3 Secrets Of The Famous Peloton Body Strength Instructor: Andy Speer!

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BY James Roland
Updated on 05/30/2022

Andy Speer is by far one of the most favorite and popular Peloton instructors. The reason for his fame is so simple: he is charismatic and cheerful, and his classes for body fitness are among the top choices.

But do you want to know more about this dashing Peloton instructor and his inspiring story behind the scene? This article will tell you all about his life journey and achievement, as well as all you should know about Andy Speer’s classes.

Andy Speer

Andy Speer

Who Is Andy Speer?

Early Life Of Andy Speer

Andy training

Andy training

Andy Speer was born in Connecticut in 1984 and is currently living in New York. It can be said that he grew up with fitness and workout his entire life, and by now, he has been in the fitness career for over 25 years.

Andy Speer was a born athlete, but he admitted that he was insecure about his skinny body when he was young.So at an early age, he committed hours in the gym.

In his high school years, Andy Speer transferred to the track-and-field club. After that, he was a pole-vaulter under the University of Miami’s team.

During his time in university, he found out about the weight room and started the coaching – training passion, which later was the starting point for a blooming fitness superstar.

You can learn tips for beginners with Andy Speer here:

Andy Speer Information

Name Andy Speer
Occupation Peloton instructor
Age 38 (as of 2022)
Home state Connecticut
Height 6’1”
Weight 175 pounds
Education University of Miami
Fitness career Pole-vaulter, gymnastic, fitness model, personal fitness trainer
Passion Fitness

You can contact Andy Speer here:

weight lifting

weight lifting

The Career Journey Of Andy Speer

Andy Speer’s Fitness Achievement

Andy's anarchy workout

Andy’s anarchy workout

  1. Training certifications: From the weight room at the University of Miami, Andy Speer built up his body and fitness career. He attended multiple training courses to get fitness certifications.
  2. A fitness celebrity: In the next decade, he made more than 10,000 training hours and got his name known all across the country. His effective and loved techniques have root in his prior career in gymnastic, pole-vaulting, Olympic lifting, and body-weight training.
  3. Soho Strength Lab: Andy Speer and his partners established Soho Strength Lab. This place gained popularity in no time, and was the choice of celebrities and stars of all fields.
  4. Rising star of the fitness world: One year later, Andy Speer made it by the winning Men’s Health Next Top Trainer. He filmed The Anarchy Workout DVD series, one of the best-selling body-training DVD series of all time!
  5. CollaborationHe was also featured in the fitness DVD series of other big names like Shaun T, David Jack, and countless brands. At this point, Andy Speer was already a rising star in the fitness world.
  6. Fitness model: His career kept on blooming with the fitness modeling contract signed with Wilhelmina Models. He earned partnerships with famous fitness brands, such as Nike, Reebok, Everlast, Men’s Health, and even Armani. Interestingly, MAC Cosmetics invited him for a fitness routine in one of their campaigns.

Andy Speer was recorded as one of The Best Challenge’s lightest weight classed participants. But he is well-known more for being:

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist granted by The National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach
  • Martin Rooney’s Training for Warriors Level 1 Instructor
  • RKC-1 Kettlebell Instructor
  • SFG Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor

Andy Speer As A Peloton Instructor

Andy workout

Andy workout

Andy Speer signed the contract with Peloton as a Tread and Strength instructor four years ago, and his class is now the top 5 most taken at Peloton!

Andy Speer’s classes are technique-focused, strength-centered, and no less enjoyable. He also produces live Peloton classes and on-demand classes.

You can easily access to his classes by searching for his name on the Peloton website. Andy Speer’s classes range from various workout plans, from strength, and running to Bootcamp.

You can have a funny and lighthearted class with Andy Speer:

Andy Speer’s Peloton Classes

Why Should You Take Andy Speer Classes?

The answer is because Andy Speer’s class is always full of laughter and motivation:

  • Andy knows how to make you forget all the tiredness and only focus on the training with his way of talking and encouraging.
  • He shows you how to appreciate your effort during the classes.
  • His combination of wide-range classes can make a great fitness routine for everyone.
  • His techniques and precision will help you to train properly.
  • His taste in workout music playlists is just fantastic!

3 Facts Of Andy Speer Peloton Classes

Andy Peloton classes

Andy Peloton classes

Before you take on the Andy Speer’s workout plan, you should know that:

  1. The length of his classes varies greatly, from 10 minutes to a full hour workout.
  2. His classes are mostly categorized as intermediate training, but you can also find some beginner-friendly and intensive courses.
  3. Andy’s classes include full-body training, strength, running, walking, BootCamp training, and bodyweight workout.

Some of the workout moves of Andy Speer you should check out:

Andy Speer’s recommended workout plan

Andy Speer is specialized in weight and full-body strength training, so you should take advice from him to transform your muscles and your body. Here is one of his recommendations for bodybuilding workout routines:

Andy's Routine

Andy’s Routine

The Secret Of Andy Speer: A Great Diet

One part of his success in body transformation lies in his diet. Andy Speer has a well-balanced and healthy diet that you should check out. His daily nutrient basically comes from:

  • A lot of water
  • Servings of Athletic Greens
  • Cups of coffee with whole milk
  • Yogurt with seeds
  • Eggs, toast, and fruit
  • Few chocolate chip cookies, milk, and gummy bears for comfort food

Inspiring quotes of Andy Speer

Andy Motivating

Andy Motivating

Feeling losing motivation? Let’s fuel your Peloton session with these inspiring quotes from Andy Speer:

  • “Fight fatigue with focus.”
  • “Lift someone else up today. You will fly higher for it.”
  • “Fitness is my passion. Motivating others is my purpose.”
  • “Don’t beat yourself up about messing it up, not making a workout or not eating perfectly. Address it, learn from it, and move on.”


It’s easy to understand why Andy Speer is so popular: he’s cheerful, inspirational, and goal-driven, everything you need from a great Peloton instructor. So let’s suit up and train with Andy Speer to get your dream body right away!


Was Andy Speer a gymnast?

Yes, Andy Speers was a gymnast in his home state Connecticut. He also competed as pole-vaulter.

Where did Andy Speer go to college?

He went to the University of Miami. In the weight-room of this uniersity, he put 45 pounds of muscles on his body during his fresher years and started his fitness training passion.

Where in CT is Andy Speer from?

He is from Madison, CT.

Is Andy Speer married?

No, Andy Speer is not married but he had a son named Hudson with his ex-girlfriend, Katie Waissel. Currently, he is dating Rebecca Kennedy, a fellow Peloton instructor.

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