All about Anna Greenberg – A Peloton Yoga Instructor with Music Passion

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BY James Roland
Updated on 07/07/2022

A yoga coach with a solid background is a perfect choice for those who want to pursue that ancient practice. If they have knowledge about meditation, you should attend their session immediately.

Anna Greenberg is one of the most skilled yoga and meditation instructors at Peloton with a unique training style. Her classes are always relaxed by the teaching style and soundtracks she uses. To better understand Anna Greenberg, join us in reading this article carefully.

Who is Anna Greenberg?

Anna Greenberg has been a yoga coach at Peloton since 2018. With her enthusiasm and high-skilled instruction, she quickly attracted many members to her yoga and meditation class.

Not only has her job been successful, but her married life is also on top of the world. She is currently pregnant and her first baby is expected to be born in August this year.

The early life of Anna Greenberg

Anna Greenberg had a happy childhood. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, USA, and pursued her passion for yoga from a very early age because her mother regularly practiced yoga at home.



Anna Greenberg’s Relationship and Family

Anna Greenberg was inspired by her mother to practice yoga. Her mother has been in the habit of practicing yoga since before she was born. During her childhood, Anna was surrounded by yoga and spiritual healing therapies.

Although she was approached with yoga from a young age, Anna was only really serious about this practice in her late teens and early twenties.

Anna is married on September 7, 2019, to her husband, Will Andergreen. They had celebrated their 2-year wedding and are waiting for their first child. Currently, Anna is in the 30th week of her pregnancy, but she still appears regularly in the classes in Peloton.



Anna Greenberg’s Summary Information

Full Name Anna Greenberg
Hometown Brooklyn, America
Age 30
Year of Peloton Enter 2018
Hobby Being a mom, cooking, yoga, and traveling
Nationality American
Education A University of the arts
Marital Status Married
Children/ Baby Pregnancy
Current Profession Peloton instructor
Previous Profession Yoga instructor
Social Media Instagram, Facebook
Net Worth Approximate $1.7 million in 2021

Anna Greenberg’s Pregnancy

Anna Greenberg and her husband, Will, celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary last September. This year, the couple continues to welcome a new joy which is their first baby born in August. 

During the live streams or on social networks, Anna always shows her excitement. She shared that she could not wait any longer.

She continued to teach several classes at Peloton during the pregnancy period. For her, yoga is a part of life. Moreover, yoga will help her relieve stress during pregnancy.



Anna Greenberg’s Social Media Accounts

Anna Greenberg regularly shares her daily life and works on social networks such as Facebook (4,2k followers) and Instagram (68,1k followers) (Jun 2022). With her positive spirit, the content she shares always attracts a large number of fans to interact and comment. Here are two social media accounts you can visit:



Anna Greenberg’s Career and Journey to Become a Yoga Instructor

What keeps her passionate about yoga and being a great coach? Yoga brings about Anna’s own benefits, and the working environment in Peloton is what keeps her from changing this practice.

What is her motivation to become a Yoga Instruction?

Anna Greenberg had to suffer from a lot of struggles in her late teens and early twenties. During her unstable psychological period, she faced serious depression for a long time without finding a solution. Anna’s mother saw this was not good, so she took her to a studio class with her.

Taking a yoga class was one of the best choices in Anna’s life. She shared: “I felt like a light was switched on, and I woke up in that class. The practice made me and my own problems feel less important in the most relieving way, it gave me perspective and made me feel connected to something greater than myself. I’ve been completely hooked ever since.”

As soon as she got home, she found herself connecting with yoga and seriously pursued it.



Anna Greenberg’s Career at Peloton

Anna Greenberg joined the Peloton team by accident when some of the Peloton family were part of Anna’s yoga class, and they saw her passion for this practice.

Coming to Peloton, Anna has the opportunity to be exposed to an entirely new method of teaching yoga. She was quite surprised when she just stood in front of the camera but could still contact a lot of people.

Initially, this hindered her because Anna had no experience standing in front of a camera. However, with the enthusiastic guidance of Peloton members, and her passion for yoga, she also quickly catches up. Hence, she has created many interesting classes on yoga for Peloton members.

“Being at Peloton has been an incredible and life-changing experience.” – Anna shared after a long time at Peloton.



Why should take part in Anna Greenberg’s Yoga Classes

An Overview of Anna Greenberg’s Yoga Classes

All Anna Greenberg’s classes are about yoga (682 classes). In the next parts of this article, we will focus on the details of her class.

Here is some general information about Anna Greenberg’s yoga classes:

Class Length: 

Anna does not have 90-minute yoga classes. Instead, she focuses on 20-minute classes (242 classes). In addition, she also has other classes as shown below:

  • 5-min (18 classes)
  • 10-min (103 classes)
  • 15-min (5 classes)
  • 20-min (180 classes)
  • 30-min (242 classes)
  • 45-min (111 classes)
  • 60-min (19 classes)
  • 75-min (4 classes)

As such, Anna’s classes are most suitable for beginner and intermediate members. In addition, she also creates some special classes for pregnancy.



Class Type:

Anna Greenberg has diverse classes to suit each person’s needs. Along with that are:

  • Flow (373 classes)
  • Focus flow (106 classes)
  • Slow flow (51 classes)
  • Theme (28 classes)
  • Restoration (45 classes)
  • Family & Pre/Postnatal (37 classes)
  • Yoga Basics (19 classes)
  • Beyond the Pose (3 classes)
  • Yoga Anywhere (20 classes)

Class Language and Subtitles:

All Anna Greenberg’s yoga classes have the English language. Additionally, she has 23 classes with German subtitles, and all classes are equipped with English subtitles.



Top 3 Reasons why Anna Greenberg’s Yoga Classes are interesting

Anna Greenberg’s Philosophy in Workout

As Anna said, yoga and meditation are for everyone. This practice does not force learners to work hard, you just need to find a yoga instructor that helps you feel comfortable and better anytime, anywhere. Besides, your back will be structured better and you can improve your knee pain. There won’t be any right and wrong rules for yoga and meditation. It is crucial that you relax and heal.

Anna Greenberg’s Yoga Training Style

Anna Greenberg is passionate about teaching and always wants to connect with class members. With her expertise and skills, Anna often shares in-depth practice methods to deliver the best quality workout to her members.

Anna Greenberg’s Favorite Song Playlists

It is wonderful and beneficial to practice yoga with music. The music that Anna constructed herself made her members feel so powerful and connected. 

Vinyasa Yoga is one of the fascinating styles in which every movement has been linked. The music sets will maximize their effects in this style and support the journey we take in each practice.

Anna Greenberg_s-at-Peloton

Anna Greenberg_s-at-Peloton


Yoga classes are effective only when you understand it. So before practice, you should take time to research, find out what this subject is good and choose a talented and suitable coach.

Also, Anna Greenberg provides perfect classes for those expecting a baby soon. She’s still hard at work teaching Peloton’s classes during pregnancy so that she will help them effectively.


1. Which personnel can be suitable for Anna Greenberg’s Training Styles?

Everyone can join Anna Greenberg’s classes. In particular, pregnant women should refer to her class because Anna is also pregnant.

2. Is Anna Greenberg’s Training session easy to follow?

Yes. Everyone is suitable for Anna Greenberg’s Training Style since it is easy to follow. Many Peloton members consider that she is one of the most suitable instructors for beginners.

How many kinds of Yoga training does Anna Greenberg have in Peloton?

There are 9 styles of yoga: Flow, Focus flow, Slow flow, Theme, Restoration, Family & Pre/Postnatal, Yoga Basics, Beyond the Pose, and Yoga Anywhere.

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