Top 14 Best Bike Horn Reviews In 2021

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On a bustling street, riding a bike may be a bit difficult. The ting-tong, soft sound of a bike bell may not be enough to make people known about the appearance of you. But bike horns can.

The best bike horns can help you to increase your safety on the road substantially, so why don’t you get one? If you are still in two minds about which model is the best, let’s go through this top 14 best bike horns review to decide!

Why Do You Need A Bike Horn?

The best bike horns can be useful in most situations. You can hardly hear the sound of a bike bell from inside the car, but if it is a bike horn, the sound would be clear and loud. Therefore, if you happen to travel frequently through roads which are full of vehicles, a bike horn is recommended.

In some states, it is also legally required for vehicles, including bikes, to have audible warning devices on. It is still mainly for safety reasons, and I regard horns to be the best choice.

Moreover, a lot of horns come in cute and funny designs, from dinosaur to rubber duck. They can be a good decoration that will cheer you of when you look at them. This can be a minor reason, but it can help the little children grow fond of cycling more.

What Are The Best Bike Horn?

Bike horns are tiny devices, and there is no telling how it should be made. The models vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it’s hard to tell which one is the most high-quality. I have here some of the suggestions for the best bike horns that you should check out:

  • Best Overall: Coolrunner Bike Horns

“Easy installing, perfect for all bikes, sleek design, and clear sound.”

  • Best Value: DAWAY A14 Bike Horns

“5 sound modes included, quite affordable, smart, and convenient design.”

  • Best Premium: Delta Cycle Airzound Bike Horns

“High-quality, durable, and loud, sound level adjustable, compatible with different bikes.”

  • Best Cheap Price: SUNLITE Bike Horns

“Reasonably priced, wide range of versions, cute looking design.”

  • Best Electric: Worksman Mega Bike Horns

“Easy to use, runs on battery, lightweight and compact.”

  • Best Classic: Bell Honker Bike Horns

“Classic trumpet design, easy installing, durable and strong, loud sound.”

  • Best For Mountain Bike: DEALPEAK Bike Horn

“Heavy-duty quality, easy to use, smart design, sound changing available.”

  • Best On Handlebar: NEKRASH Bike Horns

“Rubber duck design, cute looking on the handlebar, easy to use, fashionable.”

  • Best USB Rechargeable:  Vanfrost Bike Horns

“Rechargeable through USB cable, good sound level, different sound modes included.”

  • Best For Toddlers: EONMIR Bike Horns

“Easy operation, can be used by kids, funny and cheering design.”

  • Best For Boys: Schwinn Bike Horns

“Good for a boy bike, classic design, easy to operate, clear sound.”

  • Best For Girls: CHILDHOOD Bike Horns

“Feminine design, cute pick color, easy to use, kid-friendly.”

  • Clean Motion Bike Horns

“Timeless design, simple to use, safe for health.”

  • Allpdesky Bike Horns

“Cheaply priced, good durability, basic usage, and kid-friendly.”

Best Bike Horn Comparison Chart In 2021

Everyone all can use a bit more information, and knowing better about the best bike horns will make the selection easier. This comparison chart will tell you a lot of features that you should consider before buying a bike horn:

Best Bike HornIt Best ForRating
Coolrunner Bike HornsBest Overall5.0/5.0
DAWAY A14 Bike HornsBest Value5.0/5.0
Delta Cycle Airzound Bike HornsBest Premium5.0/5.0
SUNLITE Bike HornsBest Cheap Price4.9/5.0
Worksman Mega Bike HornsBest Electric4.9/5.0
Bell Honker Bike HornsBest Classic4.8/5.0
DEALPEAK Bike HornBest For Mountain Bike4.7/5.0
NEKRASH Bike HornsBest On Handlebar4.6/5.0
Vanfrost Bike HornsBest USB Rechargeable4.5/5.0
EONMIR Bike HornsBest For Toddlers4.4/5.0
Schwinn Bike HornsBest For Boys4.3/5.0
CHILDHOOD Bike HornsBest For Girls4.2/5.0
Clean Motion Bike Horns-4.1/5.0
Allpdesky Bike Horns-4.0/5.0

Top 14 Best Bike Horn Reviews In 2021

Let’s get into the main feast today: the top 14 bike horns honest review. These are all unbiased and truthful thoughts that I have after trying out these bike horns.

Best Overall: Coolrunner Bike Horns

Coolrunner Bike Horns


  • Sleek and timeless design suitable for all types of bike
  • Loud sound good for traveling on the crowded road
  • Easy installing on the handlebar
  • Compatible with a wide range of bikes


  • Need hand force to operate

Let’s start with a simple design but effective when using the Coolrunner Bike Horns. This one is virtually a mini trumpet on the handlebar, making a lot of loud and clear sound when you need it.

