheel this rack can handle?

It is approximately 44”.

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6. Yakima FullTilt Bike Rack

(Best For Five Bikes)

Yakima FullTilt Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Zero-hassle ZipStrips
  • Fits both 1.25” and 2” receiver
  • Tool-free SpeedKnob
  • SKS Locks included

Automatically positions and secures

The feature AutoPin of this product places and secures the rack into the hitch receiver automatedly.

Moreover, you don’t need any tool to install it. The SpeedKnob locking system makes it more straightforward to set up everything correctly.

Fully padded arms for supreme protection

You do not need to worry about the safety of your bikes even when carrying five bikes at the same time. The fully paddle arms hold your bikes softly and securely. Bikes will not displace and clash with each other.

Product Specs

Dimension44 x 12 x 16 inches
Weight40 lbs


How durable are the fully padded arms? 

Very durable. The whole arms are well made and wrapped in rubber.

Can I access the trunk with all the bikes mounted?

No, you have to unload bikes first.

Does this rack have attachments to accommodate skis?

The attachment for skis is not included. You can buy it separately.

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7.Thule DoubleTrack Pro XT Bike Rack

(Best For The Money)

Thule DoubleTrack Pro XT Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Fits 16-29″ wheels
  • Max tire width: 5”
  • Max wheelbase: 52″
  • Fits 1.25” and 2” receivers
  • HitchSwitch lever

Lightest platform with affordable price

The Thule DoubleTrack Pro XT Bike Rack is made of lightweight aluminum. The rack weight is just 37.5 lbs. Its design is also simple with no frills. Therefore, it is effortless to install and remove this trunk-mounted rack.

It does not cost you more than $400 for this bike carrier. So, this product is the best electric bike rack for your money.

Flexible rear vehicle access

The HitchSwitch lever allows you to access the trunk with your bikes mounted. It is easy to tilt the hitch rack up and down.

Product Specs

Dimension51 x 37.6 x 34.9 inches
Weight37.5 lbs


Does the rack come with a hitch receiver lock?

Yes, it does.

Can I adjust the rack post to secure bikes from the tire?

No, the rack post is vertical. You only can secure your bikes from the top tube.

Can I use this as a single with a 60lbs bike?

Definitely yes.

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8.Yakima OnRamp Bike Rack

(Best For Heavy Bikes)

Yakima OnRamp Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Integrated SKS (Same Key System) locks
  • Forward-tilting axis point
  • Accommodates tires up to 29×3.25” wide
  • Accommodates bike wheelbases up to 50”

Ramp feature provides easier bike loading 

This Yakima OnRamp Bike Rack offers a good solution for transporting heavy electric bikes. Its weight capacity is up to 66 lbs per bike. It can carry two bikes stably simultaneously.

Besides, the ramp allows users to roll their bikes on the rack effortlessly. They do not need to struggle with lifting heavy bikes anymore.

Adjustable frame attachments

You can transport all types of bikes with this bike rack. The frame attachments are accessible to both standard bikes or electric bicycles, with or without fenders.

Product Specs

Dimension34 x 52 x 45 inches
Weight40.8 lbs


Will it work with step-thru bikes with fenders?

Yes, it works well.

Does this also work with a 2″ hitch?

No, you have to buy an adapter.

Is it compatible with BMX?


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9. Kuat NV Add-On 2.0 Bike Rack

(Best For Three Bikes)

Kuat NV Add-On 2.0 Bike Rack

Key Features

  • Front-tire ratchet design
  • Retractable cable locks
  • Adjustable front tire cradle system
  • Fully integrated cable locks
  • Fits 2” hitch receivers

Accessible to many different bike lengths

This rack can help you carry various bike kinds from children to adult bikes. The sliding ratcheting straps allow you to adjust to fit your bike lengths.

The front tire cradle system is also adaptable. So, you do not need to consider too much about bike size when purchasing this product.

Fully integrated cable locks for great security

Your bikes get excellent protection with the integrated locking system of this product. Moreover, the retractable cable locks equipped help to secure your bikes to the rack more tightly and firmly.

Product Specs

Dimension36 x 16 x 12 inches
Weight37 lbs
ColorGray Metallic


Is it compatible with the Kuat 1.0 base rack?

No, it isn’t.

Does this add-on fit with the Kuat Sherpa 2.0?

No, it is for Kuat NV only.

Does it fit fat tires?

Yes, thanks to its adjustable front tire cradle system.

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10. QK 1UP Bike Rack

(Best For One Bike)

QK 1UP Bike Rack

Key Features

  • QK 1UP Bike Rack
  • Standard keyed hitch lock
  • Fits 16”–29” wheels
  • 1Up Spacer Kit pre-installed for fat tire

Small and compact footprint

This single bike rack does not take much room. It has a compact and simple design. The rapid tilt and folding mechanism save your time and energy. There is no problem with storage and transportation.

If you only have one bike to transport. This platform hitch rack is the most suitable one.

Well protect the frame from being scratched

The arms of this bike rack can close to secure the tires firmly. The bike frame will not be touched. Therefore, you do not need to worry about scratches on it.

Product Specs

Dimension30 x 14 x 8 inches
Weight28 lbs


Can I carry more than one bike with this rack?

Yes, the double and triple bike rack kits are also available.

Is it compatible with kid bikes?

Yes, it accommodates 16”-29” wheels.

Can I use it as a roof rack?


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