Why Should You Start Your Peloton Workouts with Alex Toussaint Instructor?

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BY Jim Felt
Updated on 05/31/2022

When joining a Peloton class, are you curious about your instructor? In fact, all instructors at Peloton are professional and reputable in their field. However, some instructors are truly outstanding with great achievements and experience. Alex Toussaint is one of them.

So what did you know about this Peloton instructor? Are there any reasons to take part in his classes? Check the following article to find out the answers!

Who is Alex Toussaint?

Alex Toussaint is a senior instructor at Peloton as well as a professional athlete. Before reaching the reputation as a star in the workout section, Alex confessed that he was a troubled kid and had experienced ups and downs.

He was sent to a military school in Lexington, Missouri before studying at high school. However, it was an unexpected opportunity for this teenager. It can be said that if there were no time to train in the military school, Alex would not have the success of today.

Up to now, when Alex Toussaint has become a professional coach and is recognized by a crowded community, he still keeps the spirit of high responsibility and discipline.

Summary details: 

Alex 1

Alex 1

Social media account:



How about Alex Toussaint’s Career?

Before Working As A Peloton Instructor

Alex Toussant’s career seems to start from zero after he dropped out of college and his father chased him out of the house. However, he advanced step by step with his resilient will and strong enthusiasm. So,let’s see what Alex did before becoming a professional coach at Peloton!

Maintenance worker

The first job of Alex Toussaint is mopping floors at a gym center, Flywheel Sports. During this job, Alex had the first connection to cycling.

Cycling instructor at Flywheel and SoulCycle

After a period of working as a floor cleaner at Flywheel, Alex realized his love for cycling. He asked the co-founder of Flywheel and SoulCycle to be taught as a spinning instructor at this center, and he was accepted.

Alex quickly became a popular coach by thousands of students thanks to the bias in the spinning and unique style of instructions.

After Joining Peloton

Peloton is an organization that always appreciates talents. That explained why after becoming a coach, Alex Toussaint was very quickly invited by Peloton to work in 2015. The reputation of this 30-year-old man is increasingly expanded after debuting as an instructor in Peloton.

What Should You Know about Alex Toussaint’s Classes?

Alex Toussaint’s Classes Overview

Below is general information about Alex Toussaint’s classes that you should know:

Alex Toussaint is responsible for cycling, strength, and stretching classes. However, cycling comes with the largest category, specifically:

  • Cycling: 616 classes
  • Strength: 27 classes
  • Stretching: 10 classes
cycling class

cycling class

About Alex Toussaint’s classes: 

Alex is the instructor of up to 616 cycling classes which attract a lot of Peloton riders to participate. Here are several features of his spinning classes:

  • Class Type:

His classes are separated into several types:

    • Beginner (11 classes)
    • Warm up/Cool down (27 classes)
    • Low impact (30 classes)
    • Climb (7 classes)
    • Intervals (121 classes)
    • Theme (123 classes)
    • Music (297 classes).

There are no classes for Peloton Studio Original, Power Zone, Live DJ, Heart Rate Zone,  Pro Cyclist, and Groove.

class type

class type

  • Class Length: 

Alex Toussaint’s cycling classes are flexible with a wide range of length options. They include 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes classes.

Among them, the number of 30 minutes classes is the most (up to 273 classes), followed by 45 minutes (177 classes) and 20 minutes (103 classes). As such, Alex’s classes are suitable for every participant.

class length

class length

  • Class Language:

All Alex Toussaint cycling classes come in the English language which is the most popular language in the world. Thus, almost all riders can understand what he says during training progress.



In addition, if you are not good at English, there are 90 classes subtitled in German for you to choose from.



  • Class Music:

Before working in this field, Alex Toussaint had learned about audio. That’s why he knows how to use music to achieve his targets and effectively boost the spirit of classes.

In his spinning classes, you can listen to Hip Hop (331 classes); Rock (17 classes), Pop (61 classes), R&B (45 classes), and Electronic (3 classes).



  • Class Sort:

You can choose the class you want easily with the class sort function. For example, if you are looking for the easiest Alex Toussaint classes, you just need to click the “Easiest” option on the screen.

After that, Peloton’s system will automatically adjust the class’ order and arrange them on the top page.



The Reasons Why You Should Join Alex Toussaint’s Classes

There are many Peloton instructors out there. So why should you choose Alex Toussaint? Generally, there will be three reasons to convince you to join Alex’s classes:

His playlist is perfect

Alex chose music playlists for his classes in a truly intelligent way since he had audio knowledge. To generate a music playlist, Alex had to listen to the songs repeatedly, combining music genres to harmonize and match the type of class.



High level of discipline and responsibility 

Joining Alex Toussaint’s classes also means that you are on a harsh training path as in the military. Alex’s classes are always highly disciplined, which creates motivation for students to achieve their PR after each exercise.

The inspirational and positive environment of his class

Alex knows exactly how to inspire each rider. He uses encouragement to strengthen the will of participants. Thanks to that, you can overcome psychological barriers and achieve great goals.

Detailed Review of Alex Toussaint’s Classes

Alex Toussaint’s classes best match those who prefer to train at the intermediate level. For a detailed review of his classes, watch the following video:

Getting Motivation with Alex Toussaint

Alex Toussaint Inspiring Story

Despite having experienced a difficult childhood and a career that did not go smoothly from the beginning, Alex never gave up on himself. He always tried his best and did every job well, including the smallest tasks such as mopping the floors.

Alex’s life, or more precisely the process of achieving each goal in his life is the best inspirational story.

Alex Toussaint Quotes

During Alex Toussaint’s classes, he always knows how to encourage his students in words. His inspirational quotes are characteristic.






Is Alex Toussaint a hard instructor?

The answer is based on your level and definition of hardness. For example, if you are a beginner,  Alex Toussaint is a hard instructor. However, if you are an intermediate or advanced level, his classes just fit your level.

Does Alex Toussaint still work for Peloton?

Yes, he does. Now Alex is one of the highest-volume instructors at Peloton, having more than 600 classes in cycling, stretching, and strength.

What military school did Alex Toussaint attend?

He attended Wentworth Military Academy and College before grade six. Though at first it was a punishment for him, Alex quickly felt grateful to his father, who took him into the military school because he was honed the wonderful discipline.

Why is Alex Toussaint famous?

Alex Toussaint has great recognition because of his positive energy, famous inspiration, and athletic ability, and the statement “No rider left behind”.


To sum up, Alex Toussaint is one of the best Peloton instructors. He has a huge cycling class category with good-tasting music, an intermediate level of difficulty, and an extremely positive but disciplined energy source.

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