The design is minimal and sleek, the shining black color has never gone out of style. Moreover, this model is versatile, you can attach it to any type of vehicle with a mount of 2.22cm handlebar diameter. Squeezing the rubber part a bit, and everyone will be alarmed by your presence.

Product’s Specifications:

Product Dimensions 5.05 x 4.5 x 0.65 inches
Item Weight 0.11 Kilograms
Material Plastic

To learn more about this bike horns, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Coolrunner Bugle Horn

Best USB Rechargeable: Vanfrost Bike Horns

Vanfrost Bike Horns


  • A lot of different sound modes to suit your liking
  • Easy recharging with the USB cable
  • Simple in ringing and loud enough to be heard
  • Dust-resistant and durable to accompany you to long miles


  • May run out of battery if not minded

For the people who value comfort and ease, the Vanfrost Bike Horns is a suitable choice. It can be recharged with a USB cable, running on a lithium battery, not your hand force. It means that ringing this horn takes no effort.

Moreover, it has a lot of sounds mode for you to choose from, including whistle sound, hour sound, and alarm sound. The modern design of this bike horn allows it to be dust resistant and shine as new every day.

Product’s Specifications:

Product Dimensions
Item Weight 40 g
Material ABS+PC

Best Value: DAWAY A14 Bike Horns

DAWAY A14 Bike Horns


  • Quite cheap but still has a lot of features
  • 5 loud sound modes suitable for any circumstances and preference
  • Easy installing and using for the riders
  • Separated design for ease of usage


  • Running on battery so it might be depleted unexpectedly

Another choice for bike horn that just costs you a few bucks and still offers great quality is this DAWAY A14 Bike Horns. This excellent model has in total 5 sound models with the capacity of max to 110dB, loud enough for anyone on the road to hear you.

Moreover, the horn and the switch are designed to be separable, you can choose to install them in a different place for convenience in use. The assembling and setting of this bike horn are also effortless, it will be done in a swift.

Product’s Specifications:

Product Dimensions 4.8 x 4.5 x 1.9 inches
Item Weight 96g
Material Plastic

Best For Girls: CHILDHOOD Bike Horns



  • Cute design suitable for little girls
  • Easy assemble on the bike handle
  • Can be used for teaching purpose for small kids
  • Can be installed on both adult and kid bikes


  • Only for children above 3 years old

For the little girl, a flower-like bell horn such as the CHILDHOOD Bike Horns will increase the excitement for riding. The design of this model is so cute with the pink color and a large gem in the middle, it would be a good decoration for the pinkish bikes too.

This bike horn is for kids older than 3 years old, and it can be installed quite effortlessly on the handlebar. You can teach your kids to ring the horn with soft squeezing on the rubber part, it is much funnier than just clicking on a bike bell.

Product’s Specifications:

Product Dimensions 5.7 x 3.4 x 4.1 inches
Item Weight 3.99 Ounces
Material Plastic

Best Classic: Bell Honker Bike Horns

Bell Honker Bike Horns


  • Vintage and timeless look to suit the classic taste of the rider
  • High-quality design with strong material to stay perfect after a long time
  • Dual toned sound is loud and clear even on a busy street.
  • No rusting even after using for a long period


  • Need a bit of hand force to ring

If you have a vintage bike and are looking for a classically designed bike horn, I would recommend the Bell Honker Bike Horns. This model resembles a mini trumpet and suits well on a vintage bike.

The retro and timeless look is the strong point of this bike horn, but its quality is exceptional too. Its sound is dual-tone, loud, and pleasing for everyone to hear. Moreover, this bike horn is durable and weather-resistant, it would still keep its shine after using it for a long time.

Product’s Specifications:

Product Dimensions 4.00 x 3.00 x 8.50 Inches
Item Weight 0.3 lbs
Material Material and rubber

Best On Handlebar: NEKRASH Bike Horns

NEKRASH Bike Horns


  • Super cute design can win anyone’s heart
  • Compatible with a lot of different vehicles, increasing its versatility
  • Loud and clear sound just by simply pinching the duck
  • Detachable helmet to customize the look


  • Maybe a bit of distraction because of its cute appearance

Nobody can resist the appeal of a little yellow rubber duck, and especially when it is as pretty and cute as this NEKRASH Bike Horns. The design alone is a major hit, with a rubber duck in helmet and pinwheel on top of its head.

It is a good way to remind you of wearing a bike helmet too. This bike horn is super lightweight and compact, but it can deliver a loud sound when you pinch the tail of the duck.

It suits a wide range of handlebars, not only bikes but also motorbikes and scooters. Moreover, you can adjust the appearance of the duck with or without the helmet easily.

Product’s Specifications:

Product Dimensions 5.55 x 3.78 x 2.32 inches
Item Weight 0.04 Kilograms
Material Rubber

Best Premium: Delta Cycle Airzound Bike Horns

Delta Cycle Airzound Bike Horns


  • Loud noise but can be adjusted easily
  • Easy recharging with a bike pump
  • Cool-looking design suitable for a wide range of bike
  • Installing without any troublesome steps


  • A bit bulky in size

Another suggestion on the high-end range is this Delta Cycle Airzound Bike Horns. This one is quite bulky and complex-looking, but it can give you the sound of 115dB, piercing through all along the street.

If you are afraid that it may be too loud, you can adjust it with the volume control. Even better, there are no batteries or cartridges required, you can simply recharge it with a bike pump. Even though it looks quite intimidating, installing this bike horn on the handlebar is truly trouble free.

Product’s Specifications:

Product Dimensions 10 x 4.9 x 2.8 inches
Item Weight 3.2 Ounces
Material Metal

To learn more about this bike horns, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Delta Cycle Delta Airzound Bike Horn Real Life Use

Best Cheap Price: SUNLITE Bike Horns

SUNLITE Bike Horns


  • Cheap but has a good design
  • A wide selection of cute version for the rider to choose from
  • High durability and good performance that won’t let you down
  • A good choice as gift for your family and friends


  • You need to squeeze a bit hard to get the sound

Another choice in the funny-looking department is this SUNLITE Bike Horns. There are a lot of versions of this bike horn for you to choose from, and personally, I enjoy having a greeny cute alien screaming on my handlebar.

To make this horn sound, you need to squeeze in a bit to get the loud notification for people on the street. The durability of this bike horn is astonishing, it has been my companion for over two years and still good as new.

Moreover, this one is super cheap, it will only cost you a little sum of money in exchange for safety. As far as I’m concerned, I will definitely choose this one.

Product’s Specifications:

Product Dimensions 7.8 x 4.15 x 3.9 inches
Item Weight 0.25 Pounds
Material Rubber

To learn more about this bike horns, please watch this review video:

Watch video: SunLite Trumpet Horn Fits Most Bicycles

Best For Toddlers: EONMIR Bike Horns

EONMIR Bike Horns



  • Kid-friendly design that works well
  • Similar to the bike bell, help kids to learn safe riding better
  • Take no effort when ringing, suitable for weak and small kids
  • Eye-catching color to remind kid of using it


  • For kids only, the adult may not quite like this childish design

For the little beginner in bike riding, I recommend equipping an EONMIR Bike Horns for safety reasons. This one is both cute and easy to use, toddlers will have no problem ringing it.

Moreover, its mechanism is similar to a bike bell, so by learning how to use this horn, the small children can familiarize themself with both horns and bells. The bright color also catches their attention easily so they won’t forget to ring the horn.

Product’s Specifications:

Product Dimensions 2.9 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches
Item Weight 0.18 Pounds
Material Plastic

Clean Motion Bike Horns

Clean Motion Bike Horns


  • Simple to use and install on many types of bike
  • Small but mighty, the loud noise is easy to hear
  • Safe for health with lead-free certification
  • Can be adapted on diffirent types of bike handlebars


  • Manual force is required for operation

For people who favor the simple and classic look, the Clean Motion Bike Horns is a good suggestion. This one is a small, solid bike horn that will sound clearly and loudly, announcing your presence proudly.

Moreover, the painting is certified to be lead-free, so you will not be affected by a hazardous factor when using it. It is widely used too, with high compatibility to most of the bike handlebar.

Product’s Specifications:

Product Dimensions 9.4 x 3.8 x 2.85 inches
Item Weight 0.45 Kilograms
Material Steel

To learn more about this bike horns, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Clean Motion Flugel Horn

Allpdesky Bike Horns

Allpdesky Bike Horns


  • The basic and fool-proof choice for all kinds of bikes
  • Easy to use and adjustable volume
  • Cheap price for decent durability
  • Best for cruisers and vintage bikes


  • A bit too normal-looking

Also a trumpet-like design, but the Allpdesky Bike Horns has its own quality. The sleek and shiny design is good enough for all types of bikes, especially cruiser and vintage bikes.

This one is an air horn, meaning that you squeeze for the sound, you can adjust the volume by using less force on it. Moreover, this model is really simple to use and cheap, though it won’t cause any trouble in a long time.

Product’s Specifications:

Product Dimensions 8.19 x 5.87 x 2.87 inches
Item Weight 9.17 Ounces
Material Rubber

Best For Mountain Bike: DEALPEAK Bike Horn



  • Heavy-duty and durable bike horns that will last long
  • Easy to use and can change the sound
  • Easy installing on the handlebar, suitable for mountain bike


  • Quite a space taker on the handlebar

For mountain bike riders, the DEALPEAK Bike Horns is a good choice. This heavy-duty bike horn has 5 sound modes, sounding loud and different to suit the preference of the rider. Moreover, its durability is surprising, you can use it for a long time without the need for replacement.

This one needs AAA batteries to operate, so you need to check the remaining energy carefully before using it. To use these horns, you will press the black button, but if you want to change the sound, go for the red one.

Product’s Specifications:

Product Dimensions 5.9 x 3.2 x 2.4 inches
Item Weight 6.4 ounces
Material Plastic

Best For Boys: Schwinn Bike Horns

Schwinn Bike Horns


  • Favorable design with a loud sound to grab attention
  • Easy installing on the handlebar
  • The rubber part is soft for squeezing a sound
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals


  • Hand force is needed to ring this horn

The design of this Schwinn Bike Horns is said to be gender-neutral, but I believe boys would like the strong and simple look of this bike better. The vintage style brings a feeling of calmness and strength to this bike horn, and the sound is quite loud and determined too.

Installing this bike horn is far from a task, you just need to strap it on the handlebar and secure it – everything is done. Squeezing the soft rubber piece takes no effort too, a great choice for all level riders.

Product’s Specifications:

Product Dimensions 7 x 5 x 2 inches
Item Weight 2.4 Ounces

To learn more about this bike horns, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Vintage 1950's Schwinn Bicycle Horn, Delta Bicycle horn

Best Electric: Worksman Mega Bike Horns

Worksman Mega Bike Horns


  • Small and lightweight, good on any type of handlebar
  • Can be used on different vehicles too
  • Easy installing with clipping it on the handlebar
  • Simple ringing without the need of too much force


  • Need to purchase a separate battery

Lastly, this Worksman Mega Bike Horns is a hassle-free electric model for any type of bike. It weighs light and looks small, so it will not take much space on your handlebar, as well as to cause any inconvenience.

This bike horn has wide versatility, you can equip it on other vehicles like scooters, motorbike, and so on. However, this one needs a 9-volt battery to operate, and the battery is not included in the package when you receive it.

Product’s Specifications:

Product Dimensions 6 x 5 x 2 inches
Item Weight 3.2 Ounces

To learn more about this bike horns, please watch this review video:

Watch video: Worksman Mega Bicycle Horn Review

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Best Bike Horn In 2021

I can name several best bike horns, if what if you want to look for something else? How can you tell which one is a good bike horn or not? I know that this is a common concern of all the riders, so I will reveal my tips for picking high-quality bike horns easily:

Power source

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the power source. Bike horns can operate either on the electric source like batteries, or manual force by squeezing the rubber ball.

Using an air horn, or manual horn, is quite basic and reliable, but it will be a bit of trouble because you need to put force to get the sound out. Meanwhile, the electric horn resembles an effortless bike bell, you beware of the depleted battery anytime.


A good bike horn is a device with durability and strength. The materials will decide its performance and longevity, so you should invest in a firm, well-forged horn. I recommend you go for hard plastic, steel, and soft rubber if you want a high-quality bike horn.

Sound mode

This may be not the priority, but it is one of the most important things. If possible, you should choose the bike horn with a different sound mode. In some cases, there are sounds that are not quite liked by the walkers on the streets, so having few options at hand will help you to avoid annoying them.

Maximum volume

A bike horn performance is mainly based on its maximum sound level. If it is too quiet, obviously this is not a good bike horn. A good bike horn should have at least the capability to produce sound at 110dB and even higher.


Which is the best horn for a bike?

The best bike horns for bikes are:

  • Autofy Windtone Universal Horn for All Bikes
  • Iron Clutch Skoda Type windtone Square Shape Horn with Relay
  • Hella 922300241 Mach 11 High Tone Single Horn

What is the loudest bike horn?

The loudest bike horn is the Hornit dB140.

Why is my bike horn not working?

It may run out of battery, not connected right, broken, or not installed correctly.

What bike is best for long-distance cycling?

Mountain bikes with front suspension are best for long-distance cycling.

How many decibels can kill you?

185 to 200dB is the sound level that can cause damage to the human body.

My Top Pick

Today, my top pick for the best bike horn is the Coolrunner Bike Horns. This one is a small but mighty device, it has been around with me a long time and does its job well. The need for maintenance is low, so I can use it carefree every day.

So what about you? Have you picked out your best bike horn to be used yet? I hope that this review of the top 14 best bike horns may help you to choose your best suit, and I would love to hear your opinion on these best bike horns. Until next time!

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